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5 Harsh Truths About Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur


If you're thinking about starting up a business, you’re likely envisioning how good success would feel. However, what most people don't know about is what goes on behind the scenes of an entrepreneur's life.

They don't see the long hours, criticisms, sacrifices, and failures entrepreneurs face. Many don’t see the stress that aspiring entrepreneurs must endure to get to where they want to be.

If you want to pursue your dream of being a successful entrepreneur, you should know what you’re signing up for.

We're here to help you out with that.

Today, we’re going to share with you the five harsh realities of becoming an entrepreneur.

Trust us, becoming the go-to Miami SEO company wasn’t easy!

These are the five harsh truths you need to know to become a successful entrepreneur:

1. Your First Try Will Most Likely Fail

failed stamp in paper

When you consider starting your own business, you become very idealistic. You'll have a dream about having a business idea, and the next day it'll be as if you're already making money. Unfortunately, that's not always the case.

Your first attempt almost always never succeeds. But that doesn't mean you'll have to come up with a completely new business idea. It simply means that your strategy needs to change.

This is why entrepreneurs rarely succeed with the businesses they started with, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

If you have a business idea and try to implement it, but it fails, the best thing to do is to learn from your experience. Embrace that experience and know that if you learn from your mistakes, you'll have a good chance of building a successful business in the future.

2. Someone Better Than You Will Always Exist

There will always be someone who is more inventive than you, someone is growing at a faster rate than you, a person who has more connections and opportunities than you do.

Yes, it's a hard pill to swallow. And no matter how good a year you think you're having, you must understand that competition will always be around.

Once your business is more established, there will be fresh, new players that challenge your market share: entrepreneurs who are trendier and more tech-savvy than you.

Let's use Blackberry as an example. Remember how they used to dominate the mobile market? At one point, there were 80 million Blackberry users worldwide, including former U.S. President Barack Obama.

But where is it now?

The iPhone radically shrunk its user base, to the point that very few people think of the brand anymore.

There are so many things that will make you feel like a dinosaur at some point, and you must accept the fact that you will not be able to win everything.

Bottom line: If you want to manage a long-term business, prioritize collaboration over competition.

Rather than comparing yourself to others, the most critical business tip we can give you is to stay in your own lane.

People who are drawn to you are drawn to you for a reason.

3. Giving Up Will Be an Option

businessman carrying a box full of his personal things

When you're an aspiring entrepreneur, quitting is probably the last thing in your mind and is something you think you'll never do. In fact, you might look down on anyone who’s quit.

What kind of person abandons their dreams?

The truth is, there are a lot of people who do.

Think of startups who never made it.

You might not consider following the steps of those startups who never made it when your business is on the verge of failing. But believe us when we say that the temptation to quit is strong.

You won't understand why so many people simply walk away until you face the difficulties of starting your own business – never-ending hours, broken promises, bad deals, and demanding customers.

It's OK to want to quit as long as you resist the urge. Instead, think of this need as a sign that you're on the right track.

If it wasn't difficult, you wouldn't want to stop; you wouldn't be making any progress if you didn't want to quit. Just keep moving forward.

4. Sleep Will Become a Luxury

man sleeping on his desk

Never underestimate the value of sleep. You'll be running on fumes, making bad judgments, and ultimately damaging your company if you don't get enough of it.

However, once you become a full-time entrepreneur, you’re going to have many important things to do, which could leave you without the time to get proper sleep.

Starting a business is likely something you have to do in your free time. As a result, you'll shift from your eight-hour job to familial responsibilities, if any, to working on your ambition.

Those hours will undoubtedly add up. Remember that everyone who came before you had to go through the same experience. 

Get as much sleep as you can but know that this is one of the challenges that arises when establishing a startup business.

5. You'll Need to Know When to Let Go

While this might be tough for new entrepreneurs, knowing when to let go of your business is essential. This is important for you to still be able to save what's left -- your time and your remaining money, which you can invest in your next business venture.

You must reach the realization that your plan just didn't work. 

At Digital Resource, we believe that determination is crucial for entrepreneurs. That said, perseverance without income can leave you feeling defeated.

It takes time to create something truly unique. We believe that as an entrepreneur, you have the instincts to know when to let go of a business idea or an existing business. You must not let this be a source of defeat in your life, but instead, use it to strengthen your willpower as an entrepreneur.

Keep in mind that the market is constantly changing, and you must remain vigilant in order to detect major breakthroughs.

Are You Ready to Become a Successful Entrepreneur?

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is like a test that pushes you to be your best. 

Remember that unrealistic expectations are the root of most business problems, so you'll need to set them right.

Embracing these business struggles is both challenging and rewarding.

If you're experiencing any of these business struggles and need help overcoming them, Digital Resource will be there to help.

We’re everyone’s go-to Miami SEO company so you can trust us when we say that we can help.

Contact us today to learn how to overcome obstacles in your business, accelerate its growth, and have more fun.

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