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TikTok Shop: A New E-Commerce Opportunity

Social Media Marketing

Social media users want convenience. After all, that’s one of the features that makes it so widely used: people can easily check it out on their phone, whenever they want. Many platforms have used this convenience and taken it to the next level, incorporating online shopping features in an effort to meet the needs of their users.

As evidence of the value of social media platforms, and their relevance to the e-commerce sector in particular, HubSpot surveyed 467 consumers to find out if they had ever made a purchase while browsing a social media site.

More than half of respondents said they had made a purchase through a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram, which were once the most popular places to do so.

However, another social media platform has entered the online shopping craze last year when it introduced a shopping feature.

You guessed it: TikTok!

To get a better understanding of this innovative e-commerce platform, our Florida internet marketing company will teach your more about its ins and outs.

But first, let's go back in time and see how things got started.

How TikTok Shop Started

TikTok first tested its new shopping tool with Shopify, one of the best ecommerce platforms. They started with merchants in the United States and the United Kingdom before expanding to Canada. It has since been expanded to other countries.

Finally, TikTok and Shopify unveiled TikTok Shop in August 2021. They integrated e-commerce into the social media app, removing the need for the user to leave the program to make a purchase.

How TikTok Shop Works

In a statement released in conjunction with the app's release, the TikTok Shopping developers stated that their primary goal in creating the new app was to provide businesses with more channels through which to promote their products and services.

Additionally, the end goal is to fully leverage TikTok's potential impact on consumers.

TikTok Shop Benefits

That being said, the developers are completely aware of the marketplace's potential. As a result, they have created two distinct methods for two users:

For the Seller

  • You must create an account for TikTok for Business.
  • After creating a Shopping account, you will now see a Shopping tab on your profile.
  • Within the application, customers can now browse your products.

For the Buyer

  • Simply searching on the platform can lead you to a wide range of products and stores.
  • Once you've found a product or shop you like, simply click the buy now button and fill out your order details on the Order Summary page.

TikTok has a massive user base, meaning there are plenty of potential customers of all ages and demographics using the app's e-commerce features.

As long as you read and understand the platform's rules, you should be able to run your TikTok shop without any problems. But if you are new to TikTok and want to try out TikTok Shop, you can always ask experts for help.

That's where our Internet marketing company in Florida can help. Consider working with us for your TikTok and other social media needs.

TikTok Shop's Performance So Far

A recent study found that TikTok users are 1.5 times more likely to make a purchase after discovering it on the app than those who use any other social media platform with a shopping tool or feature.  

TikTok Shop Performance
Photo from TikTok

This demonstrates, without a doubt, the success of their recent update.

Now, both the entertainment and shopping aspects of the TikTok app are more satisfying for its users. So, it goes without saying that anyone interested in marketing or running an online business should keep an eye on its trends and performance.

By far, the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt trend is one of the most notable consumer behaviors our Florida internet marketing company has observed.

As of this writing, the number of views of the hashtag has reached 30.2. billion. Users will find the hashtag to be incredibly useful when looking to make a purchase.

In addition, it's a solid way to determine which shopping options are legit. This is because consumers still need to be wary, especially when viewing products online and making purchases.

The Future of TikTok Shop

There's no doubt that adding a shopping component to TikTok, which is already well-known for specializing in and showcasing high-quality videos, will lead to an increase in user engagement.  

As a result, online retailers and store owners can capitalize on the buzz surrounding their products by engaging their fan base and building a loyal following.

If you're a business owner concerned about the complexities of TikTok Shop and the other features of the app, you can rest easy knowing that TikTok has a training hub specifically for you to learn everything you need to know about doing business on the app: the TikTok Shop Academy. 

TikTok Shop Academy
Photo from TikTok

Those who are trying to expand their businesses into the digital realm will find this extremely useful. TikTok is also working to improve the security of their platform and pave the way for a brighter future in the e-commerce industry.

If you are still hesitant about whether your business should use TikTok consider partnering with a Florida internet marketing company.

Our experts will provide you with detailed information on how your company can benefit from a new e-commerce social media platform, such as TikTok, as well as its other advantages.

Boost Your TikTok Shop's Visibility with the Help of Digital Resource

TikTok's popularity is undeniable, with billions of people using it. Because of its innovative features, not only with video, but also with shopping features, it will undoubtedly become the next major e-commerce platform in the coming years.

TikTok Shopping may have a large user base, but that doesn't make it a good fit for every business. There are still factors to think about thoroughly, especially in relation to the target demographic.

And if you're wondering whether it's worth it to try TikTok Shop, the best thing to do is consult with the experts at our Florida internet marketing company.

At Digital Resource, we have a track record of assisting business owners in selecting the most suitable web-based infrastructure for their operations.

We've assisted numerous companies and brands in expanding their online visibility. Thus, we are confident that we can achieve the same results for you!

So, if you're ready to expand your company's horizons into the digital realm, don't hesitate to contact us today.

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