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19 Classic Evergreen Blog Ideas that Drive More Traffic to Your Site

Content Marketing

Evergreen content is a great tool you can use to establish your presence online. It remains relevant to your readers long after it’s been published, which means you can keep using it to drive traffic to your site for years!

The problem with generating evergreen ideas, however, is that it often feels like all the good topics have been covered.

For this reason, you’ll want to bring something new to the table by discussing a topic from a new angle or providing additional information, and then optimizing your piece for SEO in Florida.  

Want to figure out some evergreen article ideas you should be publishing to spike traffic to your site? Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Evergreen Content and Why Is It Important?

Evergreen content never goes out of date and continues to stay relevant for your readers over a long period of time.  

It thoroughly discusses problems, solutions, trends, or topics that are important to your intended audience.  

By offering long-lasting expertise, you can attract backlinks, position your brand as an industry thought leader, build trust, and boost your ROI.

Effective Evergreen Content Ideas for Your Blog

How-To Guides

Text on screen: How to Start a Successful Blog Today?

People often rely on the internet to explain how they can best execute a task. That’s why “how-to” searches are one of the most common queries on the web.

By breaking down a process from start to finish using a series of step-by-step instructions, you're not just educating your readers. You’re making their lives easier and helping them solve a problem.

Here are some evergreen how-to article ideas:

  1. Beginner Guides – When you’re trying to introduce your products or services to new customers, it’s your job to help them learn about your product’s features and how to use them. You can also use how-to beginner guides to introduce your target audience to other relevant topics that help them become familiar with your industry’s technical language.  
  1. Advanced Guides – You also want to create how-to guides for individuals who are already well-versed with your products and industry. Your goal is to provide unique and valuable information to your readers through data. It’s useful to contextualize this data with high-level insights coming from you, your team, and other thought leaders in your industry.
  1. Checklists – Checklists help your intended audience organize their tasks, reduce errors, and ensure consistency when completing an activity.  
  1. Big Goal Guides – Topics like “How to Lose 100 Pounds in 6 Months” and “How to Develop a One-Year Business Plan” show your readers how they can accomplish long-term goals. These topics are extremely valuable to your target audience. Your goal is to make these goals less intimidating by breaking down the process of achieving them into bite-size steps.

Research and Case Studies

Case studies show off your expertise, while original research is a great way to display your leadership.

Data-driven posts that are optimized for SEO in Florida allow you to attract new prospects by showing them how valuable your products or services are in real-life, based on how they have been successfully implemented by other customers.  

You can also use them to convince prospects that you can meet their needs, giving them a reason to remain loyal to your brand.  

Here are some data-driven posts you should consider publishing:

  1. Primary Research – Original research is difficult, but it can also supercharge your business. It allows you to gather first-hand information about the needs of your market, while also providing you with insight on how you can improve your products/services.
  1. Stat Collection – If you can't do primary research, the next best thing is to compile stats. One of the most effective ways you can present statistical data without boring your readers is to create an infographic.  
  1. Case Study Presentations – Everybody loves a good success story. You can use case studies to factually represent what happened along with some analysis that provides insights.  
  1. Failure Analysis Case Studies –You can use failure analysis case studies to help your target audience succeed by revealing mistakes you’ve personally made and pointing out lessons. Failure plays an important role in learning. Failure also humanizes your company. Since people can often relate with failures far more than successes, this helps evoke empathy and build trust among your readers.

Evergreen Lists

Marketer optimizing evergreen list for SEO in Florida

Make it easy for your audience to find what they’re looking for on the web by compiling the best information on a topic they’re interested in and creating an easy-to-follow list.  

Here are some evergreen list ideas:

  1. Best Free and Paid Tools – Share a list of the best tools that can help readers accomplish a task, make their lives easier, or become more productive. To make this kind of post valuable, you need to include tutorials, tips on how to get started, hacks, pros and cons, and some insightful commentaries.  
  1. Best Product Lists – Best product lists are always a popular topic. Your intended audience will always want to know which products are the most effective.
  1. Best Practices in a Specific Niche – Help your audience achieve the best results or increase their chances of achieving success by sharing best practices.  
  1. Common Mistakes in a Specific Niche – People are afraid to make mistakes. By outlining common mistakes and providing tips on how to overcome them, you’re doing your readers a favor by increasing their chances of succeeding.  
  1. Ideas and Resources – Help your audience find other reputable sources of information by compiling a list of the best blogs or websites that are related to your niche (don’t include your competitors).  
  1. Top Industry Leaders or Influencers in Your Niche – People like to follow influencers and leaders they can relate with or who inspire them. This list post allows them to see who the biggest movers and shakers in your industry are.
  1. Best Tips – These roundup posts are a crowd favorite. Make it easy for your readers to find the information they want through easy-to-digest tips!  

All-In-One Evergreen Content

marketer creating a glossary for a client's niche.

Readers want a place they can go to learn about all the major aspects of a niche or industry. When this type of content is done well, it can be an incredible lead magnet.

Here are some evergreen “everything you need to know” posts you should be publishing:

  1. History Posts – Discuss how your business started or how a certain topic came to be. For example, “The History of Social Media”. Infographics are a great way to make this content engaging.
  1. Complete Glossary – Create a complete glossary of your niche. This often draws links, as people want to define the terms they’re using.
  1. Ultimate Guides or “Everything You Need to Know” Posts – These types of posts are great for establishing authority and driving organic traffic to your site. They're basically the best possible guides you can find on any given topic. Ultimate guides are typically focused on a single keyword, but you can incorporate variations of your main keyword throughout your content and optimize them for SEO in Florida.  

Start Writing Effective Evergreen Content That Drive Traffic and ROI!

Evergreen content provides complete and timeless information on a subject that interests your readers. Once you’ve optimized it for SEO in Florida, you can generate more traffic, show off your expertise, boost your rankings, and win customers!  

At Digital Resource, our team of SEO experts and content marketing specialists will work together to create a custom content strategy that will put your business on top!  

Need help publishing expertly-written evergreen content that generates lasting results? Contact us today!

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