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Types of Design Techniques for Your Company

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The old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" means an image can describe something better than a web of words can.  

In graphic design, a picture can mean an influx of dollars to your account when done right. We often limit graphic design to aesthetics but if you look closely, it’s a unique form of digital art that links your business to your audience.  

Every business owner should incorporate graphics in all stages of the marketing funnel to create awareness, pique interest, and ultimately convince the person to take action whether it’s a subscription, a follow, or a purchase. 

What Is The Relevance of Graphic Design?

Your Brand Represents You

Your brand represents your organization or business, and as the person behind it, you should make every effort to make your brand resonate with your audience.  

Your brand’s identity is how you showcase the essence, tone, and personality of your business.  

Visual identity graphics can help in that area. The visual components of your brand’s identity will represent you through color, shapes, and images. 

Study how you can visually market your brand. Brainstorm and discuss with your team image libraries, color palettes, typography, and logos that best describe your brand’s personality. You will also set visual brand guidelines which will be used across all media platforms for consistency and uniformity.  

For example, if you go for hues of blue to represent your laundry shop business, you can’t deviate from those colors if you publish posts in the future unless you opt to rebrand.

Why Does Your Business Need Visual Content?

Successful marketing is what gets your cash rolling in. How you market your brand will determine how your audience will respond to your business.  

Good marketing has to be engaging, increase customer awareness, and more importantly, show your target market that your product can meet their needs and wants.  


Remember, humans, are visual creatures. We respond well to visual content. Marketing your brand through graphics is guaranteed to take your business up a notch. 

What Design Techniques Should You Keep In Mind?

Keep it Simple and Clean

In graphic design, less is more.  

You don’t need to use all colors in the color wheel to impress your audience. Keeping a clean design helps boost your credibility.  

We recommend you limit the texts you use and keep your graphics to a minimum without compromising your brand’s voice. Going overboard with your designs will leave your audience confused and they will not be able to know where to click. Don’t create an overcrowded space. 

Use The Power of Contrast

How do you attract attention? How can you make your audience notice you?  


One of the secrets of effective graphic design is using contrast to capture attention.  

Contrast is a powerful tool that will make your design stick out.  

But, how do you take advantage of contrast?  

For starters, you’ll need to play around with texture, alignment, whitespace, proximity, repetition, and size color. When you perfect and make all your marketing ingredients work together, the final output will appeal to your customers. All the effort you put into one visual will give you endless returns.  

Here are some tips on how to use contrast in your graphic design:

  • If there’s a particular message that you wish to highlight, make the text more pronounced compared to others in your visual. 
  • The colors in your banner should tone with the emotions that you wish to communicate to your audience. 
  • Using alignment will give structure to your design. 
  • When the proximity is too close between elements, it can be hard to find a distinction. This is also one of the features that you need to carefully consider in graphic design. 
  • Use whitespace appropriately. It can be tempting to overcrowd your banner. You know your product is amazing and you want everyone to know it. Unfortunately, if you don’t use whitespace, you’ll end up overwhelming your audience with too much information. 
  • More people are likely to respond and engage with a banner that has a textured background compared to a plain one. 

Choose Your Fonts and Limit Their Use

When you enter into the world of graphic design, one of the things you’ll fall in love with is the wide array of font styles to choose from. You’ll discover styles and designs you’ve never encountered before.  

However, before you use all of your ‘favorite’ font styles, keep in mind that using too many of them is counterproductive. If you think using only one style is not enough, the best you can do is find a pair of font styles and you’re good to go.  

Again, everything has to be about your business. So, find a font style that reflects the personality of your business. 

Play Around With Font Sizes

Do you know that you can play around with font sizes? Even if you’re only using one font style, you can change the sizes to highlight important words.  

For example, if you wish to emphasize your call to action, you can make the text larger than the rest. You may also try italic or bold. 

Always Go Back To Brand Guidelines

Make sure all the materials and tools you use stick to your brand guidelines. Your brand logo, typography, and color palette should be consistent. This uniformity will make it easier for your audience to identify you. Cohesiveness across all channels is a must in graphic design. 


Plan and Schedule Your Campaigns Well 

To keep your audience connected to your business, we suggest you design visuals all year round especially during special holidays, as well as events where you know your target market is interested in. Once you have these dates, you can start designing a theme for your campaigns. 

What Type of Design Technique Works Well For Your Company?

Graphic design is based on what you want for your business.  

If you think about it, there is no cut and dry rule to how you should design your visuals because that’s entirely up to you. But, if you want successful marketing campaigns that will lead to conversions and sales, trust the expertise and skills of graphic designers.  

They know how to use fonts, texts, colors, lines, structures, and everything in between to represent your brand while at the same time attract your target audience. 

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