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Web.com Review | Why You Should NOT Use Web.com

Website Design

Website design is essential to an internet marketing strategy nowadays. From the backend to the frontend, there are several components that need to be taken into consideration. That is why it’s essential to have a web developer who is knowledgeable and can dedicate time to your project. And Web.com is not the place to go. While they market themselves as a resource for small businesses, offering “powerful” web solutions, this is NOT the case.  Keep reading for the ultimate Web.com review and to learn about five reasons why you should choose a reputable web design agency over Web.com

Problem #1: Communication Isn’t Clear

When it comes to web development, communication is key. However, Web.com makes it nearly impossible to get answers and information, according to lengthy reviews from past customers. This not only makes it hard to build a site that properly reflects your business but hinders its maintenance.

Problem #2: Unexpected Charges Occur

Web.com advertises extremely low rates. In fact, they say you can start building a SEO-friendly site for as low as $2. However, monthly billing quickly jumps up to $40, according to past experiences. Additionally, necessary changes to your site may incur more charges or outlandish prices. That is why it is essential to price compare with other companies.

Problem #3: Limited Customer Functionality

Upon hiring a web developer, ongoing maintenance is a common part of the package. However, business owners should have easy access to particular information. Web.com makes it difficult to access information regarding your server (where your website lives) and MX records (which are used to set up Gmail accounts.) Plus, past customers note that installing content management systems, like WordPress, oftentimes need to be done manually, with no guarantee of success.

Problem #4: Unprofessional Results

An experienced web developer knows the small elements and details that can make or break a website. While you have the option to build your own site using their tools, past customers who utilized Web.com’s on-staff developers reported unprofessional results.

Problem #5: Next to Impossible to Cancel

Upon further research and as a company develops, it is not uncommon to want to switch hosting. However, reviews document Web.com’s difficult customer service. Where most hosting companies let you cancel a subscription online, Web.com requires a call that oftentimes is unfruitful.

Convinced You Need a Better Developer After This Web.com Review?

Your business’s website is too valuable to take shortcuts. And, a proper web team can avoid all of the issues this Web.com review addresses. At Digital Resource, we dedicate our time and expertise to developing SEO-friendly and lead-generating websites. Together, we collaborate with clients until we reach a successful conclusion. So, if you are looking for a results-driven process and professional web design, contact us today to learn more about our services.

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