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Facebook vs. Instagram: Where Should You Promote Your Business?

Social Media Marketing

Meta has given us not one, but two powerful social media platforms to work with: Facebook and Instagram.

As Meta points out, the goals of both sites are to connect people with others who share their interests and to provide resources to help them grow as people.

But these goals have shifted over time to accommodate the changing demands of users, particularly business owners. More and more businesses are using it to raise awareness about their products and services.

There's no doubt that both are powerful promotional tools, but the question of which is better remains open.

Here at Digital Resource, you'll find the answers you need to put an end to the discussion once and for all.

In our role as a premier Florida internet marketing company, we're here to help you decide where you should promote your businesses.

Let's get this battle started!

Promoting Your Business on Social Media

Undoubtedly, social media marketing is a highly efficient method of expanding a company's reach in the digital sphere. Social media is used by over 4.26 billion people on the planet, making it the best channel for promoting your business.

social media ads on phone

The sheer number of people who use social media means there will always be obstacles to overcome. Some of them include the following:

  • Identifying the right platform
  • Knowing and understanding your target audience
  • Maintaining engagement
  • Monitoring the organic growth of followers
  • Meeting customers’ expectations

The issues mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg. As you progress through the process, you'll encounter more surprises, making it more difficult to meet your marketing objectives.

However, don't get too far ahead of yourself. Let's tackle each challenge one at a time, beginning with determining the best platform to promote your company.

Our Florida internet marketing company has finally found the answer. So, keep on reading!

Using Facebook to Promote Your Business

Facebook has approximately 2.96 billion monthly users, making it the most widely used social media site in the world. With such a large number of users, there is no doubt that it is the best platform for promoting any type of business.

As of September 2022, the 25-to-34-year-old group constituted the largest subset of American Facebook users. The audience also includes a sizable percentage of people in the prime viewing age range of 35–44 (18.1%).

Statistic: Share of Facebook users in the United States as of September 2022, by age group | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

One possible explanation for Facebook's older user base in comparison to other social media platforms is that the site has been more popular among older millennials and early Myspace users since its inception in 2004.

Nonetheless, 70% of marketers believe that Facebook is a more effective platform for driving traffic, leads, and sales than Instagram. Facebook also has over 250 million store owners, with the vast majority relying on Facebook ads.

This is supported by Databox's Facebook Ads research, which discovered that roughly 60% of businesses base their goals on Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), making it one of the platform's most important metrics.

The majority of respondents reported a Facebook ROAS of 6 to 10x on average, with 5% reporting a ROAS of more than 80x.

Overall, the facts we've discussed thus far suggest that Facebook can serve as a more informative or professional venue for reaching a diverse range of users.

Using Instagram to Promote Your Business

Among other social media metrics, our Florida internet marketing company places a premium on audience engagement. It's crucial to the success of online advertising. 

Instagram's rise to the world's fourth-most popular social media platform is due in large part to the fact that it provides unparalleled audience engagement to a younger demographic when compared to Facebook.

In September 2022, 27.5 percent of Instagram users in the United States were between the ages of 25 and 34, while 25.5 percent were between the ages of 18 and 24.

Here are the most recent social media statistics proving that Instagram is a dedicated platform for audience engagement:

  • Each month, more than 1.15 billion people actively use Instagram.
  • 90% of all Instagram users follow at least one business account.
  • 83% of Instagram users discover new products and services on the platform.
  • 50% of Instagram users are more interested in a brand when they see ads on Instagram.
  • 59% of micro-influencers believe they get the most engagement on Instagram.

So, if you want people to find you on Instagram and follow your business account in order to engage with your brand, start your promotion now.

Which Platform is Best for Advertising?

man and woman looking confused

The answer to the question of whether a business should be promoted on Facebook or Instagram is simple: It all depends on who you're trying to reach and what your advertising objectives are.

For starters, their target audiences are not the same. Second, their advertising strengths differ, with Facebook being best at driving traffic, leads, and sales and Instagram being best at audience engagement.

When prospective clients of our Florida internet marketing company inquire about our services, we never ask which social media platform they favor.  

We start by inquiring about their intended demographics and the outcomes they anticipate seeing from their advertising efforts.

Nonetheless, the goal of promoting on these two social media platforms is to reach a larger audience, and both can help with business promotion. Of course, with the help of a well-thought-out marketing strategy.

Start Your Advertising Journey with Digital Resource

When it comes to selecting a social media platform, marketers and business owners have many options. However, you can't always use the same techniques on both Facebook and Instagram.

However, when developing a social media strategy, keep your intended audience and marketing goals in mind. Ignoring this consideration may make your social media strategy more difficult.

While Facebook and Instagram continue to thrive as marketing tools, our Florida internet marketing company believes that they cannot completely replace one another.

If you want, you can promote your company on both platforms.

With the help of  Digital Resource, we can help you develop a unique marketing strategy for both platforms that will still cater to your company's target audience and marketing goals.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn how we can assist you in growing your business.

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