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Dynamic Website Design: What It Is and Why It’s a Hit This 2022

Website Design

In the early days, a website owner’s main concern was on how their web design in West Palm Beach looked on a computer screen.  

But, that’s no longer true today.  

Over the years, websites have continuously evolved to adapt to the ever-changing needs of end-users. Webpages no longer just look good on monitors, but also function well on hand-held devices, such as smartphones and tablets.  

Modern websites also have become more intuitive. And, with the rising popularity of smart speakers and voice assistants, pages now have voice search features for a more user-friendly browsing experience.

Online tracking also paved the way for websites to provide a great user experience to their visitors through personalization.  

Algorithms can pick up on every visitor’s browsing habits, motivations, values, and customer journey. This means you extract data to better understand who is buying your products and services, and how to tailor your website to attract the right visitors.  

All of these changes have transformed the way modern consumers experience content online. But, among all the impressive upgrades, our favorite feature is the dynamic website.  

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about dynamic websites, from what they are to how your business can benefit from them.  

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is a Dynamic Website?

screenshot of a website on a computer screen

A dynamic website or webpage displays information that automatically changes, depending on who’s viewing it, the time of the day, geographic location, and other factors.  

This feature enables websites to offer something unique to visitors every time they view the site. What makes dynamic websites engaging is that users can interact with the information on the page.  

There are two codes responsible for the changing of content on a dynamic website:  

  • Client-side scripting refers to code that is carried out by the viewer’s browser. This scripting is in charge of making changes to the webpage based on the actions taken within it. For example, you’re on a shoe company website and you head over to the women’s section. When you go back to your home page, you’ll be shown content about women’s shoes.  

  • Server-side scripting involves code that is performed by the server before sending the content to the visitor’s browser. It alters a webpage’s submission forms, shopping carts, and logins.  

Using a combination of both codes helps modern websites show relevant content to every user looking at a page while reducing the server’s load time.

Elements of a Dynamic Website

elements of a dynamic web design in West Palm Beach sketched on paper

Upgrading your static website to a dynamic one gives you the opportunity to make a great first impression among your visitors. Showing them highly relevant content they’re interested in is also a great way to keep them engaged.  

But, what specific elements of a dynamic website can make web visitors stay on your site a little longer? Let’s find out!

1. Adjusts According to Viewer Screen Size

A dynamic website scales well on any screen size and across all devices without compromising its visual quality, legibility, and intuitive layout.  

It automatically rearranges buttons, reformats texts and typography, and resizes images to fit the viewer’s screen.  

A website that isn’t mobile-friendly can put visitors off. Considering that an increasing number of people access the web through mobile, you want to make sure that your website looks good and functions well on any screen.  

2. Changes Language Automatically

Dynamic websites automatically display in the language of the location a visitor is browsing from. This helps boost your brand equity and gives your site a familiar voice.  Plus, it helps provide a more personalized experience.  

When your website supports different languages, people will see your company as an international brand. As a result, your brand equity will increase, which can help bring in more sales.  

3. Provides Custom Recommendations

The best part about using a dynamic website for your business is that it presents custom recommendations based on what your visitors have previously viewed on your site.  

This is especially helpful if you have a large site with a wide variety of selections and categories.  

By presenting related recommendations the moment a user lands on your site, you can cut down browsing time and allow for a more spontaneous checkout.  

4. Integrates Social Media and Offsite Content

Page plugins are another element known to make dynamic websites engaging.  

They allow you to tap into your social media and other offsite content and display them on your site This can show your visitors how active your brand is across different platforms.  

What’s great about page plugins is that they give Google bots and other search engines more content to crawl through and index. Since Google loves fresh content, this can help boost your SEO ranking.  

5. Uses Interactive Visuals and Tools

A hero image is a web design term used to describe an oversized banner image or video located above the fold of a site.  

You can use it to effectively grab the attention of your visitors and instantly build credibility for your brand the moment they land on your site.  

The right visuals give you the opportunity to establish a connection with your audience and motivate them to continue browsing.  

Using interactive tools can also encourage user engagement. For example, interactive calendars enable visitors to easily book appointments, Google Maps allow them to pinpoint their location, and service calculators make the process of computing way easier for them.  

Other interactive elements your dynamic website needs to keep users engaged include the following:

  • Contact forms to encourage users to reach out to you
  • Buttons to subscribe to your newsletters, podcast, social media
  • Dynamic scrolling, playful cursors, or hover-triggered changes to wow your visitors

Why Using a Dynamic Website Will Be A Hit in 2022

scrolling through a dynamic web design in West Palm Beach on a tablet screen

Modern consumers are pickier and more sophisticated than ever. They don't just engage with any brands or businesses; they only buy from those they resonate with and can provide the ultimate experience for them.  

By making the shift to a dynamic website, you're one step closer to providing your ideal customers the kind of experience they expect from you.  

Below are three major reasons why we believe dynamic websites will be a major hit in 2022.  

Allows for Hyper-Personalized Browsing

All consumers want to receive a great customer experience. But, what exactly is a “great” experience?

According to Annette Franz, founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc, a great customer experience is personalized, highly relevant, timely, simple, seamless, memorable, and above all, consistent.  

By shifting to a dynamic web design in West Palm Beach, you can provide your visitors a seamless, more personalized, and highly relevant browsing experience every time they interact with your site.  

Advanced features, such as content and product suggestions, interactive tools, and highly engaging visuals can all work together to get your visitors to stay on your page and motivate them to get to know more about your brand.  

Considering that not all websites are dynamic yet, you get to set the standards as to what a great user experience is.  

Effortless to Maintain

Another reason why we think that dynamic websites are going to be a major hit next year is that they're so much easier to maintain in the long run. They also support efficient data management through a content management system (CMS), which provides a database for content and other elements on your page.  

This means you can easily make site-wide changes, upload content, edit backgrounds, and tweak other design elements on your site with no knowledge in coding. With no-code platform, you can create dynamic websites without any coding knowledge. This makes it easier and faster to launch and maintain your website, even if you don't have a technical background.

This makes launching and maintaining a dynamic website hassle-free. However, they take longer to make and are more expensive compared to static websites.  

Provides Better User Experience

Modern consumers expect better experiences from brands. And, what better way to start than through your website?

Interactive tools, change in language, and product recommendations make your website feel more personalized. Other factors like intuitive navigation, dynamic layout, and high-quality visuals also make your site highly engaging.  

Having a dynamic website equips you to tailor one-of-a-kind experiences for each of your website visitors without breaking a sweat - as a result, improving their overall user experience.  

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Dynamic Website Design

Many websites in West Palm Beach are still static. Don’t make that mistake. Put your business ahead of the competitor by making the shift to a dynamic website.  

Dynamic websites are not only easy to maintain, but they're also very user-friendly, and they encourage user engagement, give your website a professional look, increase your brand equity, and help drive more sales for your business!

At Digital Resource, we can craft a dynamic web design for your business in West Palm Beach that will not only help you get more salesc but also put your business at the top of the competition.  

Contact us today if you want to see your website come to life through dynamic web designs!

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