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How Will Marketing Evolve in 2022: Top Trends to Watch

Content Marketing

In 2020, no one could have predicted how the pandemic would change business landscapes and the face of marketing. But, we saw just how fast both industries can evolve.  

At the height of the pandemic, marketers embraced digital transformation and focused more on online platforms as businesses switched from in-person to online sales.

This year, as things started to go back to normal and as more businesses reopened, some companies experienced a decline in web traffic and online conversions they recently relied on.  

So, marketers are now adopting a hybrid approach towards marketing to make sure they can cater to customers across all touchpoints.  

The marketing world is indeed fast-paced, and keeping up with changes at the speed of light isn’t always easy.  However, it’s crucial to remain on top of trends and be in the loop with the latest developments in your niche if you want to stay competitive.  

Although nobody can say with certainty what lies ahead in the world of marketing next year, industry experts can offer helpful predictions and insights into what business owners and marketers can expect in 2022.  

As your go-to internet marketing company in Miami, we are going to share with you the top trends you need to consider as you build a competitive marketing strategy for your business this 2022.  

Without any more delays, let’s get started!

Trends That Will Shape Marketing in 2022

1. Hybrid Experience

group of professionals gathered in a business event

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, all events were put to a stop and were held virtually instead.  

But, now that vaccines are readily available and social distancing protocols have been lifted, many event marketers are looking to host in-person events again once it’s safe to do so.  

Does this mean that virtual events will stop now that things are starting to get back to normal?

This Internet marketing company in Miami doesn’t think so. In fact, marketers believe it’s here to stay.  

In 2022, marketers predict that 36% of events will be in-person, while 40% will remain virtual, and the rest of the 24% will be hybrid events.  

One of the key benefits of hosting an online event is that it’s easier to scale. You’re not limited by your venue, so you can easily accommodate more attendees. Aside from this, virtual events also make it easier to deliver a world-class conference. You can secure guest speakers and industry experts across the globe without paying for their tickets and accommodation.  

Another reason why we believe that virtual events aren't going anywhere is that they tend to have a longer shelf-life compared to in-person events. Many organizations are repurposing the content of their events to target those who weren’t able to attend and retarget attendees looking for supplementary content.  

In addition, virtual events allow for a more inclusive experience. Thanks to advancements in technology, closed caption and transcription technology are now available and everyone can access content from the comfort of their own homes.  

Since we’ll be seeing more events next year, make sure to participate in industry events and take the time to host webinars.  

Events are great for:

  • Increasing your brand awareness and value
  • Building credibility and exposure
  • Establishing a connection with your audience.  
  • Gathering data on the attendees of your event, which you can use to build customer profiles.  

Both physical and virtual events will play an important role in your marketing strategy in 2022. Virtual events work best for engaging a wider audience who are at the early stages of the customer journey. This will free up time and resources, allowing you to dedicate in-person events to those who are closer to a conversion.

2. Custom Content

Did you know that 7.5 million blog posts are published daily and about 1.8 billion photos are posted on social media every day?

That’s a lot of content to consume - more than what an average person can absorb!  

And, guess what? These numbers don’t even include videos, interactive tools, white papers, and other types of content being circulated on the web as you’re reading this right now.  

No wonder people are becoming more selective about what they consume.  

Given the amount of marketing noise that is bombarding your customers and prospects on a daily basis, expect that the competition for their attention is going to be fiercer next year as content remains to be an integral part of every modern business’ marketing strategy.  

Since your customers are following your competitors on social media and engaging with their content too, there's a huge possibility that they're going to get swept away if you don't up your ante. This is where custom content comes into the picture.  

Just to clarify, custom content and content marketing are two different things. The first is focused more on engaging a business’ existing customers, while the latter aims to attract new prospects and customers.  

Taking the custom content route for your business totally makes sense - if you can’t attract new customers, then focus on keeping your existing ones instead. No brainer!

Automation will play a crucial role in helping you produce custom content. Through customer data, you can identify what types of content are going to be most useful for your customers at different stages of the customer journey.  

Remember, custom content goes beyond addressing your prospects and customers by their names and greeting them on their birthdays. Custom content means delivering content that brings satisfaction to your customers.  

Here are some tips on how you can serve custom content to your audience:

  • Map out your customers’ persona to increase your understanding of your target audience.  
  • Optimize for the right keywords by researching customer-centered keywords.  
  • Use the AIDA format to create irresistible content and in the format your customer will likely engage with.  

Serving the right content at the right time and in the right place is the key to grabbing your customers' attention and keeping them loyal to your brand.  

3. Brand Awareness Through Organic Content

illustration of a vlogger getting feedback, subscribers, and reactions

If your business heavily depends on digital ads to generate leads and make sales, it’s time you follow a more sustainable approach in promoting your business.  

