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Link Building: 5 Common Myths Exposed

Search Optimization

Link building is an important search engine ranking factor, which is why it’s an integral part of many companies’ marketing strategies.  

Through the use of links, search engines such as Google can provide information on which types of content are high quality.

However, there’s a good chance you’ve heard that link building is one of the most challenging aspects of search engine optimization (SEO). Making the cut for the first page of results is getting harder and harder as search engines get smarter.

For this reason, some company owners and digital marketers are still hesitant to implement a link building strategy. Our in-house Nashville digital marketing agency experts believe this should not be the case.

While it can be difficult, it’s very possible to enact powerful white-hat link building strategies. The key is making sure you don’t fall prey to common link building misconceptions.

By reading this article, you will learn the truth behind the common misconceptions about link building. Understanding link building can help you rank better!

Myth #1: Link Building Is Only for SEO

link building in SEO

SEO is becoming more popular these days. Everyone is trying different techniques in their content to rank high on search engines, which means they’re putting an ever-greater focus on link building.

In order to effectively build links and rise in the rankings, you need to provide an enriched user experience and direct more people to your content.  

Regardless of where your website ranks on search engines, it has a chance of being discovered by users. As a result, you should not abandon link building due to disappointing results.

Remember that you can increase your chances of making a sale if you attract the right people to your website. In other words, the kind of result that can be counted as a win for your company.

Myth #2: Link Building Is All About Domain Authority (DA)

Contrary to popular belief, Google considers more than just domain authority when determining the value of a backlink. At Nashville's premier digital marketing agency, we are well aware of this common misconception, and we absolutely don’t subscribe to it.

For context, domain authority is a factor in search engine ranking that indicates how relevant a website is to a particular field or subject. The search engine rankings are directly affected by this type of relevance. This is why most people favor links from sites with high DA scores.

Indeed, there is much information contained within a site's DA. However, in the bigger picture, DA can only give you an idea of your site's credibility. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate the DA in its overall context.

A study conducted by Ahrefs found a connection between a domain's authority and its position in the Google keyword rankings for a sample of 218,713 domains.

The study's findings established that domain authority is, in fact, critical in achieving high levels of organic traffic from Google searches. That said, it would be a mistake to assume that DA is the only factor in link building.

Myth #3: The Top Google Results Are Only Ranking Due to Backlinks

sample search query
Screengrabbed from Google

Google is, without a doubt, the most popular search engine on the web. Thus, businesses and marketers are competing for prime positions in SERPs.

People think that backlinks are the most important ranking factor. Most people choose a link from a well-known industry because of this. But to do this, you have to know how to ask in a way that doesn't sound like begging.

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Because backlinks provide good search engine ranking results, it is essential to understand that search engines like Google are dynamic. As a result, it does not follow that backlinks are the only factor influencing a website's or content's ranking.

It uses numerous algorithms when determining the results of different queries for different user intent—not just your backlinks.

Myth #4: Asking For Someone's Link Is Spammy

Building links is essential, but it’s very difficult to get them if you’re not willing to go and ask for them.

For some, this may look like an attempt at spamming. As a matter of fact, if you reach out to people like this, you are merely supporting your link-building strategies.

While great content is more likely to be linked and shared organically, this does not mean you should stop reaching out to people, especially those in your industry.

Spend time crafting a well-written proposal that is genuine and professional. This way, you will have a better chance of receiving a response from those you contact.

Here at Nashville's top digital marketing agency, we have established best practices for building links. Following these standards has helped our clients create a powerful linking strategy.

Myth #5: Link Building Is Just About Links

sample hyperlink
Photo from TN eCampus

The primary goal of link building is to increase visibility, which in turn improves search engine rankings. Some people still aren't aware of the additional advantages of link building.

However, our Nashville digital marketing agency can help spread the word that link building is not just about links. It can also:

  • Increase traffic to your web domain.
  • Increase your brand's visibility.
  • Showcase your brand's authority and values.

Overall, link-building can be an effective marketing strategy tool. It clearly impacts your rankings, primarily if you use SEO in your business.

Want a Link Building Strategy That Can Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Google and other search engines are becoming increasingly intelligent. They discover new content by following links. This is also their method of determining the quality of that content. As a result, link building is becoming increasingly important.

Although some myths about link building can scare business owners and marketers, you should not let them influence your decisions.

If you believe your link building strategy is not performing as expected, Digital Resource's expert team from our Nashville digital marketing agency will assist you in continuing what you have begun.

We don't want you to waste money on marketing strategies that aren't going to work. Achieving your business goals is something our specialists can help you with.

Want to learn more about our advertising services? Get in touch with us to schedule your no-cost initial consultation.

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