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5 Thriving Industries: Bouncing Back Amidst a Global Pandemic


Because of the coronavirus, the corporate landscape in the United States has shifted significantly in the last 24 months, with most businesses either closing, laying off workers, or losing money.

But for several industries, it has been a great year. Small-business owners servicing clients who are stuck at home, shopping online, or looking for outdoor activities have reported record sales.

With many types of companies adapting creatively to coronavirus, it should come as no surprise that some established firms have achieved success in this new landscape.

From businesses that allow people to socially isolate themselves from others to merchants who enable people to eat and drink at home, here are five small business categories that are in high demand during the coronavirus pandemic, according to our digital marketing experts in Miami:

1. Liquor Stores

saleswoman at a liquor store

Because of the closure of many bars across the United States due to COVID-19, sales at local liquor and wine stores have increased significantly. This is because Americans drank more at home during the first few months of the coronavirus outbreak.

According to data from the United States National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), sales of spirits and wine increased in the early months of the pandemic by as much as 20-40% in some states in certain months.

In addition, JD Phelps, store manager at New York City's Vintage Grape Wines & Spirits, told Bloomberg that keeping up with demand in recent weeks has been challenging due to consumers wanting to stock up at home.

Too much business is a great problem to have!

With the current COVID-19 situation fluctuating, opening your own liquor store might be good. When combined with digital marketing strategies such as local SEO, your business will undoubtedly thrive.

2. Meal Prep Delivery Services

sample meal prep

Even though the coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the way businesses operate, the work of food entrepreneurs remains as necessary and as tricky as ever.

Because more people are staying at home and there is a high demand for healthy food options, there is a greater interest in using meal prep delivery services.

During this challenging time, the meal plan services industry has been working hard to provide healthy food options to customers and communities.

Eat Clean Bro, a meal prep and delivery service based in New Jersey, has increased orders from new and returning customers.

"We're swamped this time of year, so we're prepared to handle an influx of orders," owner and founder Jamie Giovinazzo told NJ.com. "Our orders have increased by 40%," she added.

So, if you operate in the food industry, offering meal prep delivery services could be an excellent way to boost your sales.

3. Skincare Industry

woman applying moisturizer

Before the lockdown, skincare products were not at the top of consumers' shopping lists. But that didn't take long to change.

With more time on their hands, people began to focus on self-care. The ultimate Saturday night treat became lying in a bubble bath with a clay facemask. Face masks, serums, and moisturizing creams are all popular!

One of the reasons is "maskne," a neologism that is now common in beauty circles. The words "buttne" and "backne" should give you an idea of what maskne is: acne that appears around the area where a mask is worn.

"Maskne is a real thing," says Dr. Carlos Charles of New York City, though it's not a new concept.

He attributes maskne to a condition known as acne mechanica, which causes inflammation and irritation due to physical friction.

Furthermore, skincare gadgets are also having a moment. These products below have seen triple-digit sales increases since the pandemic began:

  • GloPro - a $199 microneedle tool that punctures tiny holes in the skin to stimulate collagen production and increase product absorption.
  • NuFace - a $325 device that runs an electric current through the facial muscles to provide lift and toning.

The category, which had been losing ground in sales in 2019, increased by 8% in the first half of 2020. This trend is likely to continue even more. So, if you operate in the skincare industry, get creative and promote your products more online!

4. Gardening Suppliers and Landscaping Companies

gardener planting seedlings

With so many people staying at home and the weather warming up in the United States, home gardening is gaining attraction. People are producing their own fruits, veggies, and plants because:

  • Going to the grocery store can be intimidating for some people
  • Availability at shops is limited
  • There is just more time to experiment with being a green thumb.

Gardening businesses, particularly seed companies, are naturally thriving.

Nurseries and seed companies reported record levels of demand for their supplies last year. So far, this year has been no exception.

"The closest before COVID struck was during Y2K, and Y2K was a blip compared to this," says Nikos Kavanya, a Fedco Seeds purchaser stationed in Maine.

Since the pandemic began, they have frequently reached their daily order limit in less than 10 minutes.

"It reminds me of the gold rush. You know when everyone is lined up at the starting line... and the gun goes off and [boom!]," she continued.

On the other hand, according to a nationwide survey conducted by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), the landscaping industry has been largely unaffected by the pandemic and is busier than ever.

NALP also claims that revenues exceed pre-COVID expectations in 60% of landscaping companies, and more than 300,000 landscaping jobs are unfilled.

So, if you're planning a fall landscaping job or seeking to engage a team for ongoing care, you'd better act swiftly.

Do you want to market your landscaping company? SEO for landscaping companies might be the most effective digital marketing strategy for you!

5. Online Shops for Personalized Gifts

sample care package

Before the pandemic, purchasing gifts online was not always the most popular option. People appreciated the idea of going to the store, exploring the shelves, and selecting a unique gift for their friends.

Not anymore.

People are now going online to buy gifts for their loved ones. They aren't just buying for particular events. A global pandemic is reason enough to treat your loved ones.

The pandemic has resulted in a significant increase in sales for internet gifting companies. In 2020, the market for personalized gifts was estimated to be worth $30.47 billion.

"Orders shot up from around 15 to 20 per day to about 200," says Ashley Houck, founder of Gift Box Love Co., an Iowa-based personalized gifts provider.
"It got to the point where we were running all the time just getting orders out," she explained. "I had my mother come in. My mother-in-law walks in. My brother. "We were all just packaging orders to keep up," she added.

Want Your Business To Also Thrive Amidst The Global Pandemic?

Now is the time to think long-term for brands thriving in lockdown. At the moment, meeting acquisition targets isn't a problem, but maintaining growth after unexpected lockdowns may be.

Restrictions will eventually be taken down. This will inevitably have an effect on the acquisition of new customers. However, brands should prioritize their customers instead of focusing on short-term strategies such as discounting.

At Digital Resource, our experts in digital marketing in Miami believe that you can cultivate valuable customer advocacy by meaningfully engaging with them through responsive customer service and highly targeted content.

These customers will not only spend more but will also refer to friends as new customers, resulting in an entire growth cycle.

What will happen in the coming months or even years is unknown. But one thing is sure: the key to long-term business success is your customers.

Contact us today so you can learn how we can help your business grow.

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