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What Should You Be Blogging About in 2022?


No matter which industry your business belongs to, branding is crucial, especially in today’s competitive landscape. If you want to stay on top, you need to establish your brand’s digital presence.  

The best way to do this? Set yourself as a thought leader through blogging.  

Websites like Hubspot, Copyblogger, and Buffer are great examples of websites that use blogging to showcase their expertise and provide value to their readers. That’s why people are naturally drawn to these sites and consider their brands as authorities in their respective niches.  

According to Semrush, more than 409 million people view 20 billion blog posts each month. So, it’s safe to say that blogging continues to be an essential tool businesses and marketers can use to increase traffic, generate more revenue, and boost brand awareness this year.

But, what should a small business like you be blogging about to establish your brand’s presence and yourself as a thought leader in your niche?  

As your go-to SEO company in Florida, we’ll be sharing with you some blogging ideas for 2022 that have helped our clients and our in-house writers drive more traffic and generate more leads.  

Without any more delays, let’s get started.  

Blogging Ideas for 2022

1. Talk About a Leader in Your Industry and What You’d Like to Ask Them

business leader giving a handshake to a marketer from an SEO company in Florida

Leaders were born to be influential. People admire them for what they do, what they have achieved, and what they envision doing.  

Because of this, individuals are intrigued and curious about their past and what their life is like. They might also have a lot of questions on their minds, like how these leaders became successful, what they did differently, and maybe even what their morning routine is.  

When you talk about these types of stuff in your blog, people can’t help but read through the end. And, by adding questions that your readers will most likely ask, you’ll be able to build rapport and get them to return to your blog.  

For example, if you own a boutique, you can write about your favorite fashion designers, what you love about them, and how they inspire your collections.  

2. Ask for a Guest Post from Experts in Your Industry

Since we’ve already established that people are naturally intrigued about leaders and industry experts, it would be a great idea to invite them to do a guest post on your blog.  

But, if you're just starting with only a few subscribers and readers, it's less likely that anyone would be interested in doing this.  

As the leading SEO company in Florida, we recommend that you try to analyze or dissect an article that an expert in your industry wrote and give your opinion about it or bring something new to the table.  

You can suggest alternatives, other solutions, and perhaps even offer something contradictory to some of their statements. Just make sure you can defend your claim.  

People like fresh stuff. Bringing in a new angle to a certain topic in your industry is going to feel like a breath of fresh air to your readers and those who are interested in the topic.  

Let’s say you're in the digital marketing business. To get your audience hooked, you could explore third-party cookies, why it's better if search engines don't get rid of them, and what they should do to address privacy concerns. Now that's thought-provoking.  

3. Interview a Leader or Expert in Your Field

If they're not willing to do a guest post on your blog, maybe they prefer to do an interview with you.  

Interviewing an expert or leader in your niche is a proven and tested way to provide your audience with true value. They can share insider tips, hacks, and strategies that can be extremely helpful to your readers.  

Feel free to send them an email, asking if they’d be willing to get featured on your blog and answer several questions. You can interview them about their life in general, career, or a specific topic you and your readers are curious to know more about.  

Here are some good questions to ask:

  • What’s the most interesting part about your job that people would normally perceive as boring?
  • What advice would you give those who just started in this industry?
  • Do you have a go-to quote to keep yourself motivated?
  • What soft skills should individuals who aspire to become like you develop?
  • What hard skills should someone in your field possess?
  • How does your company differ from other businesses you’ve worked for?
  • What do you think has contributed more to your success, education, or experience?
  • How do you decide on work? What's the process?

4. Discuss Current Trends in Your Niche

Keeping up with the latest news and developments in your field is necessary, especially if you’re looking to build credibility and provide value to your audience.  

When you know where your industry is possibly headed in the future, people are more likely to trust your insights and expertise. This is the exact reason why you should always be in the know of what’s happening in your industry and constantly find ways to uncover emerging trends in your field.

Just like you, consumers also want to get ahead of everybody else, or at least stay on top of trends, because many of them either have a herd mentality or they don’t want to experience FOMO (fear of missing out).  

