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SEO for Restaurants | Tips for Marketing Your Coffee Shop

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People love coffee. It continually grows in popularity every year while maintaining a highly dedicated fanbase community. By nature, coffee is a very competitive field which means marketing your shop is crucial to its success. SEO for restaurants/coffee shops is the heart of their digital marketing strategy. Below are 7 tips to get your coffee shop stand out online.

7 Tips to Market Your Coffee Shop Online

  1. Develop Your Brand

Building a brand is only publicly establishing your business’s identity. It’s the answer to who you are and why you do what you do. Its what sets you apart. For some shops that means serving specialty roasts, a very knowledgeable staff, and a sleek, modern look while to others it means comfortable furniture, hosting events, and great latte art. A coffee shop’s brand is reflective of their values while fixating on what makes their shop unique. A coffee shop’s brand should be clear in its online presence. Everything your coffee shop produces from its menu design to its website should be stylistically congruent. Having a defined brand online will assure you are recognizable and will better connect you with interested users.  Being intentional about your brand online will serve as a compass for content and the base for all customer relations.

  1. Sharing Content

Content is any media expressing your business’s brand. Contrary to what some may believe, digital marketing does not suggest that your physical space doesn’t matter. Quite the opposite, your physical shop should be viewed as content. Delivering an experience individuals want to share online is the best way to create authentic content. This may entail unique and creative drinks, fun staff, or an attractive space. Many coffee shops have good physical content but struggle in getting it online. This is where sharing users’ content comes into play. User-generated content is great when easily connected back to your business. It is cost-effective, socially driven, and authentic. A good way to make sure this connection happens is by using Geo-tags and having an easy-to-find online presence. Furthermore, resharing guests’ photos and posts via social media is a great way to build stronger relationships online. It places value on the community while also promoting your store.

  1. Write Blogs

Blogs (along with vlogs and podcasts) are a more focused type of content. They are a great way to communicate knowledge about your craft while also promoting engagement from others. They use valuable information to draw in users rather than gimmicks. Customers are more likely to visit a shop where they believe the staff is knowledgeable and passionate. Additionally, blogs will assist in SEO for restaurants and coffee shops, making them more visible online.

  1. Use Social Media

Coffee is a very social industry and social media is a great tool for personal online connection. It’s a great way to casually share, network, and reach out on an on-going basis. Social media is also highly visual by nature. With coffee being sense oriented, it’s a great match. This same reasoning is why videos lend themselves particularly well to coffee-related content. Coffee is a process and videos can highlight this. Social media is the perfect grounds for getting your content to the right audience. Shops can use social media marketing to promote their own content and personally share it with their community.

  1. Get Reviews

Recommendations have always carried considerable weight within the food and beverage industry long before the internet. Today more than ever, people are using review sites to share their own opinions and seek out others’. This means SEO for restaurants and coffee shops is growing increasingly important. The best way to manage reviews from a marketing perspective is to encourage guests to leave reviews and monitor them. Reviews will increase visibility online so every coffee shop should be pursuing them. Good ways of encouraging guests to leave a review are by using signage, offering a discount or by having staff ask. More often than not, customers are more than happy to leave a positive review. It is then important to monitor reviews and respond in a meaningful way. This response can address problems or serve as a simple thank you. Both serve as meaningful points of connection to strengthen your network.

  1. Focus on Local SEO

Overall, SEO for restaurants and coffee shops is all about learning how to target locals. Coffee shops are especially dependent on local searches, meaning they should focus on their own neighborhoods. Social media is one of the best ways to specifically target your local audience with community-centered content. Shops should also get involved with local events and businesses to promote them. The more connected a shop is to their community the more SEO pull they will have online.

  1. Have Wi-Fi

The final tip is to make sure your store has Wi-Fi. This will increase the likelihood of guests sharing their experience and/or writing a review. By having easy internet access, they can share instantaneously and don’t need to wait. This will directly translate into more online content for you. Accessible Wi-Fi is the easiest way to bring the elements of your real-world shop online.


Increasing SEO for Restaurants and Coffee shops?

Coffee is all about connection. If you aren’t satisfied with your current digital marketing results or struggling with how to focus your efforts, we’d love to connect.  Digital Resource is made of coffee-loving, marketing experts who would love to assist you. If interested, they also provide a FREE Internet Marketing Analysis of your current shop.

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