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Landing Page 2022: What Works and What Doesn’t

Digital Advertising

Landing pages have the power to drive your prospects to take action and turn them into customers. You can use them to maximize your conversions, lower your costs for lead generation, and grow your customer base.  

If your goal this 2022 is to get more leads, then creating landing pages and improving your existing ones should be an integral part of your content marketing strategy next year.  

But, building landing pages that convert is easier said than done. An effective landing page involves more about getting your audience what they’re after and less about flashiness.  

So, how exactly can you create landing pages that further nurture leads and urge them down the sales funnel?

As the leading SEO company in Miami, we are going to share with you the landing page best practices you need to follow this 2022.

Without any more delays, let’s get started!

High-Converting Landing Page Best Practices for 2022

Here’s what you should consider doing before finalizing your landing pages for next year:

1. Replace Boring Forms with Interactive Quiz

Customer filling out an online form

According to Inc., interactive content is going to be a major trend next year. It probably has something to do with the fact that people want to have more personalized and tailored experiences with brands.  

It seems like they’re looking for content that’s more than just text - they want something engaging, relevant, and immersive. This is where interactive content comes in.  

In case you don’t know, interactive content is content that requires active engagement from its consumers. Some examples of immersive, creative marketing materials include:

  • Questionnaires, quizzes, and polls
  • Augmented reality materials
  • Interactive calculators
  • 360-degree virtual reality videos
  • AR/VR

In terms of creating high-converting landing pages, interactive content plays a crucial role. By replacing your boring customer information forms with engaging quizzes, you can keep your audience engaged, convince them to stay longer on your page, and get them interested to sign up for your forms.  

As an SEO company in Miami, we suggest that you should invest more in incorporating interactive content into your landing pages next year.  

2. Create Copy That Emphasizes More on Product Details

Having impressive images and detailed product information can convince your customers to buy, especially if you belong to the retail industry.  

By replacing ordinary product images with strong visuals that feature the impeccable detail of your products and adding extensive product descriptions, which include every minor detail like weight, fabric, fitting, and colors, you can capture the attention of your audience and answer their questions before they can even think of asking them.  

This allows them to move smoothly across the customer journey and decide to buy faster.  

Here’s an example from Western Arise:

Old product landing page:

screenshot of Western Arise's landing page
Screenshot from Western Arise

More detailed product landing page:

screenshot of Western Arise's more detailed product page optimized by the leading SEO company in Miami
Screenshot from Western Arise

3. Use Compelling Above the Fold Content

Placing compelling headlines and eye-catching imagery on the top portion of your landing page can grab your audiences’ attention and convince them to keep scrolling.  

Because it’s the first thing people see the moment they arrive on your landing page, you must maximize the space by clearly communicating to your audience what your product is all about.  

When you do this, your audience will know right away what they will be buying at first sight of your page. This helps prevent confusion and tells your website visitors that they did land on the right page.  

Below are some above-the-fold-content best practices to consider this 2022:

  • Personalize your CTAs. Instead of just saying “Learn more”, you could try “Get a free quote!”
  • Use interactive content. If you’re fond of using static images, consider switching to to slideshows, GIFs, or videos to communicate your brand message more compellingly.  
  • Keep it simple, not dull. Play with colors to keep your above-the-fold content simple. Make sure to incorporate your brand colors and use contrast to highlight specific copy on your page, especially your CTA.  

4. Use Different Types of Social Proof

According to Nielsen, 70% of consumers will trust an online review from someone they don’t even know. This shows that social proof is indeed powerful, and it might just be the key to optimizing your landing pages this 2022.  

To boost your conversions and get more people to sign up next year, use different types of social proof throughout your landing page to appeal to different audiences.  

You can even choose to display strong social proof, such as star ratings and positive reviews, above the fold to establish trust right away. Or, you can also feature user-generated content as your visitors scroll down your page.  

Here are the top seven kinds of social proof you should include in your landing pages:

  • Customer reviews: Show your visitors that real people use your products by featuring customer reviews.  
  • Influencer, celebrity, or expert endorsement: Influencers, celebrities, and experts have a huge fan base of loyal followers. Use this to your advantage by featuring them on your landing page.  
  • Customer favorites: Help people decide on what to buy by telling them what your customer favorites are.
  • User-generated content: What better way to tell your audience that your customers love your products or services than by showing them through UGC?
  • Media mentions: Highlighting media mentions on your landing pages is one way of telling your visitors that your products and services are legit. It also establishes credibility and trustworthiness.  
  • Counters: Based on the concept of the herding effect, people will follow the crowd and you can use this to persuade your visitors to either convert or buy your product or services right away.  
  • Authority badges: Why should your target audience choose you? What makes you different from your competitors? If you have accolades, authority badges, and awards, use this to further build trust and convince visitors that you’re the best among the rest.  

5. Use Benefit-Focused Headlines

man reading above-the-fold-content

Remember that your target audience is looking to solve a problem or find a solution to make their lives easier.  

Rather than using product features as your headlines, why don’t you focus on the benefits that your audience will get if they buy your products or services?

The more specific you are in giving out the benefits, the more you can convince your audience to stay, explore, and convert to your offer.  

If your headline fails to grab your audience’s attention, they’ll bounce before you even know it. In fact, 80% of web visitors never make it past the headline. So, make the headlines of your landing pages count this 2022!

As your go-to SEO company in Miami, we’re giving you some of our best landing page headline tips:

  • Make your headlines specific and straight to the point. Your audience needs to have a compelling reason why they would want to convert on your call to action.
  • Highlight your benefits to differentiate yourself from your competitors.  
  • See to it that your headline matches the message from your ads. Otherwise, your landing page will look confusing to your visitors. Some might even think you’ve tricked them into clicking your ad. Consistency is key for effective landing pages.  
  • Use power words to get an emotional or psychological response from your web visitors. Power words can be very effective in persuading your target customers to do something. Examples of power words are: “Ultimate”, “You”, “Easy”, “Save”, “Results”, “Guarantee”.  

Create High-Converting Landing Pages This 2022

If your high-converting landing pages in 2021 suddenly performed less well than expected, then it’s a sign that your landing pages need a strategic update to reduce bounce rate and generate higher conversions next year.

Consider switching out your typical customer forms with interactive quizzes, create strong visuals with detailed product descriptions, use compelling above-the-fold content, feature different types of social proof, and choose benefit-focused headlines for your landing pages this 2022 to generate more leads and boost your conversions.

If you need help creating a digital marketing plan tailored to match your business goals, we can help!  

At Digital Resource, our team of digital marketing specialists and SEO experts can craft high-converting landing pages that will not only put you ahead of your competitors but also generate more sales for your business.  

Get a free consultation!  


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