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60+ Social Media Post Ideas

Social Media Marketing

Do you remember the early days of social media when it was first used as a marketing channel by brands, entrepreneurs, and businesses?  

There was less noise and less content. And, whenever brands, businesses, or a digital marketing agency in Miami would post photos, share blog posts, and engage users with videos, almost everyone was willing to click on them as long as they were visible on their newsfeeds.  

These days, clicks are just harder to come by. Ever since we hit content shock, users have become selective of the posts they interact with. Because of this, we can say that social media is no longer the best platform to drive clicks and traffic to your site.  

However, it has become the perfect platform for engagement!  

You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and other social channels to provide value, build a deeper connection, and keep your business on top of your target audience’s minds by engaging them and not just simply forcing digital marketing messages.  

Today, we’ll share with you 60+ social media post ideas you can use to engage users on social media, and so you’ll never run out of stuff to post!  

Without any more delays, let’s get started.  

What Are the 60+ Social Media Post Ideas?

We’ve broken down the list into different categories so it’s easier for you to scan through the list or to quickly find what you’re looking for when you need it.

Evergreen Content

  1. Blog Posts

Sharing evergreen content in the form of company blog posts on your Facebook page is a great way of providing value and engaging your audience. Plus, the right kind of posts has the potential to go viral!  

In case you have trouble producing your own evergreen content consistently, don't hesitate to hire a digital marketing agency in Miami for your blogging needs!

Here are the seven types of blog posts that users love to read and share on social media:

  • “How-To” posts
  • List posts
  • Checklists
  • The Ultimate Guides
  • Case Studies
  • Round-up posts
  • Data-driven research posts
  1. Infographics

Infographics can be informative, entertaining, and visually stimulating - which is why they’re one of the most shared types of content on social media.  

Many people find it incredibly easy to digest meaty information with the help of infographics. So, if you want to explain something a little bit complex to your audience and grab their attention, we suggest you use infographics to your advantage.  

  1. Statistics

People love learning new things, especially when they’re the first to know about them. Share interesting industry updates and statistics your target audience might be interested in.

  1. Recommended Studies

It’s good to share relevant sources, studies, and reports with your audience on social media, especially if it’s from a thought leader in your industry. Not only does it show that you are involved within your industry and community, but it also helps boost your credibility too - kinda like building backlinks.


  1. Tutorials

A lot of people mindlessly scroll through social media, but once they stumble upon a tutorial video that’s relevant to them, it gets their attention and it motivates them to share. Besides being a great way of providing value to your audience, it can also boost your reach and brand awareness.

  1. Case Study

When reviews and testimonials are not enough to convince somebody to buy from you, you use case studies, which are evidence-based studies that detail how you helped a customer solve their problem using your product or services. Sharing them on social media can help spread the word about it and generate leads.

  1. Start a Podcast

Some people love to read, while others prefer to listen to the radio or its modern counterpart we know as podcast.  

Start a podcast today to build a greater audience, and make sure to let your social media followers know about it to urge them to disseminate the information to their network of friends and family.

Company Culture Posts

digital- marketing-agency-in-Miami-employees-meeting-together
  1. Team Highlights

In between sharing informational blog posts, statistics, and case studies, you also want to showcase the team behind the success of your company. It’s one of the best ways you can do to humanize your brand.  

If there’s anything that you achieved recently as a team, tell your audience about it on social media and make them feel that they’re a part of the crew.

  1. Employee Birthdays

What better way to boost employee morale than to make them feel appreciated at work? One way of showing this is by greeting them on their birthday on social media. Additionally, it allows your audience to become familiar with the people responsible for the day-to-day operations of your business.  

  1. Employee Anniversaries

It says a lot when an employee lasts in your company for years. It tells your audience that you know how to handle your employees well and that you’re a good company in general. Plus, it also feels great to be celebrated, so your employees will for sure appreciate the post.  

  1. Company Anniversary

It takes dedication and hard work to keep your business running year after year, which is why you, your employees, and your loyal customers deserve a celebration.  A simple company anniversary post is a fantastic way to share a huge milestone with your audience and make them feel like they’re a part of the achievement.  

  1. Company Event

Are you going to attend a conference, host a seminar, or participate in a trade show? Let your audience know about it on social media and encourage them to be a part of it.

  1. Meeting Spotlight

Have you come to an important conclusion during your meeting? If you believe it’s something your audience finds valuable, share it with them on social media!

  1. Service Videos

Did you know that 72% of people prefer to watch a video when learning about a product or service rather than reading or listening about it?

Service videos are effective in showing people what you have to offer and help them envision how life would be like with your product or service as the solution to their problem.  

Sharing your service videos on social media ensures that all of your potential customers know about your offerings.

