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Top 5 Website Design Trends of 2022

Website Design

Minimalism is one of the most enduring design techniques in the world of website design in Miami. Its timeless elegance and clear presentation of content make it a crowd favorite and a go-to visual framework for web designers.  

For years, minimalistic graphic elements, narrow color palettes, and bare minimum text were the trend. Next year, however, will be different.  

The overarching theme we see in 2022 is more on the playful and retro side of web design. The 80s and 90s are coming back to life through chaotic patterns and shapes, oversized typography, and animations.  

But, we will still see hints of minimalism in next year’s web design trends. It will keep things in balance through muted colors, serif fonts, and sophisticated textures.  

In this article, we are going to discuss the top trends to look forward to in the world of web design this 2022.  

So, if you’re considering giving your website a fresh look, then you’d certainly want to finish reading this blog. Staying on top of web design trends is so important these days. It impacts how your site visitors perceive your brand, and the impression you make can either convince them to stay on your page and learn more about your company or bounce right away and turn to a competitor.  

Without any more delays, let’s get started!

Top 5 Fun Website Trends of 2022

Memphis Design

screenshot of a website design in Miami
Photo from Upperquad.com

Memphis is a design movement that started in 1981 in Milan, Italy. This creative movement was a response to minimalism, which is why it’s the total opposite of “less is more”. It’s bright, loud, and bold.  

This unusual aesthetic uses geometric patterns and a Pop Art color palette. You can describe it as outrageous, funny, and radical. But, during its time, Memphis was basically a contradiction of what people considered as “aesthetically pleasing”.  

The dominant features of Memphis design include the following:

  • Laminate and terrazzo materials
  • Squiggle art prints
  • Bright, multi-colored
  • Geometric shapes  

In a sea of minimalistic websites, turning to Memphis design for a splash of personality will definitely help your website stand out.  

90s Retro Design

90s retro design inspired website
Photo from BruceClay

Another trend that we expect to be big in the world of web design next year is the 90s retro design.


During the early days of the World Wide Web - when being a “web designer” wasn’t even a thing and there were no “rules” on how to design a website - unrestricted creativity allowed people to explore different gimmicks, mix and match bright background colors, and use vivid graphics on their websites.  

Although this experimental stage brought out some of the worst and the most hilarious web designs, modern web designers are bringing back this trend with added style and finesses.  

A 90s retro website design will bring back your web visitors in time and make them nostalgic about the good ol’ days.  

The key qualities of a 90s vibe website are:

  • Vibrant colors and neon colors. Mostly pinks, bright yellow, purple
  • Abstract shapes and polka dot patterns
  • Combination of geometric shapes
  • Vibrant gradients
  • Comic sans style fonts and condensed sans serifs

Visible Borders

website design in Miami with visible borders
Photp from Dribble

It's a no-brainer that people prefer websites with neatly arranged content and plenty of white space over those without structure.

Keeping your content organized not only helps with legibility, but also allows your website visitors to focus on one area at a time, allowing them to digest information in the most efficient way possible.

Commonly, we see content on a website as if it's floating in digital space and is neatly structured by an invisible hand. Next year will be different.  

Web designers are looking to use simple borders and frames to structure content and distinguish one section from another. The goal is to make it easy for users to scan through the content of a website while allowing it to fit more without the page looking cramped.  

Using simple borders or a visible grid to organize the content of your website will give your page a subtle retro vibe. Plus, it will match well with the 90s trend that's making a comeback in the website design Miami world next year.  


screenshot of a brutalist website design in Miami
Photo from 99designs by MaiaI

In line with the 90s retro vibe, we will also see more neo-brutalism in web design in the upcoming year.

Neo-brutalism was an architectural modernist movement that proliferated in the 50s-70s. This design emphasizes the use of raw, exposed materials, such as cement, to express truth and honesty.  

In web design, neo-brutalism translates to the following features:

  • Bare-bones, no CSS styling  
  • Naked HTML  
  • Blue links  
  • Unedited photos
  • Monochromatic monospace text

Thought of to be bold, unapologetic, unadorned, and honest, neo-brutalism is used by web designers to give users a break from the usual cookie-cutter, stale sites that rule the web today.  

We believe that in 2022, we will see more a more mellow version of brutalism in web designs. If you're considering using the brutalist style, you want to keep it limited to visual design only.  

Unless your audience consists of artists, illustrators, or designers, never sacrifice simple navigation, visual hierarchy, or interactive design for the sake of uniqueness.  

Average web visitors won’t really get it.  

Oversized Typography-Led Hero Image

oversized typography-led hero image website design in  Miami
Photo from 99designs by Bluesjay

A hero image is a design that uses big and striking photos, illustrations, 3D graphics, typography, or animation as a focal point of a website.  

It is located in the above-the-fold zone, and usually takes up almost all of the pre-scroll full-width space on a page.  

In case you're wondering, other layout elements, like a call to action and other text, are placed on the header or on and around the hero image for a balanced visual composition.  

Typography-led hero images use oversized text to make a bold statement. Because this web design does not use any imagery, the impression you create will all depend on your message.  

These oversized texts are bold even in their simplicity. They demand attention the same way a striking image or an intriguing news headline does.  

When tastefully done, typography-led hero image can do the following:

  • Catches the attention of your web visitors within the first seconds
  • Sets the mood and helps transfer the necessary emotions you want your visitors to associate with your brand  
  • Provides a quick summary of your website's content
  • Helps strengthen navigation  
  • Draws attention to your call-to-action button
  • Aesthetically pleasing  

What’s Your Favorite Website Design in Miami Trends of 2022?

It seems like the world of web design is turning its back on minimalism and is taking a journey to the past for inspiration!

This 2022, expect to see more fun, creative, and playful website designs in Miami.  Concepts like the Memphis design, 90s retro, visible borders, neo-brutalism, and typography-led hero images are expected to take center stage.  

If you feel like your website needs a facelift, we can help!  

At Digital Resource, we can create a custom, fun, and playful web design that will not only make a great impression on your website visitors, but also communicate who you are as a brand.  

We will make sure that your brand essence will not get lost in translation as we use these new emerging website design in Miami trends to bring your website to life. Contact us today for a free consultation!  

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