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How to Differentiate Your Franchise Business from Competitors

Brand Development

During the pandemic, 75% of Americans have changed their shopping behavior and switched to new brands.  The reason behind this shift in consumer behavior? Wide range of uncertainties caused by the pandemic.  

Studies show that the top three reasons people were buying from a new brand are because of value, availability, and convenience. 52% of modern consumers also consider shared values important when choosing which businesses to support.  

As a result, many brands and businesses transitioned online.

Today, you can see endless companies offering a myriad of options to customers on the web. Now that things are going back to normal, more and more businesses are opening by the day- both online and offline. With so much competition in the marketplace, differentiation is a significant key to the success of your franchise.  

The days of sub-par West Palm Beach web design and poor communications are over. To keep customers loyal and coming back for more, it's not enough to just compete on price or product features.  

You need to take things to the next level by exceeding your customers' expectations.  

So, what exactly does it take for your franchise business to stand out from the crowd?

4 Ways To Differentiate Your Franchise Business from Competitors

1. Be Authentic By Showing What You’re Passionate About through Storytelling

Writer telling a story through West Palm Beach Web Design.

The best way to stand out today is by being passionate and authentic. Tell people what your franchise is all about and the bigger picture you’re trying to achieve.  

You can show this through your brand story. It’s one of your most important assets when it comes to differentiation. It’s how you can effectively reach out and connect with your target audience.  

As a franchise business, there was a reason why you built your business. Maybe you’re passionate about the products or services you’re offering.

Tell your story and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. It’s how you can capture and build strong connections with your audience.  

Do you have a brand story? If you don’t go back to why you started your franchise business and create a story that is uniquely your own. Share your humble beginnings and how your visions came to life.  

You can also feature the men and women handcrafting your products, the stay-at-home moms keeping your business running, or your handicapped employees giving their best.  

Then, focus your marketing efforts on your story. The story behind your products and services is what’s going to convert the customers.  

Some key points to keep in mind when differentiating yourself through your brand story include:

  • Create a unique brand identity and personality.  
  • Conduct internal workshops with your employees to help them hone in on your brand identity.  
  • Conduct competitive research to understand where your competitors sit within the market landscape. It will also help you better define what sets your franchise apart.  
  • Find ways to engage with your audience in ways that feel authentic.  
  • Let your business’ personality through and have a strong opinion on issues.  
  • Find out what your franchise can offer that will stand out.  
  • Talk about your sustainable business practices. Nearly half of customers choose to buy from brands that are committed to sustainability.  
  • Shared values are becoming increasingly crucial in helping consumers make purchase decisions.  
  • Think about your brand equity and what makes you different. If it’s sustainability, make it loud and clear in all your communication, especially in your West Palm Beach web design.  

2. Optimize Your Customer Experience Throughout The Customer Journey

Think about how your franchise business is engaging with its customers throughout the customer journey.  

Are you engaging customers in a way that aligns with your purpose and goals?

It’s important to highlight unique differentiators at every touchpoint. You also want to create a consistent and seamless end-to-end customer experience across all online and offline channels.  

Does your franchise business have a website? If you don’t have a website yet, now is the best time to create one and optimize your West Palm Beach web design for SEO.  

Everything starts with a search. If people can’t find you online, you don’t exist or they’ll doubt your legitimacy.  

Your West Palm Beach web design also plays a crucial role in the customer journey.  

It provides people with the information they need and helps you make a good impression to convince customers to trust and buy from you.  

Here are some best practices for optimizing your customer experience throughout the customer journey.  

  • Find new and creative ways to engage with your customers at every stage of the customer journey.  
  • Make the most out of your post-purchase journey. There’s an opportunity to create a unique experience during unboxing that will touch customers and make them remember you. Give free samples, coupons, or hand-written notes that will encourage them to buy again in the future.  
  • Differentiate your franchise by providing an excellent experience beyond completing a transaction.
  • Make it easy for them to access customer service.  
  • Provide post-purchase content, like onboarding materials, and video tutorials, and create a. Dedicated FAQ page on your site.  
  • Offer easy returns.  

3. Strike a Balance Between Creating a Smooth Physical and Digital Experience

Young woman buys online picks up in store.

As more people buy online, it’s important to focus on creating a smooth digital experience for your franchise brand. But don’t ignore your physical stores.

You want to showcase your products and services in the best way possible both online and offline.  

You want your franchise brand to show up when a potential customer searches for your products and services online by optimizing your site for SEO.  

You also want to have a simple and intuitive web design navigation in West Palm Beach.  

But to truly stand out, you need to go beyond the basics. You need to create a user experience that wows and impresses web visitors.  

For example, designing a custom quiz to help your customers identify what types of products or services are most suitable for them.  

You can also use smart filtering to help users find items quickly and make product comparisons easier.  

You can also use augmented or virtual reality in your physical stalls to help showcase your products in a more immersive and engaging way.  

You can use this to help customers envision themselves using your brand. Many businesses are also using AI assistants to help customers discover and explore the products they need.  

These kinds of experiences stick with customers, and it’s going to motivate them to come back and make them want to tell their friends and family to give your products and services a try.  

4. Optimize for Mobile

Modern consumers shop on mobile devices. They also research, browse, and pay through mobile. Almost everything can be done on mobile! In fact, in 2021, mobile transactions made up about 73% of all eCommerce sales worldwide.  

This is why it’s important to optimize your franchise brand for mobile.  

What does this mean?

Build a mobile-first store by optimizing your franchise's web design in West Palm Beach for mobile, accepting mobile payments, using AR to let customers virtually try on your products and services, accepting online orders, creating a dedicated app, and many more.  

Once you’ve optimized your franchise business for mobile, it doesn’t stop there, you have to continuously improve your mobile-first business to deliver the best possible experiences to your customers.

Here are some key points to remember when optimizing your business for mobile:

  • Do regular audits across four key aspects: third-party apps, dynamic loading, mobile cart experience, and removal of extraneous code.  
  • Conduct extensive user testing to find out pain points in your mobile website, app, mobile payments, and filters. This will help you determine how to better address the needs and wants of your target customers.  
  • Keep your West Palm Beach web design speed fast. Speeding up your site by one second can boost your conversion rates by 7%.  

5. Personalize Your Approach

Happy customers giving positive feedback.

If you want to appeal to your intended audience, don't offer a one-size-fits-all solution or approach to marketing your offerings.  

To make an impact, tailor your selection of products, services, and communication according to the needs and wants of your target customers. This is how you’re going to win them over.  

Think about giving your customers the freedom to have control over their experience with you.  

Your franchise business also makes it easier to talk directly to your intended audience and be personal.  

When you provide expert opinions and help them achieve what they want to achieve, customers are more likely to trust you and stay loyal. This also adds a human element to your interactions.  

The more your customers feel special, the more likely a customer is going to engage with you. So, show your customers you care by personalizing your approach in providing a solution and marketing.  

Take Your Franchise Business to The Next Level!

If you want to take your franchise business to the next level, start by optimizing your West Palm Beach web design for SEO.  

You want to make sure it appears first when users nearby search for your products or service. You also want to make sure it makes a good lasting impression and loads fast.  

This is just the first step to standing out and making your franchise brand thrive. Want to know what to do next to guarantee success? Contact us today for a free consultation!

At Digital Resource, our digital marketing specialists will work with you to create a custom marketing plan that will help your franchise business achieve marketing and business success.  

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