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It’s Never Too Late to Start a YouTube Channel for Your Small Business, even in 2022!

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You’re looking at all these famous YouTubers who were able to build multimillion-dollar business empires and you’re thinking to yourself if this can be a path you can take for your small business too.  

You’ve got skills, you know you can offer something your audience wants, and you love creating content, especially about your small business. But the big question is: is it too late to start a YouTube channel in 2022?  

And, is it possible to still make a career out of it?

The experts in our digital marketing agency in Miami will share the top reasons why it’s not too late to start a channel this 2022.  

Is it Too Late to Start a YouTube Channel? Here are The 6 Reasons Why it's Not.

1. YouTube Has Changed for The Better

Digital marketing agency in Miami optimized client's YouTube channel for better visibility.

YouTube has evolved, and the changes in its policies and features are designed to encourage content creators to publish more videos.  

Although this is great news for users because it means more videos for them to discover, for content creators, this means more competition in their respective niches.  

You may think that this is discouraging, however, if you look at it from another perspective, this gives you a chance to get ahead of other channels that have a large number of followers but aren’t so active on the platform.  

This also challenges you to push your limits and get creative with the type of content you’re providing.

If you want to start a channel on YouTube and hopefully make a career out of it, you need to stand out and differentiate yourself from other YouTubers.  

This means finding your unique voice, using a data-driven approach to content creation, and getting to know your target audience and what makes them click.  

2. There Are Only 51 million YouTube Channels, There’s Still Room for More

Even though there are millions of content creators on the platform, we believe that those who are willing to put in the work may find success on YouTube.  

All of the incredibly successful YouTubers today had humble beginnings. Take Cassey Ho, for example. She started by filming workout videos from her bedroom, without intending to monetize them.  

She just wanted to keep her students back in California motivated while she was in Boston, Massachusetts for a new job.  

Her old students loved her videos and started sharing them with their group of friends. Over three years, Cassey Ho's number of views on YouTube crept up and Blogilates was born.  

Fast forward to today, she’s been named by TIME Magazine as one of the top 25 most influential people online, runs a multi-million-dollar trademarked format Pop Pilates, owns a self-designed clothing line, and has countless sponsorships with Fortune 500 companies.  

Cassey Ho said that during her company’s growth, she made it a point to never obsess about the number of views, followers, or subscribers her channel was getting because it stresses her out.  

Instead, she just focused on making quality content.  

Many other famous and incredibly successful YouTubers share Cassey Ho’s humble beginnings. This proves that creating a successful YouTube channel isn’t dependent on how rich or popular you are.  

It all boils down to creating quality content that provides value for your audience. This is how you gain their trust.

People also love being a part of a community. So, your goal is to make your channel relatable and connect with like-minded individuals who will support the content you put out.  

Although 51 million YouTube channels may make YouTube sound like it’s already a crowded platform, we believe that there’s still room for new channels.  

3. YouTube’s Algorithm is Making it Easier to Get Discovered

Aspiring YouTube making content for her channel.

YouTube recommendations have been every content creator's go-to source of traffic for their channels. And, thanks to advancements in algorithm technology, it's now easier for you to appear in front of your ideal viewers.  

This means more opportunities for you!

All you have to do is follow search engine optimization practices (SEO) for YouTube to rank high on YouTube search results and Google.  

If you're passionate about pursuing YouTube and strongly believe you've got something unique to offer to your audience, the experts at our digital marketing agency in Miami believe it's worth a try.  

4. YouTube Channels Exist One Day and Disappear the Next

New channels are created every day, but a lot of older channels vanish too. Many content creators, especially those who only entered YouTube in the hopes of making money, lose their passion for creating content.  

And, sometimes, subscribers simply lose interest in a channel. Content creators come and go. This leaves room for aspiring YouTubers like you to pursue your passions and create a new channel to be discovered.  

5. Viewer Behavior and Interests Shift All the Time

Just like content creators, viewers come and go on YouTube. This is why it’s so vital that you create a strong community around your channel to keep your niche of subscribers interested, engaged, and loyal.  

It’s also important to keep a pulse on your audience to keep creating content that continues to pique their interests and provide them value while staying true to who you are.  

However, as a person evolves, so does his/ her interest. So, if you feel the need to make some changes to your YouTube channel to stay close to your values, then bending your sense of direction and switching content genres won't be the end of your channel.  

In fact, it might be a great move. What’s working with your audience today may no longer be working for them tomorrow. What you’re passionate about today may no longer be what you’re passionate about tomorrow. This is how things go. It’s normal.

To keep your channel alive, continue to create content that you’re passionate about.

And, if you want to make changes to your channel, communicate with your audience and be open about it.  Doing this might cause you to lose some viewers but you will gain new subscribers in the process.  

6. You Can Now Tap into a Digital Marketing Agency in Miami to Boost Your Channel.

Laptop showing the different videos a YouTube wants to rank for in the search..

Today, you can easily access expert advice from leading digital marketing agencies in Miami. This gives you the opportunity to focus on creating quality content, while your digital marketing team will handle content promotion, social media marketing, and PR to boost your brand awareness and increase your exposure.  

Is It Too Late for You to Start a YouTube Channel this 2022?

YouTube has over two billion users. 122 million of them are daily active users, consuming billions of hours of video content each day.  

We believe there's room for another content creator on this platform and we believe that's you.  

If you’re thinking about starting a YouTube channel to help boost your small business but feel like it’s too late to make things happen, you’re wrong.  

By finding your niche, differentiating your brand voice, setting yourself apart from your competitors, creating quality content, and having a robust digital marketing strategy, you can quickly spread the word about your channel and build a following.  

Digital Resource is a digital marketing agency in Miami that specializes in helping SMBs and entrepreneurs gain traction and get the leads they need to start growing their businesses.  

Are you struggling to grow a following on YouTube? Contact us today to skyrocket your channel!

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