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3 Effective Ways to Promote Your Business Post-Pandemic

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Business experts say that the changes brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak are here to stay, and will continue to alter consumer behavior even long after the pandemic is over.  

We guess it’s true because even now as restrictions have been eased, people are still shopping online frequently. Not only that, but consumers are placing a greater emphasis on trust and reliability when it comes to choosing who they want to do business with more than they care about pricing.  

As a digital marketing agency in Miami, we believe that these lasting changes are a signal for businesses to also change their approach in terms of promoting their products or services to cater to new customer behaviors, spending, and attitude.  

For your business to thrive in the post-pandemic era, you should take into account how important connection is for modern consumers. In other words, you want to invest more in strengthening your bond with your customers.  

With this in mind, we are going to share with you tips on how you can effectively promote your business to modern consumers post-pandemic.  

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What Are the 3 Effective Ways to Promote Your Business Post-Pandemic?

Focus on Your Existing Customers

If you’re having a hard time marketing your business to new customers, don’t be discouraged. Shift your focus to your existing customers instead.  


Did you know that the probability of success when selling to existing customers is between 60% to 70%, but only 5% to 20% for new customers?

This means that you have a better chance of closing more sales and making more money with your current customers than you do with new ones.  

But in this post-pandemic age, you can’t do things when your goal is to only improve your bottom line.  

Like we said earlier, modern consumers value trust, reliability, and connection. So, to build a stronger relationship with your existing customers, you want to put them at the center of your business.  

Focus on their new needs and wants and try to create an experience that aims to satisfy those expectations.  

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Find out what their needs and wants are
  • Reach out to your customer base by sending them an email or text.  
  • Ask them how they’re doing and send an exclusive discount they can use the next time they purchase. Sympathize with them and let them know that you feel the aftermath of the pandemic too.  
  • Speak to your customers during or after their purchase, or when they have a complaint.  Reach out to them again and ask them how you can better improve your service or products to cater to their needs. You can do this via email or by talking to them directly on the phone.  
  • Send them a thank you email for their feedback. You can even attach a promo code if you want to go the extra mile.  

  1. Tailor your offerings, products, or services after finding out what your customers want or need. Later on, you might want to invest in a program that allows you to predict changes in consumer behavior and habits using AI. This will make the process easier, allowing you to provide your customers what they want before they even ask for it.  

  1. Communicate and engage with your customers regularly to keep your business at the top of their minds.  

  1. Create a sense of community where your customers feel heard and seen by you. You can do this by making a Facebook page that encourages members to share their personal experiences, tips, and concerns with your products or services.  For example, if you own a hardware store in Miami, you can create a Facebook page inviting all homeowners in your area who are into DIY projects, repairs, and renovations to share their home projects during the pandemic. This has the potential to encourage others to do the same projects. Be sure to get involved in the conversations by making an expert recommendation and subtly plugging your business.  

Shift Everything Online

The outbreak has accelerated trends that were unfolding at a rather slower pace before the crisis, such as digitalization and automation.  


Now that almost everything happens online, you must also shift your business online, especially your marketing activities.  

This allows you to focus on strengthening your online presence, which is key in attracting more customers to your business.  

There are numerous ways to promote your small business online and boost your online presence, such as the following:

  • Create an SEO strategy  
  • Blogging  
  • Using native ads
  • Going live on Facebook
  • Sharing branded stories on Instagram
  • Working with local influencers in your area
  • Using drip email

….. and the list goes on.  

However, no matter how much you post about your business on Facebook or pay to promote your business on Google, all your efforts will still go to waste if you don’t have the proper tools to help you cultivate the leads you generate from these platforms.  

With the right tools, your business can become more effective at turning leads into customers, and faster.  

Using a CRM platform, like Salesforce, you can better manage your relationship with your customers.  

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It’s a software you can use to store information about your customers, like their names and contact information. You can also track their different activities or interaction with your company, such as website visits, calls, emails, etc.  

A CRM system can create an actionable sales pipeline for you and monitor your post-sales support and client interactions.  

Aside from CRM, below are other essential SaaS tools that can help shift your business online.

Essential SaaS tools every small business needs:

  • Freshbooks: an accounting software that allows you to easily keep track of due dates, follow up late payments, planning, budgeting, and whatnot
  • Wrike: a collaboration software you and your team can use to work together on projects or activities even if you’re not physically together
  • BambooHR: an HR software that helps you manage your payroll, check attendance, and track time
  • Sisense: a business intelligence software for generating quality insights about your business’s performance.  
  • Wix: a platform to build your website even without any knowledge about coding
  • Hubspot Sales: a sales software designed to process sales data, evaluate performance, manage inventory, and keep track of metrics.  
  • factoHR: a cloud-based HCM Solution that helps you to manage your payroll, HR, leave management, track employee time & attendance, etc,.

The more processes you can bring online, the more efficient your business becomes - not just in terms of nurturing leads and turning them into customers, but also in providing them value and helping your business grow post-pandemic.  

Create Personalized Deals and Offers

After focusing on your customers and shifting your business online, you’re now ready to attract new customers.  


And, what better way to do this than to offer deals and offers they just can’t resist?

But, first things first, how would you be able to know what kind of deals and offers make your target audience weak on their knees?

Get to know your target audience, of course! Here are five tools you can use to learn more about them:

  • Social media analytics: Find out the demographic information of the people you’re reaching, those who like your page, and those who engage with your posts.  
  • Website analytics: Discover who visits your site, how they navigate through it, their interests, and what they like or even buy.  
  • CRM platform: This allows you to see your customer’s wish list, abandoned shopping carts, and loyalty program data you can use to create deals and offers.  
  • Surveys: Asking your potential and existing customers directly what they want is a surefire way to find out what it is that they truly want.
  • Look-alike tools: Advertising platforms offer a “look-alike” feature you can use to find audiences similar to who you are targeting.  

Now that you know what your target audience likes, it’s time to craft deals and offers they can’t resist!

How to create deals and offers your audience will love?

  1. Focus on benefits when creating an ad copy. For example, if you own a dental clinic in Miami, you don’t want to discuss the technicalities of teeth whitening. Instead, you want to tell people how whiter teeth can make them look younger and more attractive.
  1. Address any risk your target audience might perceive by offering a guarantee period.
  1. Leverage testimonials to establish trust and credibility.

As a digital marketing agency in Miami, we suggest you use personalization, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to create deals and offers your target audience can’t resist.  

An existing product in the market you can use is a product recommendation engine, which is an automated system that serves relevant product information or suggestion to users to drive them to take action. These recommendations can appear in front of a user at any stage of the shopping journey.  

However, rather than just making a plain recommendation, you can use this system to serve your audience limited-time offers and deals about the products and similar products they’re interested in.  

It takes an average of 6 to 8 touches before you can convert a new prospect. This is why retargeting and serving product recommendations make so much sense.  

Now, wouldn’t someone feel like it’s the universe telling them to finally check out those shoes they’ve been dying to buy if they kept seeing it as they scroll through social media and getting notified that it’s on sale through push notification?

They definitely won’t be able to resist such an offer!  

Are You Looking for a Digital Marketing Company in Miami?

Focusing on your existing customers, moving your business online, and crafting highly personalized and irresistible deals and offers are the keys to effectively promoting your business to modern consumers in this post-pandemic era.  

All of these contribute to creating a more positive experience that they can associate with your business alone.  

Digital Resource is a top digital marketing company in Miami.  

We can help you handle the marketing side of your business so you can focus on running your company to success. We can help you meet goals and find ways to increase your sales and ultimately grow your business. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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