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9 Dental Practice Tips for Creating Ad Copy

Digital Advertising

Running ads doesn’t always guarantee a return on investment.  

But — with a combination of proper targeting and well-crafted ad copy that’s optimized using knowledge gained from dental SEO — you can appeal to your ideal patients’ sense of urgency, evoke pride, lessen doubt, and most importantly, persuade them to give your clinic a try!  

Want to learn how to craft ad copies that convert? Learn from our experts!

How to Create an Ad Copy that Guarantees More Clicks for Your Dental Practice?

Google Ads Copy Strategies for Dentists

Google website advertising programs.

Did you know that small businesses tend to make roughly double what they spend on Google Ads? According to PowerTraffick, small businesses earn an average of $3 in revenue for every $1.60 spent.  

If your clinic’s return is lower than this, it’s time to make some changes.  

1. Target the Right Patients

One of the most common reasons why a lot of ads turn out to be a waste of money is because of poor targeting.  

Do your ads appear in front of the right patients?

If your dental clinic offers luxe dental office amenities and services at a premium, then your ads shouldn’t appear in front of users who are searching for affordable dental treatments.  

To make sure you’re targeting the right individuals in your Google Ads, it’s important to do the following:

  • Create a customer persona to get an idea of who your ideal patients are.
  • Figure out the search terms your ideal patients use to look for your dental services online.
  • Use a negative match or negative keyword to prevent your ads from showing up in front of users searching for services you don’t provide.
  • Use location-based keywords to target potential patients in your local area, searching for services in your location.  
  • Use long-tail dental keywords to attract potential patients. Users who are more specific in their searches are closer to a point of purchase than those who make general queries.  

2. Be Very Specific

If you want your ads to appeal to your intended patients, it’s important to speak directly to their wants and needs.  

You're more likely to convert a searcher into a potential patient if they see their query in your ad. This is why your ad copy must be specific.  

For example, for a term like “affordable veneers,” a specific ad would look something like this:

“Affordable Veneers in Miami | Starting at $250 | Creighton Dental

Bad teeth? No Problem! Bring back the confidence in your smile with composite resin veneers. 0% Financing Available. We Accept Most Insurances. AACD accredited Dentist. Book a FREE consultation today!”

Broader, unfocused ads, like the example below, generally lead to fewer conversions.

Affordable Veneers | Creighton Dental

We can restore your smile at an affordable price! Services: Restorative Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Family Dentist.

Patient Financing Available. Free Consultation.”

3. Keep Tabs on Your Competitors

Do you know which dental clinics you’re competing against?

Keep tabs on your competitors and see what their Google Ads are up to. Are they focusing on price to get patients? Are they using an influencer to acquire leads? What keywords are they using to reach prospects?

There are several tools you can use (e.g., Spyfu, Semrush, Moz Pro, and Ahrefs) to see what organic and paid keywords your competitors are using and bidding for.  

Figure out what they’re doing right to acquire leads and patients. Then, try to outdo their technique!

4. Test Your Headlines

Headlines are the first thing users see when your ad shows up in their search results. This means they can make or break your campaign.  

While headlines should be short, they also need to be interesting enough to entice your prospective patients.

Keyword insertion is a great way to make your headlines more relevant and resonate with users searching for your dental services.  

Adding your value proposition is another effective way to catch the attention of your ideal patients.  

Here are some more tips for writing great ad headlines:

  • Leverage user intent to boost conversion rates.  
  • Solve your ideal patient’s problem in your headline.  
  • Include numbers or statistics.
  • Write your Google Ads headline with user intent in mind. Find out the reason behind their queries!
  • Use empathy to show your patients that you understand what they’re going through. Appeal to their emotions.  
  • Avoid using industry-specific terms. Keep your language simple.  
  • Capitalize on social trends to catch your ideal patients’ attention and capture additional clicks.  
  • Limit your headline to 25 characters only.  
  • Optimize it using knowledge gained from a dental SEO campaign.
  • Tell your patients what’s in it for them.  
  • Be clear about what you’re offering.  

5. Back Up Your Claims

To establish trust and boost your quality score, make sure you back up your claims.  

If you say you’re the number one dentist in your area, indicate who has given you this recognition.  

Stay away from making claims that aren’t true. Instead, rely on data and statistics to make your ad copy more authoritative and persuasive.

MECLABS is a fantastic example. They tested their generic ad against a data-driven one. In less than one day, their data-driven ad garnered an 88% increase in click-through rate.  

Test specific numbers in your ad campaign copy and see which option your ideal patients are most responsive to.  

6. Create New, Compelling Copy Regularly

Google Ads get out-of-date fast, resulting in a decline in click-through rates.  

To keep your ads relevant and fresh, come up with a new compelling ad copy strategy regularly, use updated data, and stay on top of the latest Google Ads trends.  

Social Media Ad Copy Strategies

Facebook Ad page manager.

When patients look for a dentist, one of the first things they do is check out their social media accounts.

Once they stumble across your social ad and head straight to your page, they’ll gain some insight about you and your team.

By being active, informative, and featuring lots of positive patient reviews in your social media pages, you can convince them to visit your dental clinic and avail your services.

To be successful, however, in convincing people to check out your page over others, your social ads need to stand out.

Here are some tips on how to craft seductive copy to boost your campaign:

7.  Earn Trust through Social Proof

People are very picky, especially when it comes to choosing who to entrust their dental health with.

So, your goal is to establish trust from the onset. And, you can do this by including social proof in your ad copy.

There are many ways you can incorporate social proof into your ad campaigns, like the following:

  1. Show off your Expert Certification
Expert certification of Nature Made shared on Facebook

Photo from Hubspot.  

  1. Share links to Celebrity Endorsements or Major Media Mentions
Brand got mentioned on an online article by people magazine.

Photo from Hubspot

  1. Feature Patient Feedback and Reviews
Trinity dental arts social ad that is optimized for Dental SEO features patient review.

Keep in mind that people are more likely to trust other people. That’s why many turn to their peers, influencers, or social networks for product recommendations.  

8. Be Direct

When it comes to social ads, it’s crucial to be direct because users scroll quickly.  

Unclear, general messaging is one of the top FB Ads mistakes you want to avoid making.  

When crafting a headline for your social ads, make your message very clear with no room for interpretation while keeping your ideal patients in mind.  

You achieve this by:

  • Offering a solution right away in your CTA.
  • Changing your ad copy and image based on your target patient demographic.  
  • Adjusting your tone of voice to appeal to different kinds of patients.  

9. Use Emotions in Your Social Ads

Appealing to your patients' emotions is the first step towards building a positive relationship with them.  

Social media is the best platform to show that your dental practice is friendly and accommodating.

So, how do you use emotions in your ad copy effectively?

Put yourself in the shoes of your patients and think of their possible fears, objections, and motivations. Refer back to your customer profile for this.  

Here’s the Ad Copy Cheat Sheet from Facebook itself:

Ad copy cheat sheet from Facebook.

Is Your Dental Ad Copy Generating Clicks?

Use this blog to guide you in optimizing your ads to see what works and what doesn’t. Or, you can just focus on taking care of your patients and let the experts handle this aspect of your dental practice.  

At Digital Resource, our team of digital marketing specialists will work with you to create a custom Google Ads and Facebook Ads strategy that will generate a constant influx of patients for your clinic!

We can help you with paid campaigns, dental SEO, and more. Contact us today if you want to see results!

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