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Tips for Choosing the Right Dental Office Names

Brand Development

There’s power in the dental office name you choose, so it’s crucial to think it through thoroughly.

While it may prove challenging to find a name that expresses all your hopes for your practice, think of it as an opportunity to create a brand that your target patients are excited to support.  

Develop the best name possible and use its power to stand out from your local competitors, while communicating your brand’s vision and mission.  

But how exactly can you come up with the right dental office names?

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know to guide you in choosing the right name for your dental office.  

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Dental Practice Name

Dentist and patients happy with the dentist office name he chose.

Your dental office name is crucial in helping your future patients understand the type of care they can expect when visiting your office.  

For this reason, it’s important to come up with a name that can effectively communicate expectations of service quality to your intended patients.  

Aside from this, your brand name is also important for marketing your dental company effectively.  

The right name will help build recognition for your practice and make it easy to create an SEO strategy that drives traffic to your site.  

Consider these factors when thinking about the dental names you want for your practice:

  • Keep it short and simple so it’s easy to remember.  
  • Choose words that inspire positive feelings toward your practice. Any negative words will only drive patients away and remind them about the horrors most people associate with oral healthcare.  
  • Be clear and specific about your area of expertise. If you’re a cosmetic dentist, make sure you mention it. If you’re a pediatric dentist, make it apparent.  
  • Keep online dental marketing in mind when choosing a brand name for your practice. You want your name to positively impact your efforts. For example, if you specialize in cosmetic dentistry, make sure your brand name reflects this fact right away to appeal to the right kind of patients.  
  • Consider dental SEO when selecting a dental office name. This means you want to include the name of your city or certain keywords that your target patients will use when searching for your services online. Adding keywords to your brand name will make it easier for patients to find you and search engines to generate your site.  

Practice Names Limitations

Depending on where you plan to open your practice, you need the approval of key institutions.  

For example, if you want to open a dental company in Ontario, Canada, you will have to get your dentist's office name approved by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO).

There are limitations when it comes to choosing dental practice names. These limitations are meant to prevent dental practices from misrepresenting the kind of services they provide for their patients.  

It's also to protect the public from having unrealistic service expectations. Make sure you double-check the laws and regulations in the area where you want to open a new dental office.  

5 Different Dental Office Name Types

Dentist looking at patient's mouth.

1. Object-Based Dental Names

In cases wherein there's a high saturation of practices having some form of the city in their brand name, it's best to go for object-based dental names instead.  

Object-based dental names enable your patients to get a visual idea of who you are and what you do upon hearing or seeing your name.  

For example, instead of calling your dental office “Creighton Dental Group of NYC”, you could be known as “Healthy Smiles of the Big Apple”

If you can’t find a tangible feature to incorporate into your name, don’t worry. You can always go for something abstract instead.  

2. Specialty-Based Dental Names

Another way to differentiate your practice from other dental clinics in your area is to feature the type of services you offer or the dental specialty you practice in your name.  

There are various branches in dentistry that fall under a particular type of care, including:

  • Prosthodontist
  • Periodontist
  • Pediatric Dentist
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • Oral Medicine and Pathology

If you’re an endodontist, you want to let your patients know about this right away. So, instead of using a generic name like “Happy Smiles of Boca Raton”, be more specific like “The Endodontic Institute”.  

This name is more credible, letting people know that you specialize in root canal treatments and other procedures to relieve pain.  

3. Location-Based Dental Names

If your local area is not overly saturated with dental offices competing against your business, using a location-based dental name is a good option.  

Small towns and certain locations have popular streets full of businesses, and you can use this to your advantage if you happen to be near or in one. You can also name yourself after a landmark or popular tourist spot.

Names like “South Beach Dental Clinic” or “Happy Smiles of Bayside Market Place” are just a few examples of how you can incorporate your location into your company’s brand name.

Mixed General and Specialty Practice Office Names

If your dental practice offers general dentistry and is partnered with a specialist, this is a mixed general and specialty practice situation.  

