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Social Media for Small Business: How to Create Effective Social Content without a Social Team

Social Media Marketing

Producing effective, high-performing content is the key to building a reliable brand and a strong social media presence. This is especially true for small business owners like you who have a tight marketing budget to work with.  

However, creating social media content and optimizing it for SEO in West Palm Beach is competitive and extremely time-consuming.  

For your small businesses to thrive without hiring an entire social team or needing to spend a lot on ad dollars, you need to embrace what makes you unique and develop a strong social content strategy.

Tips for Generating High-Quality Social Content for Small Businesses

1. Be Consistent with Your Visuals

Social media template for posts.

Your visual identity serves to represent and differentiate your brand. It’s a crucial part of your company’s brand recognition and awareness.  

The first step toward producing high-performing social content is to translate your visual identity into elements that you will consistently use throughout your social content. This will help you achieve visual consistency on social media, which is necessary to build a strong presence online.

So, how exactly do you create visual consistency in your social content? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Use a consistent color palette to help your audience recognize your brand right away and make positive associations.  
  • Pick a filter that suits your brand and use it consistently to convey a specific mood or feeling. Using a single filter for your images also helps keep them looking consistent.  
  • As much as possible, avoid stock photos. Instead, create your own visual template and images.
  • Choose images that are unique to your brand.  

Together with visual consistency, you also want to maintain a consistent voice and tone across all channels.  

2. Pay Attention to Your Customers’ Demands

To capture your audience’s attention and get them to respond to your posts, you need to create content that speaks directly to their needs, wants, and pain points.  

Ask yourself:

  • What are your ideal customers talking about on social media?  
  • What questions do they have about your products and services?  
  • What do they want?

Your goal is to get inside your customers’ heads and determine what’s valuable to them.

A good starting point is conducting Q&As on Instagram, This or That surveys, and interactive polls on Facebook or Insta Stories. Aside from these, you should also try doing the following:

  • Track mentions related to your brand to understand what your audience is talking about. This helps you find opportunities to enter the conversation.
  • Use Google Trends, AnswerThePublic, and Reddit to further understand the conversations going on in your space.
  • Scroll through your competitors’ social media pages and brands you admire for insights.  
  • Email a formal survey to your email list.  
  • Assess your previous posts to determine which content your audience loves and is most responsive to.  

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary data, try to spot trends and identify what your best-performing social media posts have in common.  

Does your audience prefer images, short-form videos, or memes? What call-to-actions are they most responsive to?

3. Repurpose Your Content

Blog post optimized for SEO in West Palm Beach.

Content repurposing helps you get more mileage for your pieces and enables you to distribute them better.

This is why it makes sense to reuse your custom marketing content for your social media.

If you’re concerned about sounding redundant, don’t worry. High-quality content doesn’t mean your posts always have to be unique or unheard of. You only need to make sure that you’re not simply copying and pasting the words from your blog to social media.  

So, what’s the correct way of recycling evergreen content? Here are some creative ways how to repurpose your content and maintain its quality:

  • Turn a whitepaper or research report into a blog post.  
  • Take a single point in your blog post and expand it into a Tweet thread.  
  • Turn your YouTube video into a blog post.
  • Use blog graphics as visuals for Instagram.  
  • Create infographics from research and data reports.  
  • Turn the tips from your blog post into a series of short-form videos.  
  • Create a video series from your written content.  
  • Create a podcast and convert your blog post into audio content.  
  • Post behind-the-scenes and outtakes as visuals on your social media.  

4. Leverage the Latest Trends and Happenings in Your Industry

Along with evergreen topics, create content centered around the latest news in your industry. This can provide you with endless inspiration for your social content.  

If you’re not sure where to find the hottest topics in your space, consider following experts, reporters, news sites, and influencers in your niche.

You can use their content as inspiration and provide insights to make it your own. Staying up to date on trends also helps you get ahead of your competitors, builds your credibility, and conveys that you're a leader in your industry.

5. Determine the Standard Social Media Image Size for All Major Platforms

Visual content rules the social media landscape. Whenever you post an image or media file on your page, make sure it’s not blurry or awkwardly cropped. Otherwise, your content is going to look unprofessional and will turn users off.  

Make sure you know the standard social media image size across all platforms so that you don’t have to go back and forth resizing, reuploading, and resaving every time you need to post something.  

6. Be Authentic

Behind the scenes photoshoot of business woman.

Modern consumers love to see authenticity in brands. In fact, 90% of consumers believe that authenticity is important when choosing which brands they support.  

Aside from providing educational, promotional, and entertaining content, you should also humanize your brand by posting behind-the-scenes clips about how your business works and the people behind it.  

What’s great about this type of content is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. It still needs to be branded, for sure, but you can use raw clips straight from your mobile device and post them straight to your Insta Story or on TikTok.  

Here is some behind-the-scenes content that will shed a light on who you are and what goes on behind closed doors.  

  • A day-in-the-life of a teammate
  • A day-in-the-life of a business owner
  • The process involved in making your product
  • Customer testimonials
  • Office tour
  • Workplace tour

7. Optimize Your Social Content for SEO

Did you know that being active on social media can help improve your SEO in West Palm Beach?  

Although social media doesn't directly contribute to your rankings in the search results, the exposure you gain and the traffic you generate across platforms can definitely boost your visibility on Google.  

Here’s how a solid social media content strategy can influence search engine optimization:

  • Generate more organic traffic.
  • Increase local search engine optimization.
  • Improve brand reputation

The more people share your content on social media, the more exposure you gain and the more traffic you generate. As a result, the better your visibility in the search engine results pages!

Make sure your visual content rules the social media landscape by doing the following:

  • Make it easy to share your content by adding social buttons in your blog posts and encouraging readers to share.  
  • Only publish high-quality images and visuals.  
  • Make sure your social media profile is optimized. Use your brand logo as your profile picture, fill out all the necessary information about your business, and use your company name as your profile page name.  
  • Use keywords and hashtags in your posts to increase their visibility and make it easier for users to sort through your content.  

You Can Create High-Performing Social Content Even Without a Social Team!

Small business owners wear many hats. Use the tips we shared above to guide you in making high-quality social content that generates results even if you’re a one-person team!

At Digital Resource, our team of SEO experts in West Palm Beach and social media marketing specialists will work with you to create a custom strategy that will put your business ahead of your competitors.  

Need a trusted agency to help you handle the marketing side of your business? Contact us today for a free consultation!

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