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Best Local SEO Tips for Pest Control Companies

Search Optimization

Another quarter has passed, and it's time to revisit the results of your local SEO campaign. 

While doing so, you may observe that some things seem to be working while others do not.

Does that ring a bell?

If you've hired a professional digital marketing agency in Miami to manage your local SEO campaign and boost your online presence but aren't seeing any results, it's possible that you're not working with the right one.

Never settle for a service that does not provide you good value for your money.

Consider working with an SEO company that will provide you and your business what you deserve.

At Digital Resource, our team of digital marketing experts can create a custom digital marketing plan that will boost your ranking on the search results and put you ahead of your competitors.

To show you a glimpse of what we can do for you, we've put up a local SEO for pest control guide you can use to help your business get more visibility online.

It contains seven tried-and-true tactics from our results-driven SEO strategy that generates relevant traffic and leads for your company.

Let's get started!

Five Effective Pest Control Local SEO Strategies

1. Start by using Google My Business

GMB interface on mobile

Because information obtained on GMB will appear in Google searches and Maps, it's necessary to claim your business at GMB. 

Doing so will ensure that your business appears every time a potential customer nearby searches for your products or services online.

Make sure your business name, address, and phone number are consistent across your website, social media pages, and online directories. You don't want a prospect to end up calling the wrong number.

If you haven't yet claimed your business at GMB, you may follow this step-by-step guide on How to Request Ownership of a Business Profile.

Once you've successfully claimed your business at GMB and optimized it to make sure it appears in front of the right people, you can expect to get more traffic to your site and inquiries!

2. Optimize Your Local Keyword Research

"what are my keywords" card

The practice of discovering keywords that people use to find local places and services is known as local keyword research. 

Ranking for these keywords drives targeted local traffic to your website, resulting in more customers for your pest treatment company.

Local keyword research is critical because you need to know what prospective customers type into search engines, like Google, when seeking your company's services.

That may seem to be simple, but there is a catch.

Most people simply estimate these keywords and assume they understand how people search for their business. This frequently leads to selecting the wrong keywords or ignoring terms that could benefit their bottom line.

If you have a pest control business in Miami, we're pretty sure that you want to rank for keywords like "pest control in Miami." But, what about the other services you provide? Is there a page on your website dedicated to termite treatment? 

How can people find out you have those services?

These are the questions that local keyword research seeks to answer.

When you boost your local keyword research, make sure to add words that are/have:

  • Geographically focused: Instead of using just "pest control" as your keyword, make it more specific by adding the locations you cater to, like "pest control Miami" or "pest control Florida City."
  • Business intent: Use keywords to make readers buy things or be convinced to buy from you. You can use keywords like "reviews," "best," "vs.," top," and others.
  • Educational intent: Your goal in this kind of intent is to inform and sell an idea to your readers. With that, you can use keywords like "how-to," "the best way to," "history of," etc.
  • Research intent: If a searcher types in a niche or a brand that they want to look for, that means that they already have an idea of what they want. So, you need to use keywords that will make them go to your website. Since your business is pest control, you can use keywords like "rat exterminators" or "organic pest control."

Keep an eye on the performance of your keyword strategy and make adjustments as needed.

3. Conduct a Technical SEO Analysis

First off, there are three elements that you should consider when conducting a technical SEO analysis. These are:

  • Website structure and navigation
  • Internal hyperlinking
  • Page speed or page loading time

Website Structure and Navigation 

When users find it easy to navigate a website and find the services they need right away, they are more likely to stay on that page until they obtain their information. So, a well-organized website will often have better engagement metrics (time on site, number of pages seen, and so on) compared to sites that lack structure.  

Although Google mentioned that on-site engagement isn't a direct ranking factor, it's essential to keep track of them because they provide insights to improve user experience.

Internal Hyperlinking

Internal hyperlinking is when you link from one page on your site to another page within your website. This technique helps drive traffic to other pages on your site, boosting SEO efforts.

As a lesser-known method, place your services heading to the far left of your main navigation bar, with specific service options listed under a sub-navigation menu.

This primary SEO method automatically provides Google authority signals about what's most important on your site, which will aid your local SEO campaign.

Page Speed

Finally, test your page speed and adhere to any relevant advice.

Page speed is one of the most important ranking factors you need to pay attention to today. That's because modern users no longer have the patience to wait.

If your website takes longer than three seconds to load on mobile, it'll bounce before you know it!

4. Complement Your Campaign with On-Page SEO

You should also carefully optimize your content using your localized keywords. Make sure you incorporate them into your page copy, blog articles, backend tags, etc.

Keywords are helpful in the following contexts:

  • Title tags - Adding localized keywords to your title tags can help drive clicks.
  • Meta description tags - Although this is not a ranking factor, adding localized keywords to your description tags is another way of boosting your click-through rate. By telling people in your local area that you're here to serve them, they're more likely to click on yours rather than a competitor from another city.
  • Heading tags - These tags include blog post titles and subheadings on pages and articles. Adding localized keywords will help users and search engines read and understand your content.
  • New URLs - Using localized keywords in your URL can tell search engines what the page should show up for in the search results.

We're getting asked a lot about word count and the best count for business articles. The answer is that it depends on how lengthy your top competitors' blog posts are. 

For example, if you actually want to rank high for pest control services in your region, check at how lengthy your rivals' pages are on that subject.

Then, create a high-quality, well-optimized page that is 500 words longer than the page of your top-ranking competitor.

5. Put an Emphasis on Link Building

link building on different devices

To build a healthy link profile, you must have a diverse yet relevant set of quality inbound links going to your site. You want to steadily increase this number eventually- the more, the better.

Google considers backlinks as trust signals, telling them if a website is a reliable source of quality information and if it's worthy of being indexed. 

A way to increase the number of inbound links is to publish guest posts on high-quality sites that allow you to link back to your site.

Focus on obtaining high-quality links no matter how you design your link-building plan. Low-quality ones do not help and might even harm your local SEO campaign.

If you notice that spammy links are being directed at your site, you should consider utilizing Google's disavow tool to notify Google that you don't want these connections to harm your site.

Because this is a more complicated strategy, it is best to consult beforehand with a professional digital marketing agency in Miami.

Create the Best Local SEO Campaign with Digital Resource

An excellent online marketing campaign, without question, has a lot of moving elements. With the information in this article, you should optimize your own local SEO campaign or find the best internet marketing service for your needs.

At Digital Resource, we will produce a list of action items focused on these areas.

Contact us today if you're having trouble locating a professional local SEO company, and we would appreciate the opportunity to help you grow your pest control business. (May it be in Miami or anywhere else!)

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