  1. Community Service

Taking part in your community through volunteering can greatly boost employee morale. Your employees will feel proud to be associated with your company. Volunteerism can also promote a positive culture within your company, foster teamwork in the workplace, and show your audience your compassionate side.  

That’s why posting about anything related to your involvement in the community is always a good idea.

  1. Behind the Scenes

We’re all curious about what happens behind the scenes. So, giving your audience a glimpse of how the products they buy from you are made and the hard work that goes into making them is a great way to make your business more relatable.  

Use Instagram stories, TikTok, or Facebook stories to show your audience what happens behind closed doors!  

  1. Employee Spotlight

Your company wouldn’t be a success if it weren’t for your dedicated employees. Make sure they know they’re appreciated by posting about their achievements on social media. Shining the spotlight on them can also put a face on your company.

  1. Interview with an Employee

People are eager to know what it’s like working in your company. That said, interview your employees to give your audience a sneak peek about what goes on in their day-to-day office life and have them explain their individual roles. Not only will this allow you to make your audience feel closer to your company, but you can also use this to attract highly qualified applicants in case you’re hiring.

  1. Job Openings

Social media can be an excellent platform to get the word out about job vacancies in your company. Who knows, you might just find the perfect candidates in your own pool of followers. Can you imagine working with someone who already believes in your company so much? That would be awesome!

  1. Company Culture Highlight

Company culture is important not just for your employees, but also for your audience. It shows them where you stand as an organization, including your beliefs and values. According to Small Business Trends, 71% of millennials prefer to buy from businesses that share the same values as they do.  

Let people know who you are as an organization and as a business by highlighting a company culture on social media.

  1. Intern Introduction

Introducing your intern on social media not only helps boost their self-confidence, but it will also make your audience feel like you’re involving them in everything that’s going on in your company.

  1. What’s Playing in the Office

Do you have office games and other gimmicks? Show the world your fun side by sharing snaps and snippets on social media! We’re positive it’ll send good vibes on their feed.  

Local Events

  1. Local Appreciation

If there are any local events or happenings within your area that are relevant to your business (or even if it isn’t), make sure to whip something up like a meme or a simple greeting showing that you’re taking part in that local celebration.

  1. Press Pieces

Getting featured in your local paper is a great way to boost your credibility and reach thousands of people.  It’s also good PR for your business. Share this milestone with your followers on social media.  

Social Proof

  1. Testimonials

Allow your loyal customers to become brand advocates by featuring them in a testimonial video and post it on social media. This will drive trust and increase your credibility, especially since the ones promoting your products are actual people - not models or celebrities.  

  1. A Picture with a Client

Advertise your business by sharing client pictures on social media. People love to see posts about others who have used a product or service and had a wonderful experience.

  1. Repost from a Client

Did somebody rate you five stars on Facebook? Did you receive a heartwarming thank you for your excellent customer service? Did a client post about you saying how much they love your products? Let the world know about it on social media!

  1. Before & After

Before and after photos are proof that you can do your job well. It also tells your audience that if it worked for others, it can for them, too!  

  1. Top Fan Highlight

Pick one of the most active people on your page and feature them in your Instagram stories or on a Facebook post. It will boost their morale and encourage others to keep on engaging with your page to get featured.

  1. Ask for Feedback

Aside from displaying social proof, you can also use social media to ask from your followers and customers. You can gather their feedback through a simple poll or survey, or by posting a question in your Instagram or Facebook stories.  

Influencer Marketing

  1. Influencer Repost

Influencer repost is a form of word-of-mouth marketing and social proof. What’s great about influencers is that they have a following of loyal people who will most likely buy products or services they recommend. If you happen to partner with an influencer or they happen to use one of your products or services, let the world know about it by sharing their post on social media!  

  1. Social Media Takeover

Social media takeover is another form of influencer marketing. It aims to provide entertainment to your audience, provide interesting content, and boost your brand exposure. Let an influencer or your staff take over your social media account and see how your audience will like it.

Seasonal Posts

  1. Holidays

Greet your audience on Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July, and other holidays to engage them. Come up with something witty like a meme and try to connect with your business to try to make your audience laugh or smile.  

  1. Seasons

Is spring around the corner?  Engage your audience each season by posting something related to it, raising awareness about heatstroke during summer, or offering a special discount during the winter season.  

Formal Company Posts

  1. Customer In-Store

If a loyal customer comes by your store, post a picture of them with you or your products and post it on social media.

  1. Project Highlight

Every project is different, so if there’s anything significant that you think provides value to your audience, share it on social media. Were you able to solve a really complex problem for your client? Were you able to develop a new product as requested by a customer?  

