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5 Holiday Email Newsletter Elements for Moving Companies

Content Marketing

The autumn and winter months are considered off-peak seasons for movers, but this doesn’t mean you should just go into hibernation mode during the holidays.  

The festive season is a great time to keep your business top of mind and find creative ways to secure a steady stream of leads by lowering the cost of your services, providing innovative holiday solutions, and engaging your customers through newsletters.

Email marketing remains one of the top-performing marketing channels. It’s also the most commonly preferred communication channel when hearing from a small business.

This holiday season, leverage SEO for moving companies and use holiday-themed newsletters to capture new and existing customers. Here are the top five must-have elements to include in your holiday email campaign for better engagement.

5 Holiday Newsletter Elements that Create an Extraordinary Reader Experience  

You’re not the only one sending emails during the holiday season. For sure, your email list’s inboxes are filled with all sorts of promotional emails from various brands and companies. An email from a moving company might be the last thing they want to open.

Make yourself relevant with holiday-themed newsletters that are optimized for SEO for moving companies. Provide an extraordinary reading experience through using the following elements:

1. Use GIFs to Animate Your Holiday Newsletters

GIFs are a great addition to your holiday newsletters because they can grab attention and entertain your recipients that simple photos can’t.  

GIFs are more engaging than static images, and easier to digest compared to videos. This makes them memorable and incredibly effective in helping you connect and communicate with your audience.  

How effective, you ask?

When David Sierk, an email marketing strategist at Dell, sent emails featuring an animated GIF of the Dell XPS 12 Convertible Ultrabook in action, the company witnessed a 103% increase in conversions and a 109% growth in revenue.  

Who knew adding a simple animation of a laptop in ways customers would check it out at a store can impact a company’s bottom line?

However, a study by Nielsen Norman Group revealed that not all recipients appreciate animated GIFs in their marketing emails. So, use them strategically.  

This holiday season, consider adding GIFs to your newsletters to engage and entertain customers. Just make sure to avoid the following mistakes to ensure a delightful reader experience:

  • Make sure your GIFs work. And, just in case it doesn’t, the static image needs to at least convey the message of your email correctly.  
  • Avoid using slow-loading animated GIFs. People only glance at your emails so your GIFs should be able to effectively communicate within that brief moment. Avoid slow-loading animated GIFs by running them through a size optimization application before adding them to your emails.  
  • Study your email list and get to know them better to ensure you’re using GIFs they can relate with. Otherwise, they might find them unprofessional and irrelevant.  
  • Avoid using distracting GIFs. They should be subtle and pleasing and don't interfere with the message in the email. Just like this example from Mr. Porter.

GIFs are also great for showing how a product works.  

Below are some best practices on how to effectively integrate GIFs to boost your holiday newsletters.  

  • Include a call-to-action button in your Gifs.
  • Animate the right thing. You don’t want to distract readers and focus on the wrong part of your email.  
  • Create personalized holiday GIFs that your target audience can relate with.
  • Check the speed of your GIFs. You don’t want it to be too fast or too slow. You want them to seamlessly loop at the right speed.  
  • Test your GIFs to make sure they run smoothly and render well across all devices.  

2. Animate Your Holiday Newsletter Banner Design

Getting people to read an email from a moving company during the holidays can be tricky. But, with an eye-catching, holiday-themed email banner design, you can convince them to go through your content.  

Email banners are ideal for showcasing a special offer, a welcome message for new subscribers, or a thank you message.  

This holiday season, use animated banners for highlighting your Christmas promos or announcing a new moving service for the holidays – almost like a mini ad. Banners also set the tone of your email and help strengthen brand awareness.  

To make your holiday email banner design stand out, here are some best practices to follow:

  • Always include your brand name or logo. Banners allow you to easily build brand recognition, so the goal is to showcase your brand clearly and effectively.  
  • Incorporate your brand colors so your emails give off the same look and feel as your site and ads.  
  • Showcase your moving service. Use a GIF or an image that captures the essence of who you are as a moving company.
  • Include links to your site.
  • Keep your offer short and straight to the point.
  • Use a simple email banner design. Including too many elements can be distracting.
  • Ensure your email banner size is consistent across all devices.
  • Create templated versions that can be customized for various campaign goals.
  • Optimize for SEO for moving companies by including holiday keywords into your copy.

