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7 Easy Tips on How to Communicate Price Increase Effectively

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Are you planning to raise your prices but are afraid that your customers might react negatively to this and switch to a competitor?

Don’t worry. Most customers know that the cost of goods and services won’t remain the same forever.  

Every business that wants to grow and thrive will sooner or later have to increase their prices and update their website design in Miami to become more profitable and continue to provide quality products and services.  

However, it is important to communicate a price increase quickly and as transparent as possible to ensure that your customers understand what’s going on and are willing to remain loyal to your business through it.  

Whether you’re trying to deal with inflation, want to expand your product range, planning to add more product features, or you’re transferring to a bigger office, here’s how to communicate a price increase to your customers without losing them:

How to Justify a Price Increase

Business owners see price as an obstacle to the sale. This is why many business owners  cower when asked about the price of their products and services. How much more if they have to deal with telling a client about a price increase?  

To have this kind of conversation with your customers is never easy. After all who wants to hear that they need to pay more to get the same quality goods and services from the company they love?

No matter how open you are to your customers about this change, there will be some kind of adverse reaction from them, especially if your competitors have kept their prices the same.  

If you do experience resistance from your most loyal customers, the best way to deal with this is to be direct and assure that the additional amount they’re going to pay will be used to maintain product quality and customer satisfaction.  

Make sure you sync your sales and customer service teams to guarantee that what they say and how they say it will be consistent. This change should also reflect on your website design in Miami.

6 Tips for Effectively Communicating Price Increase

1. Let them Know Directly

Customer service team calling customers to give them heads up about the upcoming price increase.

Imagine if you saw your Spotify Premium bill suddenly increase from $4.99 to $9.99 a month without even telling you about it. How would you feel? Wouldn’t you be pretty mad?

It's unfair to demand your customers pay more without telling them about the price increase and why it’s happening.  

If you do plan to increase the prices of your goods or services, go through your list of customers and send a letter notifying them about this change.  

Here are some tips on how to write a good price increase letter:

  • Personalize your letters. Aside from addressing your customers by their first name, include the plan they're subscribed to, the product they recently bought, or the service they have availed of in your letter. This tells them that you know them and care about them.  
  • Be direct about the increase. The goal of this letter is to inform and explain. No need to be apologetic. Doing so will only confuse your customers. Remember, if consumers sense hesitation on your part, they will try to get you to delay the increase or maybe even cancel it altogether.  
  • Explain what additional value you’ll be able to provide your customers with the additional revenue from the price increase.  
  • Keep your email short. Present all key points concisely.
  • Humanize your emails by being empathetic in your copy. Use language that’s both professional and friendly.  
  • Segment your customer base and create variations of your price increase letter, depending on which stage of the buyer’s journey they’re currently at. Using a different approach for different segments allow you to retain paying customers and convert prospects.  
  • Send an automated follow-up email before the price increase becomes effective to make sure your customers received your email.  

Here’s a sample letter from Spotify:

Spotify premium letter for customers to let them know about price increase.

2. Announce Your Price Increase in Advance

When you make a price increase announcement through your website design in Miami, email, or on social media, make sure you give your customers enough time to come to terms with this change.  

They may need to reassess their budget or find an alternative if they can no longer afford it.  

Set a deadline at least 30 days from the announcement date before you fully implement your new prices.  

To boost your sales, give your customers an opportunity to buy your products or services at the old rate before the increase kicks in.  Don’t forget to throw in some perks to encourage them to buy.  

You’ll be surprised at how many people will actually dive into this deal.  

3. Let them Know That Higher Prices Mean Better Quality

If your price increase isn’t related to inflation, make sure you deliver on your promise to provide them with better quality products, more features, and whatnot.  

This is the only way you can justify increasing your prices and keep your customer base loyal, even if your competitors’ prices aren’t increasing.  

Your loyal customers have been buying your products or services for months or years. So, it's vital that you stress the importance of maintaining product quality and good service. And with this,  the need to  increase your prices.  

As your business expands and grows, your business cost will also increase. To keep your business alive, it’s either you’re going to sacrifice quality to keep your prices the same or increase your prices to maintain customer satisfaction.  

In the long run, it’s hard to make customers switch especially when they’re incredibly satisfied with your offerings and when they love the ease of doing transactions with your web design in Miami.  

But those who only stayed with you because of your low prices will switch in the blink of an eye once they find another business offering the same products at a lower price.  

4. Be Transparent

One of the things that will keep your customer base loyal during a price increase is to be transparent and properly explain the reasons behind the price increase.  

Did your suppliers increase their prices? Let them know that you tried to find other suppliers who were cheaper but didn’t have the same quality materials you need to produce high-quality products.  

Feel like you’ve been undervaluing and underselling your products or your brand? Let your customers know the value your products or services bring that no other competitor can match.  

Are you going to move to a bigger office? Bigger warehouse? Or expand your product offerings? Let your customers know that the additional amount they’ll be paying will go to expanding your business and your offerings.  

Your willingness to be transparent says a lot about your credibility and reliability.  

Here’s a sample of a detailed email template from HubSpot:

Hubspot price increase letter template.

5. Communicate the Price Increase to your Employees

Make sure that everyone within your organization is aware of the price increase before announcing it to your customers.  

All of your employees should know the reasons for the increase, cost difference, how to market this new price to customers, and how to deal with questions or resistance.  

You and your employees should all be on the same page so that when you communicate this matter to your customers or prospects, all of you have a unified voice.  

6. Release an Official Announcement on Social Media

Once you’ve reached out to your customer base and let them know directly through email, make sure you post about it on your website and on social media for the knowledge of the general public.  

It’s crucial that you make this announcement in advance before you start implementing the price increase to give prospects a chance to buy your products or services at the old rate.

Your announcement should state the same reasons for your increase in your emails.

Check out this simple and straightforward announcement:

Price increase notice placed in website design in Miami.

Photo from Zolmi

7. Allow Customers to Reach Out to You

Let your customers know they can always reach out to you or anybody in your company if they have any questions or concerns with regard to the price increase.  

By giving them a way to contact and reach out to you for feedback, you’re making your entire conversation intentional and delightful. This gives them the freedom to express their thoughts and makes them feel heard.  

This ensures that your customers can get all the information they need to come to terms with this change. It also helps prevent customer churn.  

Here are some additional tips on how to make announcing price increase easier:

  • Present your price increase in stages. Instead of shocking your customers with a huge difference in your new rate, take it slow and introduce increases in small amounts.
  • Focus your customers’ attention on your strengths and what makes you unique. Remind them why you’re worth it.  
  • Keep them in the loop about your organization's future goals and plans. They'll feel more confident entrusting you with their money when they know it's going to sustain your company's ability to provide excellent products and services.  
  • Introduce your price increase during a launch or re-launch. This is a great way to justify a price increase.  

Are You Increasing Your Price Anytime Soon?

Stagnant pricing is never good for any business that wants to grow. Whether you’re raising your prices due to inflation, added product features, warehouse expansion, and whatnot, be sure to communicate this well with your customers with the tips we shared above!

At Digital Resource, our team of digital marketing experts and website designers in Miami will work with you to create a custom marketing plan that will keep your customers loyal, attract new leads, and help your business make more sales.  

Want a high-performing website that will help your business become more profitable? Contact us today for a free consultation!  

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