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Reasons to Encourage Empathy in the Workplace


Empathy in the workplace can lead to a more engaged and motivated workforce, better relationships among team members, and of course, an overall positive environment. Add all of these together and you get a business that’s bound for success.  

As a West Palm Beach SEO company that has been practicing empathy for years, we can definitely attest to it.

In its most basic definition, empathy refers to the ability to understand someone else’s point of view. It’s about putting yourself in the shoes of others, seeing the world from their own perspective.

In the context of work, empathy simply means that your employees can develop genuine, empathetic connections with each other. It’s a skill we can build and strengthen. The more we train ourselves to be empathetic, the better we become at getting along with everyone in the workplace.  

However, let’s not just focus on the general part here. It’s already common knowledge that empathy can improve our communication skills and relationships with our team.  

Instead, what we’re going to explore in this post are the more specific reasons to encourage empathy in the workplace. That way, you’ll know why it’s a super valuable skill that shouldn’t be ignored.  

Keeping that in mind, let’s begin.

Reasons to Encourage Empathy in the Workplace

Empathy Reduces Conflict

employees helping each other to succeed

How? Simply put, empathy neutralizes negativity.  

When you’re feeling angry, frustrated, or annoyed with a coworker, your ability to see their standpoint is a powerful instrument. It softens your negative emotions, allowing the two of you to respond more positively, rather than making things worse by bickering and disagreeing.  

By placing yourself in someone else’s position, you’ll find it easier to solve conflicts and come up with solutions that work for everybody involved.

Empathy Boosts Productivity and Performance

Workplace empathy can leave a compelling impact on productivity and performance.  

According to Russ Ruffino, the CEO and founder of Clients on Demand, empathy is the key to great marketing. He believes that to create trust, you have to “show clients that you know exactly how they feel, and how to fix what’s wrong.” Once you’re able to do that, everything will go by smoothly.  

Empathetic leaders also pave the way for happy employees. In fact, a study conducted by Workplace from Facebook found that more than half of employees would consider leaving their job if their managers aren’t showing empathy to their staff.  

If your team sees that you truly care about them, as opposed to being just another employee, they’ll become more productive and perform better than usual.  

Empathy Produces Satisfied Customers

One of the primary ways customers judge a company’s service quality is by looking at how the employees interact with them. Indeed, effective communication is a key player in shaping an organization’s reputation.  

When you approach work believing that every customer deserves to be treated kindly, it will show. And, once they see that, they’ll freely give you their trust, loyalty, and respect.  

Let’s be honest: We all want to feel valued. When someone calls to seek assistance regarding an issue, they may really want you to hear them out. Let them express their concerns, frustrations, and whatnot before you can respond.  

Always take time to observe, ask questions, and respond nicely. You’ll never know how much it means to others.  

Empathy Increases Sales and Investment Opportunities

West Palm Beach SEO employee researching about a potential investor to know what motivates them

Based on our years of experience as a West Palm Beach SEO company, we can totally say that being empathetic in the workplace has been helping us identify what motivates our clients. That’s why we’re also encouraging you to do the same!

Since investors choose companies for different reasons, you can practice empathy by researching your prospective investors. Learning more about their professional background makes it easier for you to pinpoint any similarities you may share.  

If you finally strike a conversation with them, you can get on their good side by talking about those things you have in common. There’s a huge possibility that they will like you.  

As for securing contracts with new clients or updating old contracts with existing clients, you might want to learn what they find important so you can appeal to their needs in your pitch. Also, try to identify the potential challenges their business may face that you can offer solutions to.

Empathy Lowers Work-Related Stress

Another reason to promote empathy in the workplace is to build a more collaborative environment and strengthen professional relationships, both of which can reduce stress.  

Research from the BI Norwegian Business School discovered that managers and employees who have good relationships with each other experienced significantly less stress.

Additionally, workers in an empathetic workplace seldom experience burnout. Empathetic leaders have a habit of checking in with their employees and giving them time to talk about their problems. Such leaders focus on the well-being of their team.  

Empathy Fuels Creativity

the word idea written on a canvas with art materials around

It might sound surprising, but yes, empathy makes room for more creative solutions.  

For instance, you may be asked to consider the views of your target audience or their most urgent needs. By using empathy to see things through the eyes of your customers, you’ll be able to think of strategies that would most appeal to you in that particular situation.

The point is, understanding a product or service from a consumer’s POV helps you recognize opportunities or challenges that had never entered your mind before. You’ll bring out the inner innovator in you.  

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