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Press Kit Essentials: What to Include in Your Media Kit

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In these modern times, you might think that having a media kit is no longer necessary.  

After all, people can access pretty much all the information they need about your business on the internet. They can go to your website, scroll through your social media pages, and check out online business directories.  

However, what you may not realize is that media kits serve a very specific purpose.  

A media kit is a folder filled with all the core information about your company that journalists can use to write a compelling story and promote your business.  

Back then, press kits are prepared manually and would be sent out via post.  But, in a digital-forward world, you can now store press kits online, update them when necessary, and simply share the link to give other people access. Super convenient, right?

As your go-to SEO services provider in Miami, we are going to discuss what a press kit is, why it’s essential for your business, and what you should specifically include if you want to get earned media coverage.  

Without any more delays, let’s get started.  

What Is a Press Kit or a Media Kit?

Press kits or media kits are designed to help you explain the most important information about your company to reporters, journalists, and the media in general without speaking directly to them.

They allow journalists to easily identify who the key people in your company are and other vital details about your business without having to email you first and then wait around for a reply. As a result, both of you get to save time while improving your media relations.  

Press kits are neatly compiled in a format that’s easy to digest. You can create them in either PDF or electronic form too, which means you can quickly print them out or make any changes when necessary.  

You must store your media kit on your website – preferably in the footer – so people can easily find and access it.  

Top Reasons a Press Kit is Crucial to Your Business

images of news paper and digital media on a tablet and cellphone

1. Enables the Media to Write Articles About You or Advertise Your Business

Journalists, reporters, and publications are always looking for new story ideas to publish. Providing them a press kit enables them to utilize the information it contains to further a current storyline about your company or advertise your business.  

Whether you’re launching your company, hosting an event, or releasing a new product, providing the media a press kit containing all information they need to publish an article about your company is also a great way to spread the word about your business and gain exposure.  

2. Allows You to Control the Message

When you don’t provide the media enough information to work with, they may end up making their own assumptions about your business – and you don’t want that to happen.

As much as possible, you must have control over how others perceive your brand. With a media kit, you’ll be able to curate information and present yourself the way you want to be seen.  

Remember, aside from journalists, you can also send out your press kits to your clients and prospects. Since it contains detailed descriptions about who you are and what you offer, it can be a valuable asset to your company.

3. Highlights Your Uniqueness

Given how competitive the market is today, possessing the ability to effectively communicate what makes you different from your competitors and why your prospects should choose you over them is a big must.  

A media kit helps highlight the uniqueness you bring to the field and help persuade your prospects.  

4. Explains Company Procedures and Processes

Both the media and your customers are curious about your processes and procedures. But, a detailed, step-by-step explanation of how you carry out your operations daily can be overwhelming, especially in a website setting.  

As the top SEO services provider in Miami, we know that users are more interested in browsing across different pages than looking at long sentences and chunks of paragraphs on a website. In a media kit, however, you must provide this detailed information.  

5. Efficiently Present Information in One Go

It's normal for people to have a lot of questions about your products and services, especially if they're eager to buy or avail of your services.  

However, the process of emailing questions and answers back and forth can be time-consuming. With the help of a media kit, you can provide all the details your clients need to know about your company, answering all their questions before they can even think of asking them.  

6. Boosts Client Confidence

When you’re able to provide detailed information about your products and services and answer all the questions your audience have, people will have more assurance in you and in what you have to offer.  

It exudes confidence, and it tells your audience that you're experienced and that you know what you're doing.  

7. Helps You Attract New Customers

By giving out press kits to the media and having them write an article about your business, you can extend your reach and attract the attention of potential customers who wouldn’t otherwise hear about your company.  

8. Boosts Your SEO Ranking

Digital press releases can immensely boost your SEO ranking. Google considers news websites and journalist websites as high-authority sites. So, whenever you get mentioned on those pages and get backlinks, the more you'll likely appear as a credible resource of information to search engine bots the better your chances of ranking on top.  

Plus, they’re great for elevating your brand’s public image, which in turn, can result in more leads and clients for your business.  

