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How to Build Brand Authority with Content Marketing?

Brand Development

Nowadays, the term "authority" has been the rage in the world of search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing. Everyone wants it, but no one understands how to get it.

Google, in particular, places a high value on authority and is more inclined to give higher rankings to content that exudes it. However, the road to becoming an authoritative brand is not an easy one.

So, how does a brand begin to establish, or build upon, its authority?

In this article, our Fort Lauderdale SEO experts will define brand authority and share five authority-building strategies with content marketing.

Are you ready?

Let's get started.

What is Brand Authority?

"be the authority" written on a whiteboard

How do you define authority as a brand, and how do you know when you've established it? Is it the number of likes and shares on your blog post? Is it the conversions from your content strategy? Or is it as simple as the positive feedback and reviews that you get on your posts?

We know for a fact that brand authority can have different meanings for different people. That's why it's crucial to understand its primary nature. It's critical to define what authority means for your brand as a whole.

Generally, the term "authority" refers to using your expertise and knowledge to position yourself as a reliable source -- an expert -- in your industry.

Once you have achieved authority status, you may expand on the messages you are trying to impart, attract a wider audience, and convert leads into consumers or clients.

In short, authority emphasizes the fact that you are an expert and a reliable source in your industry.

If your target audience regards you as an authority, the door to even greater success will be opened, as they will consider you as a reliable source of information that they need.

3 Content Marketing Authority-Building Strategies 

1. Publish Buzzworthy Articles and Reports

headlines in a newspaper

One of the most powerful methods to showcase your authority is by displaying your ongoing curiosity to discover new facts and ideas. 

You can do this by conducting original research.

When you generate your own research, polls, and reports or reveal new insights, you can provide value to readers and have something to present to the media.

This provides you with two benefits: getting media attention and increasing your brand authority. As a result, you can generate high-quality backlinks, which tell Google that you're an authority.

These are the three ways you can generate your own data:

  • Surveys: A survey is one of the "easier" methods to generate data. All you have to do is simply use survey platforms, such as Google Forms, Typeforms, or Survey Monkey, and send out the link to your respondents. Doing this will enable you to gain insights into your content.
  • Guerrilla marketing on social media: Guerrilla marketing is an advertising approach in which a business employs surprise and/or unexpected encounters to promote a product or service. You can start by using Instagram and Facebook tools such as polls, questions, quizzes, live videos, and more. This will enable you to pop up on their News Feed or Stories and ask questions directly. It's a great way to better understand your audience and find out what they want to see from you.
  • Reviewing data:Use Google Analytics to gather data and study your metrics. By looking at data, you can identify which posts perform the best, which posts were saved and shared the most, the stories you upload and their view rate, and later on spot trends. From there, you can discover the type of content that really connects with your audience and convinces them to convert.  

You can provide media with a source of knowledge by offering new insights, which is a highly authoritative method to be referenced.

2. Respond to Your Audience's Questions

There's almost no chance you'll become an authority if you don't do this.

People reply to expert-written blog posts to get the information they need. So, if your content doesn't provide answers, you're not showing your audience why they should trust you.

Creating content that addresses your target audience's pain points and questions effectively establishes authority while also increasing brand recognition. In other words, you may present yourself as an expert to individuals who are unfamiliar with you.

Search is a big part of why this content strategy succeeds. Google undertakes substantial filtering for users, selecting what it believes are the most relevant results for a search term.

When visitors find you at the top of a search for a specific keyword or keyphrase, they will most likely click on your result.

To find out what your target audience is interested in, you can:

  • Chat with your customer service staff.
  • Perform keyword research.
  • Use a tool like Answer the Public.

Once you're aware of the topics your target audience is interested in, you can then look at what content exists on the web and analyze how you can improve it. 

Another fantastic method to answer your audience's questions is to use the "Questions" feature on Facebook or Instagram Stories. Allow your followers to ask you questions and respond with the data you've acquired from your data research (as indicated in our strategy #1).

3. Take Part in Your Industry's Community

people accessing social media using various devices

This strategy is very straightforward: Find and follow your industry peers on social media.

Be active on social networks where your target audience hangs out regularly, and make an effort to participate in conversations and connect with others.

When you join the community surrounding your industry, you not only have your name associated with a welcoming presence. You also help people stay up to date on your most recent content pieces, which are brimming with helpful advice and expertise.

Sharing your content, participating in conversations, and being an active member of your online community are essential components of your entire authority-building strategy. You can't create an online authority until you have them.

Think about which brands you have a natural affinity for objectives or values. How can you collaborate to provide something valuable to both of your audiences?

It's Your Turn Now

Use these three simple strategies to kick-start your journey of building brand authority with content marketing.

Once you get the hang of publishing buzzworthy content, sharing answers to your audience's questions, and being active in your industry's community, it won't be long until you're attracting more leads, expanding your following, and increasing your sales.

If you're consistent and understand your target audience, you'll rapidly build a dedicated following without question.

Do you want to become an authoritative brand?

At Digital Resource, our Fort Lauderdale SEO experts can help you learn more about digital marketing and position your company as an authority in your industry.

We want to see you at the top of Google's search results, generating more leads and closing more transactions!

Learn more about Digital Resource's digital marketing services and contact us today for a free consultation!

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