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A Quick Guide To Facebook's Learning Phase

Social Media Marketing

If you want your ad campaigns to be successful, you need to learn to use Facebook Business Manager. This means learning how to run an ad campaign.

The more you use the platform and launch advertisements, the more the platform understands what works best for you. According to the Facebook team, this procedure is called the Facebook learning phase.

Need help understanding Facebook’s advertising tools? Today, our team of SEO experts in Fort Lauderdale will discuss how the learning phase improves the effectiveness of your ads.

What Exactly Is Facebook's Learning Phase?

Every time an ad is seen, Facebook's ad delivery technology learns more about the ideal people and places to show the ad. This allows it to better optimize the ad's performance.

Facebook new ad campaign

According to Meta’s Business Help Center, “the learning phase is the period when the delivery system still has a lot to learn about an ad set.

You enter the learning phase when you:

  • Create a new ad
  • Create a new ad package
  • Make significant changes to an existing ad or ad package

When an ad set is in the learning phase, the Delivery column displays "Learning."  

The delivery system then investigates the best approach to distributing your ad set during the learning phase. Thus, performance is less reliable, and cost-per-action (CPA) is generally lower. 

The learning phase only concludes when performance stabilizes and Facebook receives 50 optimization events in a 7-day timeframe. If seven days have passed since a big update and an ad set has yet to escape the learning phase, the Delivery column then displays "Learning Limited."

What Are The Significant Changes That Affect Facebook's Learning Phase?

Facebook ad campaign settings

When you make significant modifications to an ad or ad package that has already been launched, the learning phase is reset. Among the significant changes are:

  • Any alterations to ad creatives
  • Any changes to targeting options
  • Modifications to a bidding strategy
  • Any changes to optimization events
  • Making a new ad in an already existing ad set
  • Putting an ad on hold for seven days or more

If you make any of these substantial modifications to your Facebook advertisements, your learning phase progress will be reset, as will your:

  • Bid management
  • Cost management
  • Controlling the amount of return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • The spending limit for advertisements
  • The budgeted amount

Moreover, you'll need to keep in mind that:

  • Adding a new ad set to an existing campaign with campaign budget optimization does not reset the learning phase for Facebook advertisements in the other ad sets in the campaign.
  • Making significant modifications to an ad set does not reset the learning phase for other ad sets in the same ad campaign.
  • Redistributing your money during campaign budget optimization does not restart the learning phase for ad sets inside this ad campaign.

When you change the budget at the campaign or ad set level, Facebook will put it in a learning phase "depending on the magnitude," according to the list. To eliminate the learning process as much as possible, we start with simple improvements with our clients and move up from there.

What Is The Importance Of Facebook's Learning Phase?

The learning stage is critical for regularly producing excellent outcomes from your Facebook ad campaigns.

Facebook's optimization process can significantly improve your cost per optimization event, but it takes time.

You mustn't make any substantial changes to your ad settings throughout the learning process. This might result in the learning phase being reset before you've had a chance to produce relevant data.

Making modifications early on might be tricky, especially for newcomers to Facebook advertising.

Your Facebook ad campaigns will be the least successful during the learning period, and results will likely vary dramatically. However, it is better to avoid the impulse to experiment with things until the learning period is over.  

It’s also important not to give up on your advertisements too soon. Once the learning process is complete, you will have a far more realistic reflection of your ad sets' performance.

How to Maximize Facebook's Learning Phase

Here are a few tips to help Facebook machine learning offer the best advertising possible.

1. Changes should not be made until the learning phase is complete.

The learning phase of a Facebook campaign is not to be messed with. Do not change your initial settings if you want your campaigns to leave the learning period successfully.

Before beginning your campaign, carefully choose your parameters and double-check them. Even minor changes to your ad packages and advertisements might cause the machine learning process to restart.

2. Run fewer ad sets concurrently.

Creating too many ad sets when running Facebook ads during the learning phase is terrible since it reduces ad delivery frequency. Consequently, only a few ad sets will get through the learning stage. You'll also squander money.

Rather than releasing many ad sets, Facebook suggests concentrating ad set distribution to streamline the system's learning process.

Choose the automatic placements option and adjust your ad creatives if you wish to test ad placements.

If you wish to test target audiences, use the Ads Reporting tool's breakdowns of Level, Time, Demographics, Delivery, and Actions. This can be done via the Business Manager.

3. Don't limit yourself, but keep everything in balance.

Facebook ad optimization helps you find the golden medium for your campaign.

Budgets should be allocated based on the size of your audience. Larger audiences with enough individuals will result in more conversions. Optimize your adverts for often-occurring conversion events.

4. Continually experiment with various settings and content.

Long-term stability is ensured via active learning for Facebook advertisements. Continue experimenting with ad content, targeting strategies, and other variables to improve the delivery of your Facebook advertising even after you understand how to manage your advertisements and ad sets to escape the learning phase.

Our Verdict on Facebook's Learning Phase

Digital marketer "approved"

Facebook’s learning phase allows you to greatly reduce your cost-per-conversion. This makes it a key part of the ads process.

Let The Experts Run Your Facebook Ads

Facebook's learning phase is just one element of a somewhat complicated process. With the assistance of our SEO experts in Fort Lauderdale, you won't have to worry about any of that.

We at Digital Resource can assist you in running Facebook ads. Our award-winning Digital Advertising team has the knowledge and resources to create effective Facebook ads for your company!  

When you work with us, you can expect ad content that is creative and resonates with the target audience.

Contact us today to find out how we've helped other businesses run Facebook ads and how we can help you do the same!

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