By being one step ahead of your competitors, you can be your audience’s go-to resource for this kind of information.  

So, how can you keep yourself updated with the latest trends? Here’s how:

  • Read up on blogs and e-newsletters (or if possible, invest money in subscription-based journals)
  • Join events and conferences where you can “network and build connections with key people in your industry
  • Join conversations on social media, follow threads, and see what people are talking about
  • Listen to podcasts

5. Share DIY Ideas or Life Hacks You Personally Use

couple trying o assemble DIY furniture

If you’ve been doing what you’re doing for a long time now, we’re sure you have a few tricks up your sleeve that your audience will find very efficient.  

Blog posts about product hacks and tips that make people’s lives easier get a lot of shares on social media. So, start thinking about hacks that you found extremely handy in your life.  

While it’s always best to focus on anything related to your business, you could also disclose tips on running a small business, managing your time, and how to achieve success.  

If you're selling fashion jewelry, for instance, you can teach your audience how to make them last longer, or offer style guides and jewelry hacks.

6. Compare the Reality of Being a Small Business Owners vs. Life in a Movie

Although there are movies that can accurately depict what entrepreneurs and startups go through to achieve success, not everything is accounted for, especially the ugly parts.

To inspire business owners in the making, show them the reality of starting a business so they’ll realize that they're not alone during such challenging times. Choose a marketing or business film you can relate to and try to compare it to your own experiences.  

Don’t hesitate to add insights or other things you feel should be in the movie – such as how much it actually costs to start a business, where to get funding, the relationships you build and the ones you end during the process, and more.  

7. Talk About the Latest News in Your Industry

If there's a latest news in your industry that you know affect your customers, such as price increases, new policies, or other matters that might alarm or cause questions, take time to write about them in your blog.  

An example of this was when Apple changed its privacy policies and eliminated third-party cookies to protect its users. This triggered Facebook and other advertisers, leading them to release a statement explaining why they don’t agree with these major changes. Especially since Facebook revolves around advertising, many of their consumers voiced their concerns.  

As your trusted SEO company in Florida, we suggest that you do a weekly roundup of the most relevant news in your industry that your readers need to know about.  

8. Write About a Case Study

the word 'case study' placed above am image of a business man working on his laptop

If you're tired of talking about your products and why they're amazing, why don't you tell people about how others were able to solve their problems or achieve success with the help of your products.  

Case studies are a staple for any business that wants to show the world how valuable its products or services are. They’re people-focused, less formal, and based on real benefits so they’re more interesting to read.  

This type of blog post can help build confidence in your brand and may even convince a prospect to choose you over your competitors.  

9. Go Over New Features or Events

You want to keep your audience in the loop with the latest happenings in your company to make them feel more involved and valued. Whenever you have a new feature, product launch, events, and company updates, make sure to blog about it.  

Blogs like these can be highly informative and valuable to your readers, and may even help generate buzz around your event or product launch.  

10. Tutorials and How-to Posts

How-tos, listicles, and step-by-step tutorials are among the most popular types of blog posts. Why? Because people use the web to look for answers to their problems – and most of these involve how-to questions.  

Find out what your ideal customers could be asking in their minds when they want to buy the products or services that you offer, and then address those questions in your blog.  

For example, if you’re a sporting goods store owner, you can blog about cleaning golf clubs or assembling exercise equipment. It also helps to write reviews on the latest sporting goods for beginners and professional athletes.  

Are You Ready to Start Blogging Your Way to Success?

Thought leadership and blogging come hand in hand.  

If you want to successfully establish your brand’s digital presence in today’s highly competitive market, then you need to prove that you’re an expert in your field by publishing high-quality, engaging blog posts.  

The blog post ideas can help kick start your blog and establish yourself as a leader in your niche. Just remember that being a thought leader doesn't happen overnight. It takes passion, consistency, and a lot of patience.  

What other do you think other small businesses should be writing about this year? Comment down below!

Digital Resource is an SEO company in Florida that specializes in helping small businesses establish their brand through SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, business development, and advertising.  

Reach out to us today if you want to start gaining traction for your website and business!  

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