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‍5 Types of Forms to Get Your Landing Page Conversion-Ready

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Landing page forms play a crucial role in collecting information from your visitors and convincing them to convert.  

For you to succeed in getting people to fill out your forms, though, you need to get your forms right – from the length to the form type, up to its copy and website design in Miami.  

Having the right tactics enables you to create forms that ease the common concerns users have about sharing their information and get them interested in what you offer.  

In this article, we’ll share the five types of landing page forms, and the best practices you need to follow to guarantee an effective page landing form that converts.  

What Makes a Landing Page Form Effective?

Marketer creates a custom landing page form website design for a client in Miami.

Uses the Breadcrumb Technique.  

An effective landing page form doesn’t bombard your visitors with multiple questions right away or drag the conversation longer than it should. Instead, it uses multi-step forms to get users to complete small steps until they finally get to the desired conversion action.  

As a result, your web visitors feel less overwhelmed and more focused on their path to conversion.  

Only Present Relevant Questions.

A well-designed landing page form adapts its questions depending on your visitor’s answers. It only presents relevant questions, skipping any unrelated ones as they go. For example, if a visitor has already said that they don’t have any kids, your form shouldn’t ask them how many they have and what their ages are.  

Landing Page Form Best Practices to Get the Best Results

You don’t want your landing page form to be too long, otherwise you risk stopping potential customers from taking a step further to conversion. You also don’t want them to be too short, or you may not get enough data you need to properly assess if a visitor is a potential lead.  

Following these best practices ensures that your landing page form converts!

  • Only ask for enough information that will allow you to qualify a visitor as a lead or prospect. According to Wordstream, conversion rates start to drop steeply for forms with more than seven fields. The best practice is between 3 and 5 fields.  
  • Use white space to create aesthetically pleasing forms. Yes, they matter because crammed-up fields look overwhelming and might even drive your visitors away.  
  • Focus on the benefits of your offer to create a compelling CTA. This helps reinforce your visitor’s desire to take action and get their hands on whatever deal you’re offering them.  
  • Leverage radio buttons to make it even easier to convert. People want to do as little as possible to get what they want. Using radio buttons in your forms allows people to click away from their answers instead of typing manually.  
  • Use directional cues to get visitors to do exactly what you want them to do. Help your visitors fill up your form by making it obvious where they should input their information. You can use an arrow or an image of a person looking at the form you want them to fill out!
  • Optimize your landing page form for mobile. You want your landing page form to be optimized for mobile. You can achieve this by using a responsive website design in Miami or by designing a different mobile landing page.  
  • Test every aspect of your landing page forms.Conduct A/B testing to find the perfect combination of elements in your landing page form. Testing allows you to generate data that provides you an insight into what works and what doesn't with your target audience.  

5 Types of Forms to Improve Your Landing Page Experience

1. “Contact Us” Forms

"Contact us" keycaps on keyboard.

Your landing page website design in Miami is made up of several elements, including a Contact Us form.  

A contact form’s main purpose is to generate leads from your website. But visitors can also benefit from them.

Having a contact form on your landing page makes it easier for visitors to reach out to you and ask queries within seconds. It also gives the impression that you’re available for them at any moment.  

Depending on your goal, a contact us form can be comprised of the following fields:

  • Full Name – You need to know your visitors' names to build up your customer database.
  • Email Address – You can use this to grow your email list and send newsletters.
  • Contact Number – Necessary in case you need to reach out to them.
  • Social Media Handles – This allows you to keep in touch with your audience.
  • Attachments – If applicable, you might require an external file, images, or video.  
  • Interactive Map – Customers can use this to locate your business accurately.
  • Confirmation Message – Tells a visitor that they were able to successfully do what they intended to do.  

Where is the best place to put a contact form on your landing page?

It only takes about 50 milliseconds for a visitor to form an impression of your page. This is the reason why a lot of marketers try to cram every important element above the fold.  

But you don’t want your landing page form to get jammed along with other elements. Who would want to fill out your form when it looks like a mess?  

For this reason, your form should be located below the fold, especially if your product or service:

  • Costs a lot of money.
  • Is difficult to understand.
  • Requires a serious commitment from the customer.

It’s best to introduce who you are and what you do, convey your unique selling point, and then ask your visitors to fill out your form.  

2. Lead Generation Forms

The goal of a lead generation form is to attract visitors and convert them into leads. So, when building one, you wanna make sure that your form is appealing and easy to respond to.  

Lead gen forms can appear as contact forms, registration forms, and subscriptions forms. They usually have a "lead magnet" that compels visitors to give their information in exchange for something valuable to them.  

Here are just a few examples of lead magnets:

  • Free product samples
  • Free Demo
  • Trial Subscription
  • Quiz Results
  • Whitepaper

What makes an effective lead magnet?

The best and high converting lead magnets possess the following qualities:

  • They’re relevant to your ideal customers.
  • They offer expert insight (e.g., a faster way to get something done, a unique solution that solves a real problem).
  • They solve enough of a user’s problem to show your expertise, while also leaving people wanting more.

3. Customer Feedback Forms

The best way to move your business forward is by listening to your customers and applying those insights in making decisions, product innovations, and improving your existing products and services.  

Making your customers feel heard increases customer satisfaction and can help build a loyal customer base.  

This is why knowing how customers view your business is invaluable.  

A customer feedback form is an effective tactic for getting people to give their thoughts about your business and what they want to see from you in the future.  

There are two main methods to get feedback from your customers:  

  • Customer satisfaction survey – Helps you understand why a customer was or wasn’t satisfied with their purchase. This type of survey is concerned with how a customer was treated, what went wrong, and what could be better.  
  • User experience questionnaires – Focuses on making sure that a digital product is simple and effective. The questions are centered on knowing how the features work, what aspects could be missing, and how they can be improved.  

What you're going to use on your landing page depends on the kind of information you're seeking.

When creating a feedback form, as much as possible, always use scales, ratings, or multiple-choice. This makes it easier for your visitors to express their opinions without having to manually input all their answers.  

You also want to personalize your forms by using the existing information you have about your customers. It could be something as simple as addressing them by their first name in your copy.  

4. Online Quote Request Forms

If you run a service-based business that offers varied pricing based on a customer’s requirements, then you need to have a request a quote form on your landing page.  

Both you and your visitors will benefit from an online quote form. You get to collect a prospect’s information and give them an estimate within seconds.  

If you're concerned about scaring prospects away because of the estimate they get from your form, think about it as a way of filtering people who aren't a great fit for your company.  

When designing your request for a quote form, only ask for the essentials like:

  • Contact Information
  • Industry
  • Deadlines
  • Budget

You also want to consider the user experience. This means keeping your forms quick and simple.

5. Order Form

Woman filling out order form to buy stuff online.

Make a complicated part of your business, like capturing custom and bulk orders, simple with the help of an order form.  

An online order form simplifies the process of conversion for your customers. It allows you to communicate payment terms and get your orders right every time by capturing all of your customer’s specific requests. Plus, it enables you to document purchases and acts as a legally binding contract between you and your customers.  

What's great about order forms is that they are customizable so you can tailor them to your business needs.  

An order form typically includes the following fields:

  • Buyer name
  • Purchase order number
  • Item description(s)
  • Number of items requested
  • Billing address
  • Payment information
  • Order date
  • Shipping address

Are You Using Forms in Your Landing Pages?

Landing page forms can boost your conversion rates and get you the leads you need to grow your business!

At Digital Resource, our digital marketing experts and website design team in Miami will work with you to create bespoke landing page forms that will help you achieve marketing and business goals.  

Contact us today if you want to start getting more leads and conversions online!

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