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Top 8 Things Customers Look For in an Online Store


Do you want to make your small business look much bigger than it is? Then you've come to the right place!

In this article, we will be talking about what customers are looking for when they come to your online store. But before that, let's delve into your problem first and check what we have to say.

"I want my website to make me look big!" says most small business owners. Without a doubt, you've thought of this too. So with that in mind, you decide to hire a digital marketing agency in Miami. And that's a great idea!

However, we at Digital Resource believe that small businesses may come off much cooler for potential online customers.

Why? Because small businesses have a personality, character, and sensibility that business giants lack. When it comes to what you post on your website, we say: "Never get scared to brag about your smallness."

Small businesses, more than big companies, can have more fun with their websites. A small-business website should feature something that displays the owner's ingenuity and individuality.

Now that you have a reason to be happy why being minuscule is cool, here are the top eight things customers are looking for in an online store:

How Your Business is Special

Answer the question, "Who are you?" as appealingly (and honestly) as you possibly can. Doing this involves drafting management bios that highlight your skills, years of experience, and any distinguishing characteristics or nuances that set you apart from the competition.

Your website must answer the questions, "What separates your company? Why should I buy from you?" The answers to these questions are usually absent from most business websites because owners haven't done the strategic thinking required to figure it out.

Be concise. There's no need for you to write an epic novel.

A Clear Understanding of What You Offer

Have you ever spent an eternity scrolling on a website's homepage, and you're still not sure what they have to offer? That's precisely the exact opposite of what your potential customers should not do. Make it a priority on your homepage to provide at least some general information about your products or services, with links to specifics on a Products or Services page.

For competitive reasons, many service-oriented companies are concerned about divulging too much information about their offerings. Some also feel that customers will have no reason to contact them by phone if they get all they need from the website.

Remember that there's a balance that you must reach in giving the potential customer enough info to make a buying decision. Consumers will often not contact a company for a piece of missing product information. What's worse is they'll just move on to a competitor.

Complete Contact Information

You might think this is obvious, yet many businesses purposefully conceal their contact information and location. Some people prefer to conduct all of their business online and do not believe it is necessary to display an address or phone number. Others who work from home are concerned that providing a street address or hometown may jeopardize their chances.

Your contact information is non-negotiable. It is one tiny step toward establishing credibility and confidence with the consumer. A phone number, a street location, and even images can go a long way toward establishing credibility.

Showing an actual location, even if it's one that no one will ever visit, reassures a customer that your company is genuine and legitimate.

Ease of Use and Navigation

People can't buy it if they can't find it.

At Digital Resource, we always advise business owners to keep their sites "crisp, clear, and easy to navigate." We study traffic and usage patterns to modify their website design in Miami based on what visitors are looking for.

The ability to search a website is critical. You should examine your search data to determine any trends and which one you should be prioritizing.

Third-party Validation

Customer testimonials, client lists, case studies, recognitions won, positive news clippings, and the like are the most frequent ways to build your potential customer's trust. People want to know who you do business with and what your present customers think about their experiences.

Client lists are highly significant if your clients are big businesses.  People want to know if you have any big-name customers. But, make sure that those you name as clients gives you their consent.

Moreover, social networking has significant validation in today’s world. Having a social media presence, particularly in your business, is also an increasingly popular form of validation among clients.  

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

SSL is an encryption system that aids in protecting data sent between a customer and a website. If you own an e-commerce site that accepts credit card information, your customers would definitely feel better if they know that their sensitive data is encrypted.

If you don't have SSL, get it. If you do, inform customers about it, as well as any other precautions you have taken.

A Clear Process Guide

Provide your customers with step-by-step instructions on how to order, where to go, and what to do if something strange happens.

Customers are also interested in your delivery rates and methods and how they may get progress updates. Never list your shipping charges and arrangements after buyers have provided their credit card information.

Another thing that customers want to know is how you handle complaints and difficulties, how you take returns, and if you offer a money-back guarantee.

It would be best if you documented your processes on a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page or on a separate "how to order," shipping, and confirmation pages. Include a means for customers to contact your company or a fulfillment agency for more information.

The Power to Give Feedback

Encourage feedback about your products and services, ordering procedure, and general site by including a feedback mechanism, such as feedback forms or e-mail links. Not every small business prefer to do this, and in some situations, this is due to resource limits.

You should consider how and what type of feedback to collect and consider delivering an incentive or bonus to the customer. Don’t worry if a customer gives you a bad feedback. Did you know that you can turn negative customer reviews into something that can improve your business?

Through feedbacks, you can also discover some good stories to share on your website or blog.

Calls To Action

Customers expect signs or buttons to prompt them to do action. CTAs could be as simple as "Buy now," "Subscribe to our newsletter," or "Click here for more information." However, many small-business websites lack calls to action or present them poorly.

As a small business owner, you have to learn how to choose the right calls to action in order to make the most out of them.

If you have a captive audience, now is the moment to seize it!

Incentives and Personalization

Small businesses might get an advantage over larger competitors by customizing a sale with a particular offer, incentive, or coupon. You can do this by making a simple handwritten thank-you card, gift-wrapping services, or a special promotion for repeat business.

Small businesses can offer a personalized touch that many big companies can't.

Play to Your Strengths

Online retail and services will never be perfect, and it has its weaknesses. Online shopping is not as social as offline shopping. It doesn't have the immediate gratification of shopping at a traditional store.

Customers also find it difficult to buy certain products or avail services on the web. Still, the many strengths of online shopping have guaranteed that it is here to stay.

Do you want to be an e-Commerce storefront in Miami that maximizes those strengths while minimizing the weaknesses? At Digital Resource, we can make the most out of your small business and turn it into a profit magnet.

Contact us now for a free consultation and learn how we’ve helped other small business owners in Miami achieve success.

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