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How to Keep Your Website Content Up to Date

Content Marketing

Have you ever visited a website, only to find outdated content that no longer reflects the company’s current offerings or mission? Instead of sticking around, you’ll likely find yourself bouncing off to another site.  

Guess what? That’s exactly how web visitors will feel about your website if you fail to keep your content fresh and up to date. Plus, they won’t see you as a credible brand. Perhaps some might even assume that your business is no longer operating.  

What’s more, old content can hurt your search rankings. That’s because Google considers content freshness as a ranking factor.  It specifically looks at various factors for content to measure its freshness, including the date it was created, the size of updates, the last time you updated it, and how often you update it overall.  

On the other hand, posting consistently encourages repeat visits, builds trust, grows loyalty, increases brand awareness, and boosts conversions. That’s a huge impact!

Fortunately, keeping your company’s website content up to date doesn’t have to be extremely challenging – it just takes some planning and (of course) some manual updating when necessary. Keep reading to find out how you can ensure that your site stays relevant today… and tomorrow!

Keep Your Web Content Alive and Kickin’ with These Tips!

Update Older Posts Whenever Necessary

Updating old content is work, but it can make all the difference when it comes to bringing in more traffic and qualified leads. Not to mention, prospects and search engine bots alike will see you as an authoritative and credible source.  

The question is, when’s the right time to revamp outdated content? Luckily, the answer’s simple: anytime you stumble upon new information on the subject discussed. This is especially crucial if you're presenting outdated information. Pay attention to the latest stats, dates, and events as well.  

If you have loads of posts and pages to work on and you’re not sure where to start, you might as well prioritize those that drive the most traffic first. These are the ones that have been attracting visitors to your website and keeping them highly engaged.  

Say Goodbye to Obsolete & No-Longer-Relevant Posts

keyboard keypad saying goodbye

Sometimes, editing an old post just isn’t enough to impress Google and your target audience. It most likely requires a complete overhaul to make it work. Take a look at the topic – is it even related to your niche? Irrelevancy might be the reason why your page isn’t generating as much traffic as you’d expect it to, or that nobody seems to stay long.  

If that’s the case, your best bet is to get rid of the content altogether. For posts that contain tons of high-quality backlinks, consider recycling them to ensure you don’t lose those links. Just be sure to treat irrelevant pages with high-quality backlinks like a rewrite. This way you get fresh, relevant content without losing those links.

Merge Similar Posts

If you’ve been publishing articles for quite some time now, there’s a huge chance that you’ll discover pieces with overlapping topics as you’re going through your archive. For example, you might encounter a post titled “Why Social Media Matters for Your Business,” and then a few seconds later see, “The Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Businesses.”

Odds are, both posts will have a decline in their search rankings, as they’re competing against each other despite belonging to the same website. This is known as keyword cannibalization.  

There are two ways to fix this issue. First, check which article performs better in terms of search. Revise it by adding all of the information you find valuable from the other piece. And voila, you’ve got yourself a high-quality, comprehensive post. The second option is much simpler – target different keywords on each blog post or page.  

Stay on Top of the Latest News in Your Industry

Current goings-on in your industry can give you inspiration for what to write about in your next piece of content. Current industry news won’t only keep your website fresh and up to date, but it can also position you as an industry expert, thus magnifying your credibility to your audience.  

If you act immediately as soon as you hear buzz-worthy industry-related news, don’t be surprised to see your page ranking high and generating a lot of traffic.

Tweak Your Target Keywords

Popular keywords and trends are ever-changing, which is why it’s essential to reevaluate and enhance your keyword strategy when maintaining your content.  

Analyze your target keywords and see if they’re still effective (or ever have been). If not, it’s time to switch them. Research the current top-performing keywords that are relevant to those posts and use them to replace your old ones.  

This may not be that big of a deal to your visitors, but to search engine bots, updating your keywords can mean higher search rankings.  

Don’t Forget the Rest of Your Pages

When we see or hear the word content, most of us think blog posts. Only a few realize that each and every single page on a website is a contributing factor to SEO and user experience.  

From your About and Contact pages to your Product/Service and FAQ pages, they’re there to communicate your brand to your audience. And, as with your blog posts, they also need reconstruction every now and then.  

For instance, your About page may contain information that must be updated, like the number of years your business has been running, or maybe you need to edit your Meet Our Team page after welcoming a new batch of new team members.  

Make it a point to refurbish respective webpages every time there are changes within your business. That way, you won’t mislead your visitors.  

That’s a Wrap!

note saying time for new content

So, there you have it, some quick and easy tips to ensure your website content stays fresh and up to date. If this all seems like a lot of work, that’s because it can be!  

Here’s a solution you might want to seriously consider: team up with Digital Resource!

Hiring an experienced digital marketing company like us to manage your website content is a great way to free up your time so you can focus on running your business. We have a dedicated team of content specialists who will gladly help you turn your outdated posts into high-quality, original ones that will resonate with your target audience and improve your bottom line.  

Contact us today to learn how we can help take the burden of content management off your shoulders!

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