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‍Is Metaverse the Next Big Thing in Marketing?

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To understand internet marketing in Miami, we believe it’s important to understand the developments currently shaping the internet.

Having seen how brands and consumers responded to NFTs, we believe people are going to welcome the metaverse in the same way.  

Capitalizing on the metaverse will enable you to reach out to a broader audience in new and exciting ways, creating stronger, more meaningful relationships with them.  

As a result, you can generate more revenue for your business and build your brand image.  

What Is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is a virtual world that exists parallel to our real world. It is made of several interrelated online spaces, where people can shop, travel, play, and interact with one another as avatars.

How Will the Metaverse Revolutionize Digital Marketing?

Marketers from an internet marketing agency in Miami using virtual reality to collaborate in a project.

This new cyberspace opens the door for brands to interact with customers in unique, immersive, and engaging ways that aren’t possible in a traditional setting.  

One possibility is using virtual reality to allow consumers to explore products and virtually “try them on” before buying. This is a great way to provide users with immersive experiences.  

Another application is to use gamification to reward customers for their loyalty and to share your brand’s message in captivating and fun ways.  

This enables you to build a strong connection with your customer base and encourage them to continue patronizing your business. In fact, 60% of consumers said that gamification makes them more likely to buy from a brand.

The possibilities don’t end there with metaverse. The blockchain technology behind it can help marketers and advertisers track customer data and interactions, which can take internet marketing in Miami to a whole new level!

Three Things That Will Remain the Same When Marketing in Metaverse

Concept of what marketing in the metaverse will look like.

Not everything in metaverse will be entirely brand new. We believe that certain digital marketing aspects will continue, such as:

  • Hyper-personalization – People are seeking more authentic, tailored experiences with brands. This is why influencer marketing, product recommendations technology, and personalized web pages are a major hit among consumers. In the metaverse, personalization is going to become even more important. You need to be able to deliver hyper-relevant content, engaging ads, and data-driven campaigns to win over prospects.  
  • Cross-channel tactics – Consumers often use multiple channels, both online and offline, when going through the buyer's journey. As a result, brands are focused on creating a seamless, integrated experience across all touchpoints. We believe the metaverse will turn into one of those touchpoints.
  • Storytelling – The metaverse is redefining storytelling by putting users at the center, resulting in an immersive ‘storyliving’ experience. People love getting to make choices and they’re driving the narrative forward. Modern consumers have already made it clear that they don’t want to be told what to buy and who to buy from. Through storytelling, you can develop a deeper connection with your target audience. You can also use it to communicate, educate, share, and guide them along the buyer’s journey until they make a purchase.  

The key to successful internet marketing in the metaverse is to adjust according to the ever-changing behavior patterns and consumer preferences. You need to stay on top of trends and remain in tune with your target audience.  

Three Potential Marketing Challenges in the Metaverse

woman resting after a workout and texting through augmented reality.

Because the metaverse is relatively new, marketing in this new parallel universe will have its own set of difficulties:

Analytics and Campaign Measurement – Internet marketing in Miami relies heavily on customer data to deliver highly personalized and effective marketing campaigns.  

Marketing in the metaverse will likely be the same. The problem is this: where are you going to get data to give you a head start in the metaverse?  

We suggest that you combine the data you've gathered across different channels and platforms to spot trends, measure your overall performance, and find ways to improve your marketing tactics for the metaverse.

High Cost and Flawed Experience – We all know that gamification, making brand-specific filters, and creating other virtual-related experiences aren't cheap.  

Brands need to work on perfecting immersive experiences, while also figuring out how to make them affordable for consumers.  

Not Everyone Owns VR and AR headsets – This could limit your reach. Fortunately, Mark Zuckerberg said that metaverse will be available on mobile, desktop, gaming, and other devices.

What Other Trends Should You Be on the Lookout for?

Avatar of a user in the metaverse playing games.

The metaverse marks the intersection of several longstanding trends: Facebook’s dominance, the rise of XR, gamification, and the commercialization of digital assets.

To understand the metaverse, then, it’s important to understand the broader context it’s inhabiting. Specifically, NFTs are becoming incredibly popular not just among the tech community but also among brands. In fact, several major players in various industries are already dipping their toes into NFTs.  

Here are some examples of how the most valuable brands are using NFTs to their advantage:

  • Taco Bell NFT GIFs – Taco Bell took supporting a good cause to a whole new level by selling taco-themed NFT GIFs and donating all the profit to the Live Mas Scholarship. Creating and selling NFTs helped generate a lot of buzz on social media, which was good for business.
  • RTFKT’s Digital Sneakers – RTFKT raked in engagement on social media when they allowed potential buyers to virtually try on their sneakers on Instagram through a filter. This helped build hype and attracted a lot of bidders before their drop.  
  • Gucci x Superplastic NFT – Gucci partnered with Superplastic to release an ultra-limited collection of streetwear. The goal of Gucci was to show the world that welcoming new technologies doesn't mean rejecting older modes of commercialization. It’s actually just a new way of improving customer experiences.  

Are You Ready to Get Started with Metaverse Marketing?

The metaverse is a lot like what the internet was in the 1970s. The concept is new, no one can imagine what cyberspace will look like, and nobody can fully predict how it might revolutionize marketing.

As your go-to internet marketing agency in Miami, we suggest that you seriously consider marketing in the metaverse.  

Early adopters are usually the ones who reap the most benefits. If you need help venturing into the metaverse, we can help!  

At Digital Resource, our team of internet marketing experts in Miami will work with you to create a custom marketing plan that will help you engage and connect with your target audience in more immersive and authentic ways.  Contact us to get started!

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