It’s important to incorporate this aspect of your practice into the dental office name you choose.  

Examples of mixed practice names include:

  • Peak Oral Care and Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Gentle Dental Center and Orthodontics
  • Smiles R Us Dental Group
  • Oral Health Group of Des Moines

Mixed Specialty-Based Dental Office Names

If you offer mixed specialties to your patients, make sure you let them know by incorporating them into your dental name.  

Here are some examples to inspire you:

  • ABC Orthodontics & Maxillofacial Specialists
  • Healthy Smile Dental Solutions & Surgery
  • Dental Specialty Group of Miami Beach

It’s okay if you can’t showcase all your specialty partners in your dental name. Just make sure to market it in other ways so people know that your practice offers a wide range of specialty oral healthcare options.  

5 Tips for Naming Your Dental Practice

Dentist cleaning patients mouth.

Keep these tips in mind when choosing a dental practice name:

1. Choose a Dental Office Name That's Legal and Available

Depending on where you want to put up your dental office, it’s crucial to ensure that no other clinic has already claimed the name you want.  

This is especially true if you are operating as a limited liability corporation (LLC) or a corporation in America.  

Various states have a business database where you can double-check if the dental brand you've developed already exists.  

Another way to check if your list of dental names has already been taken is to do a Google search. This will generate all the dental practices in your area that have the name you want to use or something similar.  

2. Create a Scalable Dental Name that Best Represents Your Vision

Many dentists use their surname as their brand. What’s great about it is that if you come from a family of dentists and you’re opening a clinic where your family comes from, then patients will naturally come to you because of the name recognition.  

This boosts your brand awareness and establishes it quickly.  

However, if you’re opening a dental office in a new location, we suggest that you go for a name that best represents your vision.

This way, it’ll be unique, engaging, and tells people who you are. It’ll allow you to humanize your brand and build that instant connection.  

It's also important to think long-term. What would you like to do in the future? Do you want to expand your practice to multiple locations? Sell it? Keep these things in mind when choosing the right name.  

3. Add Keywords to Your Dental Office Name

Everything starts with a search. A study revealed that 43.3% of all their respondents would choose a dentist based on their online reviews, while 18.4% would select among the top-ranked dentists in the search results.  

Your online presence is crucial. This is why it’s important to incorporate keywords into your name to boost your visibility.  

Think about keywords that your target patients will likely use to search for your products and services online. This could mean adding your location, your specialization, or a specific treatment you offer.  

Develop a name and be sure to incorporate a keyword that will bring in traffic to your site.  

Here are some examples to inspire you:

  • Boca Raton Oral Surgery Specialists
  • Family Dentistry and Orthodontics CA
  • Beautiful Smiles of Miami Beach

4. Keep Your Target Patients in Mind

When building your dental company name, put your target patients front and center. Think about words that would resonate with them the most.

Not every prospective patient is the perfect fit for your practice, so you need to find the right audience by developing the right brand and creating the right dental company name.  

For example, if you offer gentler and more pleasurable dental care to target patients who are drug-sensitive or pain phobic, you can add “dental spa” in your brand name to invoke relaxation.  

How your patients feel matters too. So, it's also good to incorporate words that will help prospective patients associate positive feelings with your dental brand.  

You can use terms like “pain-free,” “gentle touch dentistry,” and many more.  

5. Use Wordplay to Be Memorable

Use wordplay to be memorable. You can use funny puns or double meanings as long as you do so tastefully.  

This is a great way to engage your target audience and capture their attention when they hear about you to see your name.  

What’s Next After Choosing a Dentist Office Name?

Once you’ve chosen a brand name for your dental office, it’s time to think about marketing.  

Advertising your dental clinic is the next step towards increasing your brand awareness and growing your presence online. It’s the key to attracting patients and helping you achieve business goals.  

At Digital Resource, our digital marketing specialists will work with you to create a custom marketing strategy that will put your practice ahead of your competitors and attract a constant influx of patients to grow your business.  

Contact us if you’re looking for a surefire way to succeed online!

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