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10 Brand Awareness Tactics for Successful Business in 2022

Brand Development

Knowing how to position your brand in today’s highly competitive market is the first step to achieving business success. The second step is to figure out how to connect with new customers and gain a competitive advantage so that your company has the best chance to survive and thrive in this current business environment.  

According to the Small Business Administration, around 627,000 enterprises launch every year. As a result, small companies in every niche find it incredibly difficult to differentiate themselves and attract their ideal audience’s attention.  

Most of them end up competing on price instead and selling to customers that don’t fit their target market profile. As a trusted Fort Lauderdale SEO company, we know that making such compromises often leads to businesses closing.  

But, increasing competition isn’t the only problem small business owners face today.  

Many also struggle to decide on which marketing tactics they should use to generate leads and sales. Because of the wide array of options, most are left with no choice but to pick random tactics and are often executed poorly, which leads to unreliable results.  

With a limited budget for marketing, many small enterprises just couldn’t afford to take hit-or-miss results, especially when it comes to paid advertising.

Fortunately, the right brand awareness tactics can help small companies differentiate themselves from their competition, reach out to new customers, and lessen marketing challenges.  

In this article, we are going to share with you the top brand awareness tactics you can use to help your small business succeed in 2022.  

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Keep Your Company Top-of-Mind

Brand awareness strategies enable you to take more control over the impression your company makes on its target audience. They also keep your business top-of-mind by maintaining an ongoing connection with your target audience, while creating positive interactions that draw prospects closer to a purchase - even those that don’t buy for a long time.  

Here are the top brand awareness tactics that will strengthen and grow your brand this 2022:

1. Do Local Partnerships

small business owner smiling while working in her flower shop

Today, it's no longer just about convincing customers to buy; rather, it’s about inspiring them to shop local and invest in their own community. By partnering with other local businesses to organize festivals, seminars, bazaars, charity events, and the like, you’re giving people a reason to do just that.  

If you’re a local-oriented business, getting involved with local partnerships is a great way to build your brand and increase awareness.  

Here are three different ways you can collaborate with other businesses to promote mutual success:

  • Cross-promotion: You can partner with a non-competing business that has a similar audience to you. For example, if you own a coffee shop, reach out to a local bakery and ask if they’re willing to work hand in hand with you. You can offer their bread as complimentary with your coffee, while they can sell your coffee beans in bulk and offer coupons for your coffee.  
  • Collaborative events: Here, you’ll team up with multiple businesses and collaborate around a shared theme. Let’s say you’re a wedding event organizer. You can partner with other businesses that offer some wedding-related products or services - like a local dress shop, specialty paper shop, or catering services - and organize a local event to attract brides.  
  • Rewards: You can also collaborate with banks or credit cards that offer rewards to their clients. By accumulating enough points through purchases, customers can get free gifts from partnering businesses.  

2. Collaborate with Influencers

Partnering with the right influencers in your niche helps increase your brand awareness and reach new audiences.  

Influencers have a large base of loyal followers. If an influencer recommends your products or services, expect waves of traffic to your website and more sales coming your way.  

Having friends in high places is another effective move to get your brand out there. If you know anyone in your niche, industry, or a business owner whose products or services complement yours, collaborate with them and use each other's network to promote both your businesses.  

3. Run Social Media Contests

ecstatic woman looking at her phone happy that she won a social media contest held by a Fort Lauderdale SEO Company|

Social media contests are always a good idea. They help generate buzz around your page, grow your following, and get your followers to engage with your content. Plus, running contests give you the opportunity to collect data about who your potential customers are.  

Now that Facebook’s organic reach is decreasing, running a contest is the perfect way to put your business in front of new customers and a wider audience for free!

4. Use Shoppable Content

Shoppable content allows users to click on a product advertised in an online product catalog, image, video, lookbook, etc.  

This makes shopping online more interactive, engaging, and spontaneous. By clicking on the product you like, you can add the item to your cart or buy it immediately.  

Instagram and Pinterest have shoppable content features where shoppers can buy directly from a story or a creator’s post.  

When you make it easy for users to buy what they want by streamlining the shopping process, you can generate leads, drive sales, and build brand awareness.  

5. Experiment with TikTok

TikTok is very popular right now. In fact, a lot of brands and business owners are already using this platform to share tips, show behind-the-scenes footage, and join fun challenges.  

Many users on this platform are self-made thought leaders that have gained a huge following by creating content that not only showcases their expertise, but also provides entertainment or helps people solve their problems.  

