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How to Help your Employees Stay Focused in a Post-Pandemic Work Environment


Before the pandemic, many companies saw their offices as essential to their operation.  

But, as the COVID-19 outbreak dragged on and safety protocols pushed offices to close, companies had to come up with an alternative workplace model and allow their employees to work from home.  

During this time, many business leaders learned that people can work just as effectively at their houses as they would in the office.  

Now that things are starting to go back to normal, companies are faced with a choice: Should they bring employees back to the office, remain at home, or develop a new and more fitting work structure?

Whatever it is that you’re going to choose, we believe that this transition will have a significant effect on your employees. So, it’s important that you provide support, help them successfully onboard to your new workplace model, and above all keep them motivated and engaged in a post-pandemic work environment.  

How exactly can you do that?  

As your go-to SEO company in Florida, we are going to share with you tips you can use to help your employees stay motivated in a post-pandemic workplace environment.  

How to Stay Productive in a Post-Pandemic Workplace

Give Your Employees a Choice

woman working from home

Here’s a fact: The way professionals work is changing.  

Living in an era of smartphones and the internet where the pressure to always be “ON” is high, more and more people want flexible work hours and locations.  

Contrary to popular belief, having a flexible work schedule doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re allowing your employees to slack off and not meet deadlines. Instead, you’re enabling them to function to their fullest ability by giving them the opportunity to decide on their work hours and working environment.  

Today, workplace flexibility is no longer a perk. It’s necessary to keep your employees happy and productive.  

In fact, according to a Stanford survey, professionals who had the flexibility to work from home increased their productivity levels by 13% and worked longer hours.  

In this post-pandemic environment, you must offer a variety of work settings to your employees, such as compressed workweeks, working from home, flexible working hours, and working remotely.  

Meet with your employees and ask them what kind of workplace structure they want moving forward and try to meet them in the middle.  

Create a Balance Between Private and Group Spaces

Many employees have become accustomed to the kind of privacy they have at home, but the trend toward more open working environments or unassigned seating has led to the loss of space for personal use.  

A survey conducted by Gensler Research Institute showed that open workplaces were associated with greater performance and a better experience.  However, you also want to recognize that noise, privacy, and the ability to pay attention remain to be key factors of workplace effectiveness.  

This 2022, strike a balance between having private and group spaces. Make sure your company can cater to employees who work better with the presence of others and those who are more effective when they have their own private space.  

Develop Better Space Utilization Arrangement

Unassigned seating is already a trend, and more companies have started to adopt this new workplace arrangement. However, many employees are concerned about sharing. They feel like with the pandemic just beginning to die down, it’s better to have a designated desk to make them feel safer while they work.  

As a solution, you need to deliberately and strategically plan a better and more balanced space utilization program for your office and do this with safety considerations in mind.  

Create Programs That Promote Health and Well-Being

healthy and happy SEO company in Florida employees  celebrating success

According to a workplace survey in 2019 by Gensler Germany, most employees desire for a healthy working environment was not being met.  

In this post-pandemic era, promoting health and wellness in the workplace should be one of your top priorities.  

Encourage your employees to form healthy habits, support their mental health, and motivate them to have an active lifestyle. Achieve these by developing workplace policies that aim to support their health and well-being.  

Offer More Training

The pandemic forced many professionals to take a digital leap in their everyday life and practices.  

While 59% of workers said that digital transformation is good and that digitalization helped improve their digital skills, many employees, especially the older generation, struggled to adapt to technology.  

This shows that company-wide training is necessary moving forward. The post-pandemic era requires new skills.  

As an SEO company in Florida, we believe that you should invest in digital skills training and training on company platforms and systems to help your employees become more efficient and effective in their jobs.  

If you’re looking for the best applicants, you can use this to attract the right talents for your company. According to a survey, 43% of workers said that companies that offered training with long-term values are one of the factors that make a job offer within the same sector attractive.  

Employees today want to learn new skills. You should respond to this by offering training and continuing education. This will not only empower your employees to become more effective at work, but it will also help your business to be the most competitive in the market.  

Show That You Trust Them

78% of employees say that feeling trusted that they can get the job done is crucial in the post-pandemic era.  

If you want your employees to stay focused and motivated post-pandemic, you need to stop hovering over them and start making them feel that you’re confident in them.  

Consider Automating Routine Tasks

Happy and more productive employee because of automation

As part of redesigning your company’s work process to better address the emerging needs of your employees in this post-pandemic era, consider automating routinary tasks.  

Routinary tasks can be both laborious and time-consuming. Help your employees become more productive and better utilize their time for more important tasks through automation.  

Today, we can see AI being used across various industries, from transport, agriculture, entertainment, etc. Why don’t you start automating tasks in your business to improve your company’s overall efficiency and performance?  

Help Your Employees Succeed

Your employees’ success is also your company’s success.  

Giving your workers the flexibility to work from home, providing an office space they’re comfortable working in, creating a workplace environment they know they can grow professionally and making them feel valued are just some of the ways you can show your support and help them stay focused, motivated, and engaged at work post-pandemic.  

As your go-to Florida SEO company that practices workplace flexibility and healthy workplace culture, we encourage you to rethink the future of office space and workplace structure. Sit down with your employees and ask them what arrangement works for them and try to meet them in the middle.  

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