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‍Save Time Planning and Creating Social Content with these 6 Simple Tips

Social Media Marketing

Social media content planning and creation are time-consuming. So, it’s crucial to figure out a sustainable internet marketing strategy in Miami that allows you to save time and create better content.  

The key here is to plan in advance and work in batches.  

6 Tips for Efficient Social Content Planning and Creation

1. Map Out Social Content for the Entire Month

The first step for effectively planning and creating social media content is to outline topics you want to cover for the entire month.

You want to do this in advance so you can look at your content from a more strategic perspective and not scramble to get everything done.  

If you’re not sure what topics you should cover in your content, go to Google and discover the search terms your ideal customers use when looking for the products or services you offer.

You can find suggestions in the following:

Search Box

search box section of Google.

People also ask section…

People also ask section of Google.

Related searches

Related searches on Google.

Once you have topics, it’s time to start making your Miami internet marketing social content plan.

  • Determine the amount of content you want to publish. Do you want to publish every day? Every two days? Stick to a schedule. Consistency is important because algorithms will favor your post and more users will see them.  
  • Identify your overall business goals. What is your business goal for this month? Is it to increase your sales? Boost your followers? Your social content should support these goals.  
  • Plot the important holidays, anniversaries, and company events first so you can create content that is centered around them.  
  • Choose the different social channels you're going to post on and establish the days you're going to publish on those channels.  

2. Sort Your Topics into Different Content Types and Forms

Segment your topics according to the content type they fall under:  

  • Educational – Tutorials, ultimate guides, how-to videos, product reviews, step-by-step blog posts, and infographics
  • Entertaining – Humorous photos, memes, behind-the-scenes, reviews, and GIFs
  • Inspirational – Quotes, Q&As, user-generated content, competitions, and content about team members.
  • Promote your products or services – Product posts, ads, and promotional content.  

After you’ve sorted them, decide which medium(s) will best serve your content. You might choose to post your content as:

  • Video
  • Images
  • GIFs
  • Stories
  • Infographics

Variation is important because it helps capture your audience’s attention and keep them interested.  

If you publish promotional posts only, people might feel like you’re out of touch and only after the sales. But, when you share posts that are a combination of entertaining memes, useful blog posts, inspirational quotes, behind-the-scenes, and ads, you’re humanizing your brand and allowing people to establish a connection with your business.  

Let’s say you want to publish five posts per week. A healthy account might share two pieces of sales-focused content, two educational posts, and one entertaining image or GIF.

Just remember that your posts don’t have to be complicated for them to be engaging. They can be anything you can think about that you know will be of great value to your ideal customers.

3. Start Creating Your Visuals

Marketer from an internet marketing agency in Miami making visual content for client.

Now that you know what topics to discuss and how you want to present them to your audience, it’s time to start making your visuals.  

The key is to work in batches.  

This could mean aside two hours each day for two weeks for content creation. Consider all the content you need, then work through each type one by one.  

An effective schedule might have you working on video for the first week and images/GIFs for the second week. It’s all about giving yourself the time and space to come up with content that will work.

4. Write Your Captions for the Entire Month

Captions help you catch your audience’s attention, make your post easier to understand, and improve your SEO score and visibility.  

Your captions should always feel intentional and well-thought-of. This is why you should write them in advance instead of doing them at the last minute.

If writing captions isn’t your strongest suit, here are some tips:

  • Your first line should compel users to read more. Use phrasing that’s compelling, powerful, or intriguing.  
  • Provide value to your audience. Write captions that aim to educate, entertain, or sell.  
  • Use line breaks to improve readability. Make long captions easier to read with proper spacing.  
  • Use emojis. If your brand voice allows you, use emojis to convey emotion and add personality to your captions.  
  • Add a call to action. Encourage your followers to engage with your post and take the next step by adding a CTA. You could ask them to comment down below for their thoughts, click the link in your bio, save your post, or shop.

5. Add Hashtags

Hashtags are important because they help you market your business. They enable you to reach a broader audience, categorize your posts, and strengthen your brand image.  

When choosing hashtags to use, keep these tips in mind:

  • Find influencers in your niche to determine the most successful hashtags that are relevant to your brand.  
  • Use social media analytics to find relevant and trending hashtags in your space.  
  • Do research to determine the popular hashtags in your industry.  
  • Create your own unique branded hashtags.  

6. Schedule Your Posts

social media content strategy creation process and scheduling.

Now that your visuals and captions are ready, it’s time to schedule your posts in your content calendar.  

Scheduling posts ahead of time allows you to:

  • Save time
  • Post regularly
  • Maintain a consistent aesthetic
  • Give your followers a reason to come back to your page and retain followers
  • Post at peak times even when you aren’t around

Here are some scheduling tips that will make your life better:

  • Post during peak times.  
  • Test your posting frequency on social media and identify how often you should be posting on different channels.  
  • Don’t post the same content across all your social channels. People will get sick of you easily. Instead, identify the emerging demographic on each channel and create variations of your copy for added personalization.  

Enjoy the Benefits of Planning and Creating Social Content More Efficiently!

Get into the habit of planning and creating content in batches to boost your efficiency and give yourself more time to do other work.  

You don’t have to get stressed thinking about what you should post or post just to post. Instead, you can strategize to produce content that supports your business goals.  

At Digital Resource, our team of internet marketing experts in Miami and content marketing specialists will work with you to create a custom content plan that will help you achieve both your marketing and business goals!  

Contact us today to get started!

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