If you love creating content and helping other people through what you know, then TikTok is the perfect platform for you. The right content can help you increase brand awareness, boost your following, and establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche.  

6. Consider Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are short-form videos that have a similar concept to TikTok videos. They’re meant to be highly engaging, informational, and entertaining.  

As your go-to SEO company in Fort Lauderdale, we suggest that you also give Instagram reels a try. However, you do want to differentiate the kind of content you post on this platform from the ones you publish on TikTok.  

Although there are no specific guidelines on what you should and shouldn't post on this platform, we believe that to come up with something fresh for each platform, you should keep your posts curated and polished on Instagram and keep the raw, unedited, behind-the-scenes type of content on TikTok.  

Because of their highly-engaging nature, short-form videos can increase brand awareness and keep your audience immersed in your content.  

7. Advertise on Social Media

Another proven and tested brand awareness tactic is paid social advertising. It’s an essential tool for reaching new audiences more effectively, especially now that the organic reach is declining.  

Social media platforms offer cheap paid advertising options. You can start running campaigns on Facebook for as little as $0.50 per click. But of course, this all depends on what industry you’re in and your campaign goals.  

Putting your business in front of your ideal customers through paid social advertising can boost awareness and build familiarity.  

It doesn’t matter if users convert right away or not when they see your ad. What matters is putting your brand at the top of their minds, so that when they’re ready to buy, you’re the first business they can think of.  

As an established Fort Lauderdale SEO company, we want to remind you to always optimize your ads for SEO by using the right keywords in your copy and other best practices.  

8. Always Run Remarketing Campaigns

Did you know that it takes an average of six to eight touches before getting a prospect to convert?  

It’s not enough that a potential customer only comes across your ads once. You need to find a way to keep showing up wherever they are on the web to drive them back to the site until they convert.  

What better way to do this than by remarketing your ads? Thanks to advancements in technology, you can run campaigns and target users who specifically have interacted with your ads and visited your site but left before converting.  

Remarketing puts your business across the web, which gives the impression that your company is much larger than it really is. Not only will this help increase your brand exposure, but it will also increase your value and help drive more sales to your website.  

9. Try Podcasting

photo of podcasting equipment: microphone and computer

Another way to get your brand out in front of your ideal audience is to start a podcast.  

Podcasting plays a key role in showcasing your knowledge about a particular topic, share your expert opinion, entertain, or help your listeners solve their problems. With the right strategy, you can definitely use this medium to establish yourself as an authority in your niche, grow your brand, and even make yourself a household name.  

What makes it more exciting is that podcasting is on the rise right now, and will even be bigger this 2022 as more people tune in to podcasts every day. Starting a podcast today will allow you to reach new customers and a wider audience.  

You’ll build rapport, establish a connection, and trust with your audience since podcasts feel more personal.  

If you want to get your brand out there and build a community of loyal listeners, then you should certainly include podcasts in your digital marketing strategy next year.  

10. Use Automated Email Marketing

Email marketing is considered to be one of the most effective digital marketing techniques. It has an ROI of $36 for every $1 you spend on email marketing.

Sending highly-personalized, automated emails based on your customers’ or prospects’ interactions with your business is a great way to remind them of your presence.

Whether you’ve got a new product coming in, an upcoming sale, or a new marketing gimmick, let your contact list know about it through email! However, it’s crucial to keep your emails highly relevant and personalized. Before sending out promotional emails in bulk, here’s what you should do:

  • Segment your email contact list
  • Use a user’s browsing data to send that an email featuring the products they were viewing on your site
  • Use triggered emails to send personalized emails to your contact list based on the actions they take
  • Send emails on important anniversaries, birthdays, and other milestones
  • Use a friendly tone in your emails by being less formal and adding a little humor
  • Keep your content relevant and dynamic by adding interactive elements

Automated, personalized emails are timely, relevant, and most of all, align with the needs and behaviors of your customers. It's a simple yet very effective way to create brand awareness.  

Are You Ready to Help Your Business Succeed with These Brand Awareness Tactics?

Doing local partnerships, being active on social media, sending emails, and running paid ads are just some of the many ways you can increase your brand awareness for your business this 2022.

Strategies for brand awareness can help your business succeed by building value for your company, creating the right impressions, reaching new customers, and boosting your sales.

If you need help with creating a strong brand that cultivates brand awareness and brand recall, we got your back!  

Digital Resource is a Fort Lauderdale SEO Company. Our team of digital marketing experts can position your brand uniquely in the minds of your ideal customers and market your business in a way that will further strengthen your competitive position.  

Contact us today for a free consultation!  

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