Press Kit Essentials

the word media kit on a keyboard

If you're just starting, you don't want to shock a journalist's system by bombarding them with too much information. It’s always best to stick with the basics – with what is expected.  


A boilerplate aims to tell your readers everything there is to know about your company and its background in 100 words or less. Think of it as a shorter and more digestible version of your About Us page. It aims to answer basic questions, such as the what, why, when, where, and how.

A boilerplate usually goes at the bottom of a press release, which helps add credibility to your statement. It also gives you a place to put a call to action and link to your website.  

Here are tips for writing an effective press release boilerplate:

  • Use headings to tell your readers what to expect.  
  • Personalize your boilerplate to ensure that you achieve the goal of your press release. For example, if you’re a startup seeking to get exposure to attract potential investors, then focus more on the financial aspect of your business in your boilerplate.  
  • Incorporate interesting details about your company to draw attention. You can talk about your business’ impact, internal growth, revenue, relevance, etc.  
  • Include a specific call to action. By placing a CTA at the end of your boilerplate, you can urge your readers to take action, like visit your website, follow you on social media, and more.  
  • Add your primary contact information, such as your email or mobile number, so journalists can reach out to you if they’re interested in covering your story.
  • Double-check and edit your boilerplate to make sure it’s short, clear, compelling, and error-free.  

Product or Service Outline (or Fact Sheet)

Aside from giving details about your business background, it’s also crucial to include information about your products and services. It can be anything and everything the press would like to know, from pricing, locations to purchase, materials, competitor price, and whatnot.  

Team Bios & Expert Commentary

Another information you want to include in you press kit is your team bio.  

Simply introducing your team members and what they currently do in your company, take this as an opportunity to showcase their expertise in their respective fields or departments.  

Add additional details that can possibly guarantee an expert commentary or coverage, like if they have appeared in any other interview or run a personal blog.  

Also, see to it that you only include the significant people in your company. Adding anyone the media aren’t keen of about will only serve as a distraction and a nuisance.

High-Resolution Logos

Logos are a major component of every press kit, so include high-resolution files of your logos.  

It’s ideal that you upload an SVG file because it can be scaled to any size without losing its quality. Whether your logo is printed in a newspaper or flashed on TV, you don’t have to worry since it won’t warp or blur. Uploading a PNG file with a transparent background is another option to consider.  

Don’t forget to attach at least two variants of your logo - one for a dark background, one for light.  

High-Quality Images

According to journalists, their pieces are 74% more likely to get shared on social media if they contained high-quality images.  

High-quality images help engage readers, attract their attention, and speak to the competence of your company. Blurry images, on the other hand, are simply off-putting.  

To gain the confidence of your readers and encourage them to check out your business, always use high-quality product images, headshots, actions shots, and more.  

The point is, adding high-quality, magazine-ready images in your media kit increases the odds of the media using these visuals in their piece.  

Video & Audio Files

SEO services provider in Miami playing press button on video file

Multimedia press releases get 9.7 times more views compared to all-text press releases.  If images can double your chances of getting noticed, including a video in your media kit quadruples it.  

Keep your videos 30 seconds short.  Add subtitles and audible audio. Leverage video to announce company updates, new product launches, or send a short message to inspire listeners.  

This is why, as the leading SEO services provider in Miami, we think you should always include a video file in your press kit.  

Contact Number or Email

In case the press has any questions, have your contact details readily available so they can directly get in touch with you.

But, if you're not comfortable with that, you can give your company an email instead, or have a separate number for business matters.  

Social Media Links

In this digital age, your social media presence is crucial. In fact, it's a key communication channel for any brand.  

That said, don't forget to include your social media links in your contact information and press kit footer.

Are You Ready to Build Your Own Press Kit?

Having a press kit ready on your website for journalists to access and download is the first step you need to take to receive earned media opportunities.  

Keep in mind that more coverage means more backlinks, enhanced brand reputation, and more audiences you can neutrally educate about your company – without any sales talk mixed in.  

Digital Resource offers SEO services in Miami. Our team of digital marketing experts and SEO specialists will work with you to build a good reputation online and put your company ahead of its competitors.  

Contact us today to start building your online reputation!

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