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9 Ways to Use NFTs for Better Brand Engagement

Brand Development

Consumers today are no longer just buying products. Instead, they are turning their attention to the overall buying experience.  

This is the reason why NFTs are going mainstream. NFTs aren’t just selling products or services. They're selling the experience of being part of an exclusive world.  

You can use NFTs to offer your audience one-of-a-kind experiences that go beyond the products and services you’re selling. This allows you to cultivate a community of engaged fans that love your brand!

Why Brand Engagement Matters

Brand engagement refers to the process of connecting with your customers through storytelling, interactive marketing, and holistic experiences.  

It involves sharing your brand philosophy and developing customer-centered programs and events that will allow your customers to feel and experience what your brand has to offer beyond what you’re selling.

This helps make your customers feel great about your company and cultivate a strong relationship that translates to higher sales and more profits.  

But brand engagement is so much more than just making your customers feel good about your brand. It’s also about the following:

  • Cultivating meaningful relationships to nurture loyal customers.
  • Engaging customers continuously to encourage repeat purchases.
  • Generating new customer sales through referrals from loyal customers.  
  • Improving products and services as a response to customer feedback.  

Successful businesses and brands keep their customers engaged because this is the key to keeping them loyal and expanding their customer base.  

9 Different Ways You Can Use NFTs for Better Brand Engagement

1. Digital Product Line Expansion

More and more brands are using NFTs as a digital extension of their product line and as a strategy to provide their customers with a unique experience. Let's take a look at some examples of how major brands use NFTs to delight their customers and achieve better results in their internet marketing campaigns in Miami:

Coachella Festival – Coachella 2022 offered all its paying participants an NFT digital image of a flower that bloomed on the two Fridays of the festival. This caught the attention of the crowd and gave them a one-of-a-kind experience they won’t forget.

NFL Franchise – Super Bowl decided to turn its tickets into collectible NFTs. What's great about doing this is that the blockchain technology behind NFTs prevents these tickets from getting counterfeited and provides traceability for fraud control. This means you’re the sole owner of that ticket and it’s yours forever.  

Gucci – Recently, Gucci’s creative director collaborated with Wagmi-san, a Metaverse shop owner, to develop a digital clothing line inspired by fashion and fantasy. But this isn’t the only collab Gucci has done so far. The brand has also partnered with SUPERPLASTIC to create the SUPERGUCCI NFT collection. NFT holders are using this digital apparel to dress their avatar and make them look glam on the metaverse.  

Nike – Nike also launched NFT sneakers called the CryptoKicks. It is said that customers are paying between $4,000 to $9,500 in cryptocurrency for a pair of sneakers.  

Robert Mondavi – A Californian winery brand decided to launch 1,966 packages of NFT goods where holders get access to an exclusive winery experience, a porcelain magnum of 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon, and generative art orchestrated by artist Clay Heaton. The company says its goal is to restore its reputation of prestige and exclusivity.  

MAC cosmetics – This makeup brand sold collectible NFTs to raise funds and support organizations against HIV/AIDS.  

You can definitely invest in NFTs for your brand and create a digital version of your products and services, and maybe even gamify your brand. This allows your customers to engage and experience your brand in new, awesome ways!

2. Showcase Purchases and Consumption Experiences in New Ways

Aside from creating collectibles and digital assets, you can also use NFTs to document a wide array of real-world purchases and consumption experiences. Think of Facebook check-ins and Instagram locations.

By providing your customers NFT-encoded digital identifiers for making certain purchases, joining events, donating to charity, completing a collection, and so on, you allow your customers to showcase their lives, both digital and non-digital, not just on social media but across various digital communities.  

This also creates a sense of exclusivity. For example, no one can claim they were at the Coachella event unless they have an NFT to show for it. People can also no longer say that they own an authentic Gucci sneaker unless they have an NFT as proof.  

This helps eliminate counterfeit products and prevents people from committing fraud.  

NFTs can act as a central digital touchpoint where your customers can interact with your brand across all stages of the buyer’s journey.  

3. Customer Loyalty Programs

Instead of giving away mugs and t-shirts, why don’t you modernize your loyalty programs by giving your most loyal customers access to personalized NFTs?  

Allow your customers to redeem and collect NFTs as they complete certain purchase milestones. You should also give them the option to convert NFTs into real-life or digital prizes.  

This reward system is similar to when you’re playing an online game where you get a prize after breaking through various levels.  

This is an effective way to get your customers to buy from you again and again. You can also use this to boost your internet marketing in Miami by getting them to flaunt their new achievement on social media.  

As a result, they might just convince their network of friends and family to give your brand a try.  

4. Use Real-life Store Receipts as Passes to The Metaverse

Real-life store receipts turned into NFT passes.

Continue to engage your customers after they've purchased by turning your receipts into passes to the metaverse. There your customers can play mini-games, interact with other users, engage in friendly competition, trade, make digital purchases, and more.

This can keep them occupied for hours and get them deeply engaged with your brand. This is how you provide your customers with the one-of-a-kind experience they’re looking for.

5. Introduce a Digital Version of Your Products

Avatars are three-dimensional characters that are controlled by participants. People dress them up, build them houses, take them to the park, and so much more.

Use NFTs to introduce a digital version of your products or services where users can use them for their avatars. This is a great way to put your products in front of a new audience and attract customers both digitally and in real life.  

Launching an exclusive digital collection can also get your fans hyped up and engage them even more.

6. Provide Perks, Opportunities, and Exclusive Access

Are you a renowned fitness coach in your community? Perhaps an author or an inspirational speaker? If you only have your knowledge and expertise to offer to your customers, don’t worry! You can still create an NFT for that.  

Through utility NFTs, you can create a community around your personal brand and provide its holders exclusive access to events and even the opportunity for one-on-one mentoring with you.  

You can use this to engage your customers on a deeper, more authentic level.

7. Boost Community Engagement

Strengthen and expand the community around your brand by sponsoring NFT giveaways, hosting NFT design contests and product development competitions, and creating NFT collections that can be traded in the metaverse or exchange for products and services in real life or hosting virtual and real-life events.

This is a great way to fortify your community, get them involved in your product development process, encourage them to interact with one another, and boost your internet marketing in Miami.  

9. Establish Trust and Drive Revenue for Brands

Art gallery NFT version.

When your products have an NFT-based digital seal of authenticity, especially if you’re selling expensive goods, your buyers feel more confident in doing transactions with you. That’s because NFT can serve as a tool that establishes your legitimacy.  

Aside from this, you can also use NFTs to drive more revenue. Take Nike, for example, which was able to make $3.1 million after its first NFT drop.  

Remember, engaged customers turn into repeat buyers, and repeat buyers equate to more sales. If you’re looking for ways to boost your profits, NFTs could be the answer.

Have You thought About How to Use NFTs to Boost Your Brand Engagement?

Brand engagement is all about delivering exclusive experiences to your customers and creating a sense of community to continue delighting them even after a transaction has been completed. NFTs can be the perfect tool to help you achieve this.  

If you want to invest in NFTs, start with understanding if your audience engages with this trend and how. This will give you an idea of how to delight your customers, keep them engaged, and increase your brand recognition.  

At Digital Resource, our team of internet marketing specialists in Miami will work with you to create a custom brand engagement strategy using NFTs that will convert your existing customers into repeat buyers and help you get the sales you need to grow your brand!

Contact us today to start tapping into all the possibilities of incorporating NFTs into your marketing strategy.

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