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‍How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Boost Your Content Marketing

Content Marketing

How to Use to Boost Your Content Marketing

Nothing can replace human creativity and ingenuity, not even AIs, no matter how intelligent they may be.  

But as the digital landscape continues to become more competitive, it can be tough to keep up with the latest trends and best practices.  

Although machines haven’t perfected style, voice, and perspective in creative writing, they can still be a content creator’s friend.  

AI can help take your content marketing to the next level by automating tasks and improving customer experience.  

In this article, the experts from our internet marketing company in Florida will discuss the different ways AI can help you create better content, boost engagement, and increase conversions.  

1. Build Content Briefs

Florida internet marketing company on content creation process

Content asset creation is a collaborative process. To examine why, let’s look at a common content creation process.

An SEO specialist typically identifies keywords to be used in articles that address popular queries, the content marketing manager researches to create a content brief for the writer to use, and a freelance writer then creates the content.  

The sales team may also contribute ideas based on their frontline experience with customers. The SEO specialist and content marketing manager then might incorporate these ideas into the brief for the freelance writer.

With the help of AI, you can consolidate all these data points into one clear summary for your content team to use.  

A content brief is a document that consolidates all the information a content creator needs to be able to create quality content.  

2. Provide Smarter and More Productive Promotion

Promoting your content on social media is time-consuming. But it's essential to maximize the attention on your pieces.  

Experts at our internet marketing company in Florida recommend that you spend 20% of your time crafting content and 80% promoting it.  

Unfortunately, the repetitive tasks of creating diverse copy for your audience, putting together beautiful visuals, and crafting engaging captions can be time-consuming.

Through AI-powered tools, you can become more productive in promoting by automating the process of creating social media copies captions and even crafting multimedia content.  

Here are the different AI-powered tools that will help improve the efficiency of your content promotion process:

  • Text-to-image technology – This allows you to create visual content in the fastest way possible. You can craft multimedia content, diversify your social media posts, and promote on-site content.  
  • Social media copy creation tool – This helps you write more engaging status updates or social media captions. You can also use it to generate a caption for the article you want to promote on your social media pages. It will use your article's title and meta description to determine its focus.  
  • AI-powered video creation – This will automatically come up with a video including animations, headlines, and a template. All you have to do is copy and paste a few paragraphs from your blog and upload your logo.  

3. Proofread Your Content

Proofreading your content.

You don’t want your content to have any misspellings or grammatical errors, which can make you look unprofessional.  

By using AI-powered grammar suggestions, you can ensure that your pieces can convey your message effectively. A well-written piece also guarantees that you appear professional and legit to your audience.  

4. Improve Content Personalization

91% of people are more likely to shop with brands that offer personalized content.  

80% of customers are more likely to buy products and services from brands that provide personalized experiences.  

These statistics prove that personalization is important to consumers.  

With the help of AI, you can better understand your audience’s needs and preferences. As a result, you can deliver more relevant content that they’ll want to engage with.

According to the content marketing experts at our internet marketing company in Florida, creating high-quality content at scale with AI will also be much easier, saving you time and resources.  

It also improves the overall quality of your content marketing campaigns and ensures that the right people see the right content at the right time.  

5. Decrease Customer Churn

Florida internet marketing company will ensure your customers' happiness

Customer churn is one of the biggest problems all businesses face. It happens when a customer decides to stop doing business with you, which can have a major impact on your bottom line.  

AI-powered tools can help decrease customer churn by providing you with the insights you need to keep your customers happy and engaged.  

Another thing you need to remember about customer churn is that it’s predictable. With the help of AI, you can develop customer retention strategies that use content marketing such as the following:

  • Send welcome or orientation series via email, link to guides, and provide answers to questions you know your customers will have.  
  • Offer your customers free and exclusive content to continue educating them about your offerings and the industry.  
  • Present content that will make life easier for your customers, such as hacks, tips, and tutorials.  

6. Generate and Collect Leads

AI can help you attract prospects to your business and increase their interest through lead-nurturing content.  

By creating pieces that allow you to introduce prospects to your company,  

People like to buy from individuals they trust and admire. So building trust and establishing your credibility will drive more leads and sales.  

Lead nurturing content is also a great way to communicate regularly with your audience. It puts your brand at the top of their minds. So, when they need or want your products or services, you're the first person they can think of.  

Lead nurturing also enables you to turn prospects into high-quality leads. A report by Annuitas showed that nurtured leads make purchases that are 47% bigger than non-nurtured leads.  

7. Boost Data Analytics

Data analytics is accurate with AI-powered tools.

AI-powered tools can analyze data from your content and hundreds of other sources. They can reveal trends and patterns that allow you to identify what works and doesn't.  

They can also make predictions about what types of content your target audience would like to see more from you in the future.  

As a result, you can improve your content marketing campaigns and optimize your pieces to drive the best results!  

8. Efficiently Manage Content Marketing Campaigns

AI in campaign management and creation covers the entire process, from the discovery of new audiences and segments of customers to the recommendation of content for campaigns.  

AI can quickly identify which campaign suits each customer based on their unique characteristics and determine the next best action for them. This improves the overall quality of your campaign.

9. Understand Your Competitor’s Strategies

The experts at our internet marketing company in Florida suggest that you use AI for competitive analysis.  

It captures your competitors’ movements and determines which data points are meaningful.  

This can provide you with insights you can use to understand your competitor’s strategies and how well they’re working.

It also provides you with information you can use to make necessary changes in your strategy and make smarter choices that will put you ahead of your competitors.  

You can also use AI to determine content gaps and identify opportunities you can double down on.  

Looking for The Best Internet Marketing Company in Florida?

Are you thinking about partnering with the best internet marketing company in Florida to help you boost your online presence and generate more leads through content marketing?

At Digital Resource,  our content marketing specialists will work with you to create a custom content marketing plan and use AI to generate the best results and put you ahead of your competitors.  

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