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How Google AdWords Work | 15 Interesting Facts

Digital Advertising

The internet is an amazing place. It provides us with access to any information we want, at any moment in time (unless of course your Wi-Fi is out). With such broad accessibility, it’s no wonder that the Internet is redefining the way businesses market. There are so many effective ways to market online. And one of the most noteworthy is using Google AdWords. Keep reading to learn how Google Adwords work and why these ads can benefit your business.

How Google AdWords Work

Google AdWords is Google’s pay-per-click advertising system. This means that businesses only pay when someone clicks their ads. Basically, when a person searches for a product or service on Google, they’ll get a few ads for relevant businesses in their search results. These ads blend right into the mix of search results, making them very effective. As opposed to television, print or radio advertising, this kind of advertising wastes no time for businesses, because their ads are only shown to people searching for a product or service like theirs.

Interesting Facts About AdWords

If you have an interest in making Google AdWords a part of your marketing strategy, it’s important to know the numbers. Here are 15 interesting facts and figures about Google AdWords.

  1. AdWords made its debut in 2000 with 350 advertisers
  1. Google AdWords accounts for 97% of Google’s revenue
  1. Google earns 77.8% of US search ad revenue
  1. 50% of Google users can’t tell the difference between ads and organic search results
  1. Google has tracked 4 billion store visits from its ads
  1. In 2016, Google removed 2 billion bad ads
  1. 6% of Google add clicks come from desktops, 48.9% of Google ad clicks come from smartphones and 11.5% od Google ad clicks come from tablets
  1. The average cost per acquisition for AdWords search ads is $59.18 and the average cost for display ads is $60.76
  1. 75% of mobile search ad revenue comes from Apple devices
  1. There’s a 27.7% click-through rate for a mobile search ad in the first position and a 9.2% click-through rate for a mobile search ad in the second position
  1. There’s a 19.3% click-through rate for a desktop search ad in the first position and a 11.4% click-through rate for a desktop search ad in the second position
  1. Google’s share of the global digital advertising market is 31.1%, and its share of the global mobile digital advertising market is 40.5%
  1. Google’s share of US paid search ad spend is 82% and its share of US paid search ad clicks is 79%
  1. For every $1.60 businesses spend on AdWords, they make an average of $3 in revenue
  1. Amazon is the largest AdWords advertiser

Design an Effective AdWords Campaign

Now that you know how Google AdWords work, you know it's a must for internet marketing. AdWords can be a game changer for your business, but if (and only if) you use the system correctly. Due to it's complexity, there’s a lot that goes into generating a successful Google ad. Unfortunately, you could waste a lot of time and money if you don’t know what you're doing. But you don't have to risk it! Our internet marketing specialists will craft an effective campaign to give your business more exposure. Contact Digital Resource today!

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