Although digital advertising will continue to play a significant role in every business’ marketing strategy, you should know that the price of Google Ads has been increasing yearly as more and more enterprises advertise online.  

Unless you can afford to maintain your ads, we suggest you change your strategy.  

This 2022, you want to work on building a strong, positive brand image for your business in the most organic ways possible.  

What do we mean by this?

Instead of persuading your audience to buy, buy, buy, develop a strategy that will provide long-term value, such as the following:

  • Video tutorials
  • Host live Q&A events on social media
  • Give free hacks and tips on TikTok
  • Run a weekly podcast
  • Host Facebook giveaways
  • Build a community online
  • Do brand partnerships
  • Write guest blogs for other sites and many more

Ads that pressure people to buy from you will also no longer work this 2022. Modern consumers have grown to be immune to hard-selling tactics, especially now that they are exposed to about 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day.  

This is why developing marketing tactics that aim to provide long-term value to your target audience makes so much sense.  

4. Thought Leadership

Another way of providing long-term value to your target customers is by serving expertly written and insightful content.  

By educating your customers and making them aware of the different ways you can help solve their problems, you can build trust and, in the process, win them over.  

A great example of a company that prioritizes customer education is Apple. More than their well-crafted ads and sleek phones, their success lies in educating their customers.  

The brand came up with the Genius Bar concept where consumers are welcome to explore their products, ask questions, and seek help. This encouraged people to interact with their products, visualize themselves using the products, and find out more about their unique features, which helped elevate the overall customer experience.  

The staff at the store are also discouraged to convince a customer to buy something. Their focus is to show customers what their products can do and leave it up to them to make a decision.  

Being a thought leader doesn't happen overnight. So, you must start now if you're serious about wanting to become a leader in your niche by the end of 2022.  

Here are some tips to help you get started on this journey:

  • Start your own blog and become a guest blogger for reputable sites.
  • Publish expertly written content in the form of books, eBooks, guides, fact sheets, and more.  
  • Build relationships with key influencers in your niche and collaborate with them.
  • Use content marketing to inform and educate your target audience and expand your organic reach.
  • Aim to garner more awards, accolades, and other credentials to build your integrity. Then, create an awards page on your site to highlight your awards, and make sure to link to it from your home page and bio.  

5. Interactive Storytelling in Content

This 2022, rather than focusing on sales-y posts that pressure your ideal customers into buying from you, focus on delivering your message in a way that tells a story about what you have to offer.  

As we said, hard-selling no longer works on modern consumers. Reaching your target audience and connecting with them on a deeper level means appealing to their interest. And, storytelling is the best way to do this.  

Was your company able to provide consistent excellent customer service throughout the years? Show it in a brand video.  

Was your product able to live up to its potential by helping customers achieve their fitness levels faster? Show it through a testimonial.

Did your internet marketing in Miami tactics increase sales for your clients? Prove it through a case study.  

However, plain storytelling won’t be enough to grab your customers’ attention. You should also incorporate interactive elements to keep them engaged, prompt action, and encourage participation.

By mesmerizing the audience with a one-of-a-kind experience, you can boost engagement, social shares, onsite dwell-time, and increase the overall customer experience.  

Different types of interactive content you should consider using are:

  • Surveys and polls
  • Quizzes
  • Interactive video
  • Gamified content
  • Calculators

6. B2B Content

Internet marketing company in Miami helping a small business man succeed online

There isn't a lot of content out there that is created specifically for the consumption of business owners, managers, and business leaders. There may be some, but there’s just not enough high-quality B2B content circulating the web.  

This 2022, you can reach out to business leaders by creating high-quality content that aims to solve their problems and make their lives easier.

Managers encounter problems too, and just like the average Joe, they look stuff up online to solve their problems.  

But, how can you develop content that targets decision-makers? Figure out the intent behind their search.  

What is it that they really want to know?

What kind of problem do they want to solve?

How can your product or service help them achieve their end goal?

Business leaders don’t want to hear how perfect your product or service is. What they’re interested in knowing is how you can help them solve a specific problem they’re facing. Then, they’ll be inclined to know more about your business.  

Your content should also inspire feelings of reciprocity to motivate your prospects to do business with you, and not your competitors.  

Build a Competitive Marketing Strategy for Your Business This 2022

Keeping up with changes is never easy. To succeed in this fast-paced world of marketing, you gotta stay on top of trends and ahead of your target audience!

Next year’s marketing focus is going to be all about making marketing more human again by bringing back in-person events, providing long-term value content, thought-leadership, storytelling, and B2B content.  

Use the tips we shared with you above to build a more customer-centered marketing strategy for your business this 2022.  

At Digital Resource, we can create a custom marketing plan for your business that puts the needs of your customers at the center and fosters the growth of your business.  

Contact us today if you feel like entrusting the marketing side of your business to internet marketing experts in Miami is the best way to skyrocket your business to success this 2022!

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