  1. Product of the Week

Feature one product or service each week to target a specific segment of your audience. Drive promotions around that product for a week and talk about its features, benefits, and uses in different posts.  

  1. Event Promotion

Are you about to launch a new product? Announce it on social media! It will build traction leading up to your launch date.  

  1. Award Highlight

Did you just receive an award? Celebrate with your followers on social media!

  1. Service Process Explainer

Want to explain how your service works? Make a service process explainer animation and post it on your social platforms.

  1. Host a Twitter Chat

Twitter chats are moderated discussions around a specific topic. These public conversations happen at a set time and day, and with a predetermined hashtag. They’re great for building a community around your brand.  

  1. Share a Milestone

Were you able to close a deal with a huge client? Hit your first million worth of sales? Won your first-ever award? Whatever that milestone is, share it with your audience on Facebook or Instagram!

  1. Debunk Myths

People love sharing content that debunks myths. Make sure to include this in your digital marketing strategy in Miami!  

Industry Updates

  1. Share Industry News

Are there any breakthroughs in your industry - like a recent finding, company expansion, or corporate relocation? Don’t forget to tell your social media followers!

  1. Technology Highlight

Is there a new technology in your industry that will bring significant impact to your target audience’s lives? Share it with them by making a TikTok video!

Fun Content


Incorporate inspirational and motivational quotes your audience will love in your social media marketing content strategy. It will make them feel good about your business and keep them engaged at the same time.

  1. Create a Quiz

Quiz your audience in your Instagram or Facebook stories to keep them engaged with your brand. Quizzes are a fun way of interacting with your audience.  

  1. Polls

Want to know what your audience thinks about your new products or what they want for your next collection? Ask them through a poll!

  1. Fill in the Blanks

Get your customers and audience on social media mentally stimulated with a fill-in-the-blanks game!

  1. Personal Time

People treat your business like a person, so act like one by posting about activities that aren’t necessarily business-related - like going out with your employees on a Friday night, walking your dog on a Saturday morning, or going to the beach for a cleanup drive.  

  1. Challenge

Show the fun and quirky side of your business by joining dance challenges on TikTok!

  1. Tip of the Day

Sharing information and useful tips with your audience keeps your brand at the top of people’s minds.  

  1. Did You Know?

People love to share anything that they find relevant, entertaining, and intriguing, such as “did you know” trivia.

  1. Throwback Thursday

On Throwback Thursdays, share posts about significant events or achievements in the past like getting an award or being on national TV.  

  1. Flashback Friday

Flashback Fridays are for sharing sentimental posts about your business, like when you first started, what your first office looked like, your first company photo, etc.  

  1. Motivation Mondays  

Motivation Mondays are for inspirational quotes that will send positive vibes to your audience and get them pumped for the week!

  1. Custom Memes

Who doesn’t love memes? They’re the digital version of inside jokes. They’re funny, witty, and can definitely grab your audience’s attention. So, why not use them to engage people on social media?

Promotional Posts

  1. Contest

When done properly, contests are a proven and tested way to boost engagement. They can increase your number of followings, boost your number of impressions, and get you information about your audience. Plus, they can increase your reach!

  1. Giveaway

Giveaways usually go hand in hand with contests, so you might as well use them to further boost engagement.  

  1. Coupon Code

Post a flash coupon code on your Instagram or Facebook stories to provoke FOMO (fear of missing out) among your followers to drive sales.

  1. Hashtag Promotion

Want to generate user-generated content? Encourage your followers and your audience to use your official hashtag in exchange for a feature on your page!

  1. Email Subscription Promotion

Ask your followers to subscribe to your newsletter through social media.

  1. Follow Us/Like Our Page CTA

Also, don’t hesitate to ask them to follow or like your page on social media.  

  1. Live Stream Q&A

Q&As are highly engaging in nature. It’s a great way to expand your online presence boost your reach.  So, use it to your advantage by conducting a live stream Q&A!  

  1. Create a Game

Engage your followers with word games like Mad Libs, Hangman, Boggle, and Jumble .It tickles their brain, gets them thinking, and will definitely drive them to engage.  

  1. Special Announcement Promotion

Are you doing a collab with an influencer or teaming up with another brand? Get your audience excited by sharing this great news with them on social media!

Looking for a Digital Marketing Agency in Miami?

Being active on social media is a great way to promote your business, keep your brand on top of your audience’s mind, and establish a deeper and more meaningful connection with them.  

With the help of this list, you’ll never run out of social media post ideas!

Do you own a business in Miami and need professional assistance from a digital marketing agency in Miami? We can help you!  

At Digital Resource, our team of digital marketing experts can help you create a solid digital marketing strategy, including social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, and many more, that help you achieve business goals and grow your business!

Reach out to us today for a free consultation!  

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