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Franchise Development Marketing Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not

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If you're running a franchise or thinking about buying into one, staying on top of the latest franchise development marketing trends is incredibly important.  

As we explore the landscape in 2024, some clear standout strategies are making waves, and others seem to be on their way out. Whether you're looking to spice up your current marketing plan or just keeping tabs on the industry, understanding these changes can help you make all the right moves.  

Ready to discover the sizzling trends lighting up franchise marketing and the ones that seem to be fizzling out? Stick around as we reveal what they are below!

What’s Hot in Franchise Development Marketing?

Keeping up with the hot and not trends in franchise development marketing can save you a ton of time and money from investing in outdated strategies. And so, let’s begin with the must-follow trends.

Influencer Partnerships

Ever wonder why influencers seem to be everywhere in marketing? It's simple – they're effective. These personalities have the trust and attention of their followers. When they recommend something, it feels like advice from a friend rather than a sales pitch. Plus, they know exactly how to talk to their audience, making their endorsements hit just the right note.

Don't just chase after the big fish with massive followings, though. Sometimes, the local influencers or those with niche audiences can pack a bigger punch, as they often have highly engaged followers who trust their opinions deeply.  

Scout for influencers who are actual fans of your franchise or could realistically become one. Then, get creative together. Work on campaigns that showcase your brand through their unique lens. This could be anything from special events at your locations to exclusive BTS content. The goal is to craft authentic stories that their followers (and yours) will want to be a part of.

Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences


Think AR is just for the tech geeks? Think again! Many franchises across different industries have jumped on the AR bandwagon, and it's easy to see why.  

Whether it's giving potential franchisees a virtual tour of your operations or allowing customers to see how your products can fit into their space, augmented reality is here to take the user experience to the next level and help your brand come alive.

It’s a fantastic way to capture interest, present information in a snazzy format, and leave a lasting impact. Seriously, once people get a glimpse of your place through AR, they’ll be itching to check it out in person!

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has revolutionized franchise development marketing by making everything a lot more personal and a whole lot smoother. From chatbots that handle initial customer inquiries to predictive analytics that forecast market trends, these tools are invaluable.

Consider setting up AI-driven chatbots on your website. They can answer questions from potential franchisees or customers on the spot, making everyone feel right at home 24/7. You might also want to dig into AI tools that crunch numbers to figure out the best spots for new franchise locations based on all sorts of data.  

Then there are tools designed to up your content creation game. They can analyze what your audience digs and then help churn out articles, posts, and emails that really speak to these folks. This means you can deliver spot-on content that hits the mark every time, keeping your followers engaged and eager for more.

Sustainability Initiatives

These days, everyone’s looking for brands that really mean it when they say they're going green. Whether you're cutting back on waste, using recycled materials, or supporting local green initiatives, showing that you care about the planet can seriously boost your appeal to prospective partners and customers alike.

Don’t just do good – talk about it! Make sure your eco-friendly moves are front and center in all your promotional campaigns. Use your website, social media feeds, and even your packaging to broadcast your green credentials. Show how your sustainability efforts align with your audience’s values. Trust us, it’ll make them feel good about choosing you.

What’s NOT Hot in Franchise Development Marketing?

Now, let’s dive into the “not” part of the hot or not trends. Stay away from these outdated practices to stay ahead of the curve.

Traditional Ads


Gone are the days when billboards and newspaper ads were all the rage. Sure, they may still have a bit of their charm left, but they're no longer the heavy hitters they used to be. In today's digital world, these old-school methods are losing ground.  

Why the shift? It all boils down to effectiveness. Traditional ads just couldn’t deliver the same bang for your buck when it comes to tracking ROI and honing in on specific demographics. Franchises are waking up to this reality and realizing their money is better spent on digital tactics.

Generic Email Blasts

Still hitting "send" on the same old email to every subscriber? That might have worked once upon a time, but today's customers want something personalized just for them – emails that really get who they are and what they're into. So, if your messages feel like they could go to anyone, you're probably not making the impact you could be.

Switch things up. Start by segmenting your email list into different groups based on what you know about your subscribers, such as their past purchases, location, or how they’ve interacted with your previous emails. Then, craft messages that target each group's specific interests and needs.  

The more personalized your emails, the higher your odds are of engaging your audience. It will give them a reason to open their inbox as soon as they see your franchise’s name popping up, and it’ll also stop them from hitting that dreaded unsubscribe button.

Over-Reliance on Discounts

Slashing prices left and right? That might get attention, but it's not a sustainable strategy. Constant discounts can devalue your brand and lead to a cycle where customers only bite when there’s a sale, hurting your profits in the long run.  

Rather than relying on endless discounts, focus on beefing up the value of what you offer. Whether it’s top-notch services or unique experiences that can’t be found elsewhere, make your franchise stand out for its quality and exclusivity. Customers who see the real value in what you’re offering will be more willing to pay full price.  

”Mobile-Last" Websites

In a world where smartphones are practically glued to our hands, having a "mobile-last" approach to your website is a serious no-no. Think about it: when was the last time you didn't reach for your phone to look something up? Exactly our point!

Websites that aren't mobile-friendly can turn people off. Slow load times, hard-to-navigate pages, and tiny text that makes you squint can all send potential customers bouncing right off your site.

To stay in the game, your website should shine on every device, especially smartphones. Go for a sleek and responsive design, meaning it looks and works great whether someone’s on a desktop or just tapping through on their phone. This boosts user satisfaction and helps keep your engagement rates high and your bounce rates low.

Ready to Elevate Your Franchise Development Marketing?


Getting ahead in franchise development marketing means knowing the hot and not trends, and we sure hope this post helps.  

From leveraging the power of influencer partnerships and cutting-edge AR experiences to embracing data-driven decisions and sustainability, the right strategies can set your franchise apart. On the flip side, there’s no better time than now to move past outdated tactics like generic email blasts, traditional ads, and "mobile-last" websites.  

Not sure where to start? No worries! Digital Resource is always ready to tailor the perfect marketing strategy for your franchise. Give us a call today, and we’ll talk about your future!

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