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Why Team Building is Necessary for Business Success

Business Development

As a business owner, you cannot stand alone. This is why it’s so important to ensure you have strong hiring practices, but your talent cultivation should go beyond finding the right people.

If you already have the dream team, the next step is to bring them together to improve their performance and deliverables. Your business becomes more effective and efficient when your people are in sync with one another. 

This means that, while work is a priority, you should also consider "play". Team-building activities are one of the best ways to incorporate play into your work culture.

Today, our digital marketing agency in Miami will take a deeper look at team building and explain why it’s necessary for your company’s success.

What Is Team Building?

Team building promotes coordination among colleagues, allowing them to deepen their relationships with one another. This helps them better understand and align with each other during their day-to-day work.

A 2022 article from TeamStage reported that 97 percent of employees say lack of team alignment affects task or project performance. 

5 Reasons Why Team Building is Necessary

1. Builds Trust

trust concept; switching it from low to high

When your employees trust each other, they’re better able to convey what’s needed to get work done.

Other than that, when people know that they can trust their co-workers, they will not feel alone or frustrated because they can trust that people in the team are reliable. 

When trust is highly valued and visible in the company, people communicate better and take responsibility. They take responsibility and do their job better because they know that people believe in their ability to get the job done correctly. 

A 2020 article from Business Wire states that 64% of employees believe that trust impacts their sense of belongingness. It might take a long time to build trust among employees, but the result will be worth it. 

Remember that the amount of trust among your employees speaks volumes about your company values. 

2. Improves Communication

Observe your business. Do people even know each other? Is communication fostered?

It is no secret that communication is a necessity in the workplace. Without communication, some people might feel unheard and unappreciated. Your employees might consider leaving the company if they are not satisfied with the communication strategies employed.

Statistics from GoRemotely in 2020 showed that ineffective communication causes stress to 80% of employees. In a situation like this, business owners should consider organizing team-building activities. According to Bit (2021), 4.5 times higher talent retention is generated when there is effective communication. 

3. Boosts Productivity

Happy and healthy employees are the foundation of a successful firm, in no small part because these emotions can dictate how productive an employee is.

If a workplace is filled with productive employees, they’re much more likely to deliver quality work within a reasonable timeframe. On the other hand, declining productivity will have a negative impact on your business, as employees no longer feel compelled to do the best work possible.

When employees’ workdays start feeling too similar, you might need to offer them a change of scenery. This scenery must be away from their desk or computer. Further, if you have new hires in the company, organizing a team-building activity will make them feel at home. 

Do you have new hires? Check out this post if you want some tips on How to Prepare New Hires for Their First Day of Work. 

4. Fosters Collaboration

employees discussing, collaborating

Because of the pandemic, collaboration has become a challenge. Zippia reports that time spent on employee collaboration during the pandemic dropped by 37%. 

To ease the problem, many companies have begun trying virtual team-building activities. While many people prefer meeting in-person, virtual team building can also improve coordination between colleagues.

Frost & Sullivan says teamwork and cooperation raise sales by 27% and customer satisfaction by 41%. The study found that collaboration increases product quality by 34% and product development by 30%.

One of the guaranteed effects of team building is improved working relationships. Because employees learn to work together to achieve corporate goals, this approach enhances work performance.

5. Enhances Employee Engagement

engaged, happy employees

According to Gallup, 15% of US employees were actively disengaged in June 2021, up 14% in 2020. Consequently, these people leave their jobs and look for a workplace where they can actively engage and maximize their potential. 

Highly engaged employees produce top performance and outputs. This is one of the reasons why team building activities can revamp the lost motivation caused by stress and monotony in the workplace: it engages employees, encouraging them to see their team in a new light.

Employees who are engaged care about their team's success. They are dedicated to their company's objective and show up every day ready to help achieve it.

Tips for Organizing Team Building Activities

The aim of the team-building activities should be made clear to the employees at the start of the training. To ensure an excellent team-building exercise, here are some tips:

  1. Do not schedule it on weekends/outside work hours. Pick a workday to hold the team-building activity. Scheduling team-building activities outside work hours might further frustrate your employees rather than motivate them. 
  1. Assign employees into different teams before the activity. Team building is about strengthening relationships. Try to assign them to different groups despite their departments. This way, they will get to know each other and build connections more easily. When people from various departments are acquainted, transactions flow smoothly. 
  1. Ensure inclusivity in activities. Your activities must allow maximum participation of your employees regardless of age and gender. Strike a balance that will narrow the gaps between them. 

Invest in Employer Branding

As a leader in your company, you have the power to steer your employees in the right direction to help you increase ROI, sales, profit, and leads. Your team is one of your business' tickets to success. 

Caring for your employees is beneficial for everyone. A high employee turnover is not suitable for your business.

At Digital Resource, our team of experts at digital marketing in Miami can help you achieve good employer branding and provide employee retention strategies that work. 

Contact us today if you need assistance marketing your company to your future employees.

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