3. Include a Coupon to Attract Moving Leads

A moving company uses coupons to attract leads.

According to SimplyCodes’ compilation of coupon statistics, 91% of shoppers are likely to revisit a retailer after using a coupon. On the other hand, 57% of consumers say that they wouldn’t have bought from a brand without the coupon first.  

Although you’re not a retailer, your moving company can still take advantage of coupons and use them to boost your holiday email campaign! Data shows that 93% of email subscribers tend to use coupons they receive via email, and 40% share these deals with their friends.  

96% of Americans use coupons. If you want to attract leads, retain customers, and generate referrals, it's important to offer consistent deals throughout the year, especially during the off-peak season for your moving company.  

However, getting the best returns from discounting your moving services during the holidays isn't as easy as blasting your email list with discount codes. It's important to integrate them into your holiday newsletters wisely. Here’s how:

  • Add coupons to email opt-in opportunities.  What better way to entice potential customers to subscribe to your email list than by giving them a tangible coupon they can use right away? According to HubSpot, the top reasons why people subscribe to email lists are coupons and offers.  
  • Offer discount vouchers. Instead of giving away free gifts, rebates, and gift cards during the holiday season, a study shows that consumers prefer to receive discounts over other types of promotional offers.  
  • Create a customer loyalty program to drive repeat business and referrals to your moving company. The study revealed that 57% of consumers join loyalty programs to access deals and offers.  
  • Avoid blasting the same coupon to your entire email list. Personalization is still important. Make sure to segment your coupons based on your subscribers’ interests.  
  • Determine what kind of discounts your email list finds valuable.  
  • Include appealing imagery and compelling copy that help connect your subscribers to the discount.
  • Don’t give out coupons too often because this can devalue your moving company while also causing coupon fatigue.  

4. Take Time Crafting Effective Holiday Email Subject Lines

Your subject line is the first thing subscribers see when your email hits their inbox. Take the time to craft compelling subject lines that will motivate them to open and engage with your emails.  

An ideal subject line is personalized and can draw attention. Here are some holiday email subject line ideas you’ll want to copy:

  • Need to Move Before Christmas? We Got You!
  • Claim your surprise gift! You deserve it.
  • 20% discount on all moving services for the holidays.
  • Cheers to New Beginnings and Moving Your Stuff!
  • Last Chance to Save 50% on Moving Containers.
  • 1 Day for This Deal! 30% Off on Moving Trucks!
  • There’s Still Time to Move!

5. Include Branded Imagery

Branded image optimized for SEO for moving companies.

The moment someone receives your holiday newsletter, they should be able to tell that your message is connected with Christmas, Halloween, or Black Friday.

Use relevant, branded imagery to convey your message effectively. Avoid generic, stock images that people are so used to seeing elsewhere because they no longer have an impact on your audience.  

Your imagery should be able to arouse the right emotions, draw attention to your email’s content, and tell your readers a story.  

Here’s how you can make your holiday newsletters more effective with the right imagery:

  • Consider hiring a photographer to produce photos that accurately represent who you are as a moving company and what you have to offer your customers.
  • Use captivating and unique illustrations to tell a story.
  • Feature behind-the-scenes clips and snaps to make your moving company more relatable.
  • Use infographics to help readers digest information more easily and quickly.
  • Collect user-generated content and feature it in your holiday newsletters. Doing this makes your customers feel seen, it gives them a voice, and a way to connect with your company through images.
  • Optimize for SEO for moving companies by adding descriptive alt text on every image you include in your emails. They help make your email accessible to everyone.
  • Make your visuals clickable. Redirect readers to a quotation or service page.
  • Emails should be 80% text and 20% visual.  
  • Add interactivity to your holiday newsletters through gamification. This motivates your recipients to engage with your email and click through to your site.  

Take Your Business to The Next Level This Holiday Season with SEO for Moving Companies!

During the off-peak season, keep your moving company top of mind by staying in touch with your customer base by sending holiday-themed newsletters.

The best way to attract moving leads and retain existing customers is by telling them to know about exciting holiday discounts, and promos, and announcing new holiday-exclusive moving services through newsletters!

At Digital Resource, our SEO for moving companies expert and content marketing specialists will work with you to create a custom email marketing campaign that will help you generate a steady stream of leads during off-peak months and put your business ahead of the competition.  

Want to see immediate results? Contact us today!

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