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Social Media Ideas for Your Remodeling Company’s Holiday Ads

Social Media Marketing

One of the easiest ways to enhance your remodeling company’s organic reach and gain traction online is to create content for social media during the holidays.  

You want to publish both evergreen and holiday-themed content and optimize it for SEO for remodeling companies, such as home improvement tips, bedroom remodeling videos, behind-the-scenes clips of holiday projects, and many other types of content that resonates with your target audience and encourages them to engage.  

With so much going on during the holidays, you want to be prepared by having a social media plan in place and gathering as many holiday content ideas as you can.  

In this article, we will share with you the top four social media trends you want to incorporate in your holiday marketing campaign to engage your audience and attract potential clients during this joyous season.

4 Social Media Trends to Try for the Holidays

1. Share Stories and Experiences Using the Stories Feature

Instagram Stories feature for remodeling companies.

Statistics revealed that 58% of people became more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Instagram stories.  

If you’re looking for ways to appeal to your intended audience and pique their interest during the holidays, IG Stories are the best way to showcase your home improvement projects and Christmas offers.

The Stories feature works because it allow you to share experiences and tell stories in new and creative ways. Stories also disappear after 24 hours, which helps keep users curious and engaged. Plus, people are always on the lookout for something new and the Stories feature helps feed that need.

By showcasing your services and holiday offers through fun educational content, interactive polls, and providing valuable house improvement tips, you can showcase your expertise and strengthen your remodeling company’s social media presence during the holiday season.  

Stories are also a great way to show the people behind your business and the hard work they put into making dreams into reality. This humanizes your brand and makes your company more relatable. It allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level and is a fantastic opportunity to create positive associations for your brand.  

Instagram isn’t the only platform that offers a Story feature. Other platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube also have them. But Instagram’s is our favorite by far because it’s packed with ‘stickers’ you can use to make your stories more engaging and effective.  

If you’re not sure what platforms to use, it's just a matter of determining where your target audience is so you can decide which platforms you should be on.  

Below are some content ideas on how you can use the Stories feature for your holiday marketing campaigns:

  • Go live while you're doing a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Let people see what's happening behind the scenes. Some people even request demolition videos so consider showing that too in your life! People like to see things happen in action.  
  • Remind your followers about holiday offers, discounts, and service packages they can get.
  • Create a poll to crowdsource ideas and get a better understanding of what your audience wants to see more from your remodeling company.
  • Share some home remodeling tips and hacks while you’re on-site.  
  • Give a tour of your office, warehouse, or your current project.  
  • Partner with an influencer or a brand ambassador and allow them to take over your Stories.  
  • Share gift ideas that people who love to do DIY projects would find useful.  
  • Spread holiday cheer by showing people how you and your team celebrate the holidays and each of your traditions.  
  • Create videos or post photos of people who got a house makeover as a holiday gift.  

According to MarketingDive, 90% of consumers agree that they have been influenced to buy from brands they follow on social media.  

Being active on social media and using the Stories feature will help you boost your social presence and attract leads.  

2. Tell Your Holiday Story Through Videos

Videos have become the most consumed type of content today. In fact, people have increased their video consumption from 84 minutes per day in 2019 to 100 minutes per day in 2022. 9 out of 10 consumers also said that they want to see more videos from brands and businesses.  

This shows that video is an essential part of your holiday marketing strategy. However, it’s not enough to just randomly put out whatever kind of video content you can think of.  

It’s important to have a strategy so that your videos are consistent, cohesive, and effective in sending the message you want to communicate with your target audience.  

The first thing you want to do is decide on your message. Never hard sell in your videos. It’s unauthentic and it makes people think that you’re only after their money so they’ll never buy from you.  

Instead, focus on telling a story and taking your audience on a journey with every video you publish of your remodeling projects. Brand storytelling is crucial because it allows you to humanize your company and form a deeper connection with your audience.  

A successful brand storytelling strategy, combined with a video content strategy, can help your audience understand more about your company, what you do, and why you’re doing what you’re doing.  

The holiday season is the best time to show your brand personality and nurture relationships with your audience. Don't be afraid to get up close and personal with customers. Share the holiday spirit through creative brand storytelling videos.  

Here are some video content ideas to publish during the holidays:

  • Make an animated marketing video or gather your entire team and say thank you to your clients and viewers. Don’t forget to promote it across your social media accounts, optimize for SEO for remodeling companies, and send it to your email list.  
  • Share a video card to send positive vibes to your audience. Wish everyone happy holidays but instead of giving them a handwritten Christmas card modernize this tradition with a video! It’s a great opportunity to showcase the fun side of your business and show your team’s personality.  
  • Take a trip down memory lane and showcase some of your best remodeling projects over the years. It gives off that feeling of nostalgia that captures viewers and hooks them. It's also a great way of promoting your quality work without being salesy.
  • Create an explainer video around holiday-themed remodeling projects. Share tips, and how-to videos, and create guides to help people carry out projects with ease. Expert advice is always valuable and very much appreciated.  
  • Make your videos fun by joining challenges and trends. TikTok is a great place for you to provide your audience with both educational and entertaining content.  
  • Use Reels when making social media video content. Instagram will reward you if you use this feature by boosting the organic reach of your content and showing it in front of more people.  

3. Try Social Commerce

Remodeling companies try social commerce and optimize presence for SEO.

Aside from charging your customers for labor and materials for renovating and beautifying their homes, are you also selling home décor, DIY tools, and other stuff for additional income?

If you are, consider exploring social commerce during the holiday season to boost your sales!

Social platforms are evolving into retail platforms through shoppable posts. And it works because modern consumers want to be able to buy a product that they like right away. In fact, 98% of consumers plan to buy on social platforms.  

Your goal is to provide a delightful social shopping experience. To achieve this, you need to make it incredibly easy for customers to purchase by creating as few clicks as possible. It’s also important to focus on your best-selling items instead of putting all of your products.

TikTok Shop is gaining a lot of traction right now and helping small businesses boost their revenue. 67% of users say that TikTok inspires them to buy even when they weren’t planning to make a purchase. 37% of users also said that whenever they discover a product on the platform, they want to buy it right away.  

4. Win Over Customers Through Social Media Retargeting

Remodeling company tries social media retargeting to boost sales.

Trying to win over customers is more complicated now than ever. That’s because of how distracted modern consumers are from all kinds of marketing gimmicks they’re being bombarded with every day.  

To help you capture leads and convince them to have their houses remodeled by you, you need to use social retargeting to your advantage.  

Social media retargeting is a form of targeted online advertising where you present personalized offers to visitors, who have already visited your site or engaged with you on social media, based on their on-site behavior.  

It's an effective way of building brand awareness, capturing new customers, or even winning over your competitors' customers.  

Experts say that it takes an average of eight touches to convert a prospect. So, don't get discouraged if a user doesn't click on your ad or convert to your site. Just keep presenting relevant content and personalized offers and optimize your ad copy for SEO for remodeling companies. Sooner or later, you’re going to win them over.  

This is why you need to invest in retargeting social ads.  

Take Your Social Media Holiday Marketing Campaigns to The Next Level with SEO for Remodeling Companies

Having a social media marketing strategy for the holidays will boost your overall marketing strategy for the season.  

Use the four trends we shared with you above to engage your audience, keep your remodeling company top-of-mind, and win over customers!

At Digital Resource, our SEO experts will work with you to create a custom SEO for remodeling company strategy that will put your business ahead of the competition.

Want to get more remodeling projects during the holiday season? We got you! Contact us today to get more clients online!  

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