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You Are a Badass Entrepreneur, Stop Sabotaging Your Success


As a trusted digital marketing agency in Miami, we’re proud to work with a large range of talented, impactful entrepreneurs.

We know how important the right leader can be in a community, but it’s just as important to acknowledge the doubts that they can go through. That’s why we wanted to take the time to discuss self-sabotage.

Our hope is that we can help you appreciate the fruits of success that come from your hard work.

5 Ways You Can Stop Getting in The Way of Your Success

The result of self-sabotage is that you hesitate and stall instead of seizing opportunities. So, you end up letting go of your dreams and goals. You constantly miss out. You feel stuck and frustrated, but you don’t understand why.  

Here’s how to stop self-sabotaging your success:  

1. Identify Your Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

entrepreneur thinking about her self-sabotaging behaviors.

Sometimes, self-sabotage can be so subtle that you fail to recognize you’re doing it. In fact, your subconscious probably sees it as a way to defend yourself, even during times when it’s no longer necessary.  

Overthinking your decisions is one example. You think you’re saving yourself from future hurt by thinking things through repeatedly, but what’s really happening is that you’re left paralyzed with worry and inaction.  

Being self-aware of your self-sabotaging behaviors is the first step towards breaking this harmful pattern of thinking.  

Here are a few self-sabotage behaviors to be aware of:

  • Procrastination

People tend to procrastinate when they feel like something is too difficult to do. So, instead of dealing with the problem head-on, they put it off.  

How do you solve this?

Take it slow. If you’re not comfortable with the thought of confronting challenges directly and solving them quickly, break things down into smaller pieces and try to tackle them that way.  

  • Isolation

When you isolate yourself and only spend time around people who have the same views and beliefs as you, you’re depriving yourself of the opportunity to receive constructive criticism and outgrow your current self.  

How do you solve this?

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to build your professional network. It's key to growing your business and increasing your opportunities. Instead of isolating yourself, join new groups and be open to new ideas, criticism, and honesty, even if it hurts.  

  • Impostor Syndrome

Impostor Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon that causes you to doubt your abilities and feel like a fraud.  

This kind of mentality undermines your self-worth and confidence. No matter how much you achieve or how much people praise you, you still find it difficult to believe that you deserve your accomplishments.  

How do you solve this?

Separate facts from feelings. It’s one thing to believe that your success wouldn’t be possible without the help of certain people. But it’s an entirely different thing to not take credit for any of your accomplishments.

You are successful because you earned it. Remember that whenever you feel fraudulent. And, whenever you fail, develop a healthy response instead of beating yourself up. Learn how to appreciate the good work you do.

  • Playing Safe

You will never succeed by playing it safe. The most successful entrepreneurs are risk-takers. It’s only when you make a mistake and get hurt that you learn how to come back stronger.  

Unfortunately, many business owners settle for mediocrity. They think that since their sales are okay, they don’t have to do strive for anything more.  

How do you solve this?

Take small, calculated risks. These risks can add up, helping accelerate your growth personally and in business. Remember: small progress is better than no progress at all.

2. Find Out the Underlying Cause

Often, self-sabotaging habits are grounded in feelings of self-worth. If you don't feel like you’re capable, you’re more likely to overcompensate for your low self-esteem by working ridiculously hard and being a perfectionist.  

Take time to identify what’s causing you to sabotage yourself.  

It’s only through self-reflection that you can become more self-aware and gain a deeper understanding of your underlying motivations and desires.  

3. Change Your Internal Dialogue

Entrepreneur trying to rewire her internal dialogue into something more positive.

Once you’re self-aware, you can start seeing the ways in which you’re sabotaging yourself. This will make it easier to counter those harmful behaviors.  

Create an affirmative, confident voice to guide you in avoiding engaging in self-sabotaging behaviors.  

4. Find the Small Changes that Move You in the Right Direction

Change doesn’t happen overnight. So, don’t pressure yourself. Be realistic by taking it one day at a time.  

Once you’ve identified the changes you want to make, choose one negative behavior you want to work on and focus on addressing it before heading to the next.  

Small changes are sustainable, and they allow you to slowly build more meaningful and impactful transformations in the long run.  

5. Set Realistic Goals

Digital marketing agency Miami setting goals to help the achieve results.

If the unknown makes you feel uneasy or scared, you’re not alone. A lot of people have a deep fear of the unknown and end up sabotaging themselves as an act of self-defense, preparing themselves for the worst. They allow themselves to crumble and feel incompetent.

But this no longer has to be you. By setting realistic goals and having solid plans for the future, you can feel more confident about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.  

Start your day by deciding to be kind to yourself. By doing this, you can slowly build positive habits that will put you on a stronger path to success!

You’re a Badass Entrepreneur, Don’t Ever Doubt Yourself!

Until your self-sabotaging behaviors are addressed, your pattern of failure is bound to repeat itself.  

Use this blog to help you get started in changing your life for the better and achieve that breakthrough that will push you and your business to the next level!

Digital Resource is a leading digital marketing agency in Miami that works with countless entrepreneurs and small business owners, helping them succeed in marketing their business online.  

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