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Easiest Way to Write an Awesome Blog Post this Year


If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to drive traffic to your site and help your small business attract more prospective customers from Miami, then you’re in for a surprise!

In this article, this Miami SEO agency is going to share with you how you can achieve exactly what you want through blogging - and it only requires five easy steps.  

But before we go into that, let’s first discuss why blogging is so important for small businesses.  

Why Is Blogging Important for Small Businesses?

  • 84% of businesses have a content marketing strategy.
  • It is estimated that companies that consistently blog generate 67% more leads per month than those who don’t.
  • 61% of US consumers said they purchased after reading a blog post.

In today’s competitive landscape, it’s becoming increasingly important for small businesses to build a strong online presence to remain competitive; and an important component to that is blogging.  

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to engage and communicate with your target audience, as it provides them relevant and useful content.  

Here are some of the benefits you can get by consistently blogging high-quality, relevant content:

Helps Boost Your SEO

Search engines always look for fresh, valuable content to serve to searchers.  

By blogging regularly, you provide search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines a reason to always crawl your pages and index new content.  

It’s also an opportunity to insert keywords to boost your visibility, get backlinks from other websites and build your authority, and drive organic traffic to your website.  

Generate More Leads

A boost in your Miami SEO means better visibility. The more visible you are, the better your chances are of attracting users who are interested in what you have to offer.  

Now, attraction isn’t enough to convert a visitor into a paying customer. So, you also want to use blogging to convince these people that you’re the real deal. By expressing your opinions and your analysis with regards to a certain topic and then back it up with evidence and statistics, you can show them your knowledge and expertise.  

You can even use this opportunity to ask for their email or other contact information in exchange for exclusive eBooks, whitepaper, or you can have them subscribe to your newsletter.

Position Yourself as an Authority in Your Industry

By providing expert information in your blog posts, no matter how small your business is, you can establish your authority within your industry and build trust among your potential and existing customers.  

When you provide valuable content to your audience, which they can’t find anywhere else, they’ll keep coming back for more. You’ll be their go-to resource for the kind of content they want, which can drive your conversion rates up.  

Cultivates Relationships with Potential and Existing Customers

Blogging shows a different side of your business - something your audience can’t see from looking at your ads alone.  

By sharing your insights and sentiments, responding to comments and feedback on your blog post, you get to humanize your business and show your audience who you are and what you believe in.  

This is really great because most consumers today look for brands they can resonate with. When your audience can relate to you, they’re more likely to connect with you. And, we all know how important emotions are when it comes to influencing purchase decisions!

Allows You to Help Your Audience

More than getting more leads and making bigger sales, the most rewarding part about blogging is that you get to help people by providing them informational and entertaining content..  

Sharing tips and tricks, product hacks, debunking myths, product recommendations, and subtly inserting your products or services are great ways to promote your products or services while helping your target audience solve their problem or fulfill a need.  

Allows Your Audience to Share

According to a study by New York Times, 49% of respondents say that one of the main reasons why they share posts on social media is because they believe it can be helpful to others.  

This is good news for you because social shares not only increase your brand awareness, but it can also provide you the opportunity to go viral and reach new audiences.

Characteristics of Highly Influential Blogs That Convert

  • Consistent: People wouldn’t think you have anything to offer if your last blog post was from two years ago. Take the time to update your old blog posts and write new ones at least once a week.  
  • Unique: Users don’t want to read the same thing over and over again. Give them something new by looking at popular or old topics from a new angle and giving them a fresh take.  
  • Well-written: Nobody wants to read a blog that doesn’t make sense or has so many grammatical errors. Always remember to proofread, edit, and review your blog before posting.
  • Specific: Your blog should revolve around your products or services, as well as topics that are related to them. Choose a niche related to your business and focus on that. This is the best way to build authority within your industry.  
  • Personal: Highly influential blogs are personal. People read them not only because they can relate to the writer, but also because they’re educational and amusing. This is your chance to connect with your audience. So, make sure you use the right tone and share your personal stories and experiences.  
  • Analytical: People always look for proof that what you’re saying is true. So, provide your audience with data and statistics in your blogs.
  • Thought-provoking: Posts that leave their readers thinking long after they’ve been read are very impactful and unforgettable. Tickle the intellect of your readers with some thought-provoking blog posts.  
  • Instructional: Teach your readers something new by writing instructional blog posts. Instructional posts are highly shareable, especially if they’re valuable and highly useful.  
  • Passionate: If you’re enthusiastic and passionate about the topic you’re writing about, people can tell. So, choose a topic that interests you.

Steps to Writing an Awesome Blog This 2021

Disclaimer: Just like any other skill or talent, writing takes time to master. If this is your first attempt to write a blog, it may take a few tries before you finally get the hang of it.  

Don’t feel discouraged though. Just continue blogging and ask for help if necessary.  

Without any more delays, here are five easy steps to writing an awesome blog this 2021:

Step1: Plan Your Blog Posts

Planning is crucial when you want to start a blog and when you’re writing a blog post. It prepares you for the work ahead, allowing you to save time further down the road.  

Here’s how you should plan:

  1. Plot your calendar to identify what days you’ll be writing, editing, and publishing.
  1. Choose a theme for each month and research topics you want to discuss in detail. When choosing a topic, you want to pick something that fascinates you. If you’re forced to write about something that’s not your cup of tea, it will reflect in your writing.  
  2. Write an outline for your blog post to make sure you stay on track and to serve as a guide when you’re doing research. An outline doesn’t have to be detailed or lengthy. Just make sure it contains the all points you want to discuss in your post.  
  3. Do your research to widen your knowledge and gain insights from other authoritative blogs in your industry. This way, you can write well-rounded, and even better blogs for your reader with more valuable information.  
  4. Do keyword research so you have an idea of what your target audience is looking for online. You can also use this to dictate the themes and topics you should discuss.
  5. Check your facts because if you don’t, you might be spreading misinformation to your readers. The wrong information can be dangerous and deadly, so always check your facts.  

Step 2: Get Writing

Once you’re done planning, it’s time to get started.  


1. Choose an interesting headline for your topics. A good headline can capture your audience’s attention and boost your post’s click-through rate.  

Here are some best practices when it comes to writing great headlines:

  • Use numbers, digits, and lists.
  • Don’t be vague. Clearly articulate what you’ll be discussing in the post. For example, instead of using the headline “Bake a Lemon Cake”, something more detailed like “5 Easy Steps to Baking a Yummy Lemon Cake for Your Family”.
  • Use strong adjectives such as best, top, or most, in your topics because people often use them when inquiring.  
  • Use intriguing headlines like “The Truth about Cake Mixes: What They’re Not Telling You” to get people to read your post.
  • Include “how-to” in your headlines when you’re discussing an educational article.  
  • Limit your headline to 70 characters.

2. Include statistics and data into your blog post

3. Include images, GIFs, infographics, or even videos to motivate people to finish reading your post

Start 3: Don’t Forget to Edit

One thing you should keep in mind is to avoid editing as you write. It’s time-consuming and it distracts you from finishing your post.  

What you should do is write freely and then take an hour break once you’re done writing. Then, come back and look at your output with fresh eyes. It’ll be much easier to see mistakes, like grammatical errors, spelling, and whatnot.  

You can use tools like Hemingwayapp or Grammarly to help you check your work.  

Step 4: Optimize Your Blog Post

After you’re done writing, it’s time to optimize your blog post for SEO. This is critical because it helps boost the visibility of your post. The more people see it, the higher are its chances of turning visitors into leads and leads into customers.

Here are proven and tested tips on how to optimize your blog for SEO:

  • Integrate your keyword into your blog post
  • Optimize your title
  • Link to at least two authoritative sites in your industry
  • Write your blog in an easy-to-read manner
  • Check your content and make sure readers can easily understand what you’re trying to say
  • Monitor your blogging metrics to see the performance of your blogs

Step 5: Make a Snappy Conclusion

Did you know that many users check out the conclusion of a blog first before deciding if it’s worth reading or not?  


This is why you shouldn’t neglect your summary.  

Below are some best practices when writing your conclusions:

  • Summarize the main points in your conclusion  
  • Restate the purpose of your blog  
  • Explain how your blog addressed the problem  
  • Write a call-to-action

Bonus Tip:

We are so excited to share this bonus tip with you because we believe it’s a key ingredient in making an awesome blog for modern consumers. It’s pretty much what gets them to click on your posts, connect with you, and drive them to take action.  

When writing your blogs, you want to address the primary needs of your target audience. Now, what is the primary need of modern consumers?

You might think that it’s to gain information, but that’s actually not it.

According to a study by Thales S. Teixeira, information is no longer a primary need of modern consumers.  

Rather, if you want to gain the attention of your target audience and drive them to take action, you need to appeal to them not through information but through emotional connection.  

Are You Looking for a Miami SEO Company?

Blogging is one of the best ways you can attract and gain customers.  

Use the tips we’ve shared with you above to create awesome blogs this 2021 and grow your online reputation! Don’t forget to apply the bonus tip to make a lasting impression and develop a deeper connection with your target audience!

Digital Resource is a one-stop-shop Miami SEO company! We can help create fantastic blog posts for your website and optimize them for the best results! Contact us today to know how we can help you!

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