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Top 3 Trailblazing PPC Trends to Use for Your Marketing Strategy This Year

Digital Advertising

From corporate giants to startups, each company that wants to develop a successful business online must put the time and effort into staying on top of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) trends.

According to PPC Protect, 50% of shoppers arriving at a site from paid ads are more likely to purchase than those who came from an organic link. Undoubtedly, developing effective PPC campaigns can significantly boost your company's bottom line.

This 2022, it's time to rethink your PPC approach and consider the latest PPC trends so you can start achieving both your marketing and business goals. 

In this blog post, our experts at SEO in West Palm Beach will reveal the top three PPC trends that you can incorporate into your marketing strategy this year.

Are you ready? Let's get started!

The Top Three PPC Trends in 2022

1. Experimenting with Different Ad Formats

ad formats in different devces
Photo from Banner Flow

Digital advertising platforms like Google Ads enable your company to market its goods, services, and brand all over the internet at a reasonable price.

However, they can be relatively more expensive compared to other advertising channels. This means that they are only affordable to large-scale businesses.

But, don't worry!

According to Forbes, small-to-medium-sized companies (SMBs) are expected to have low-cost access to ad formats in 2022. This means that small company owners like you can now afford to run ads and put your products and services in front of more people!

What are the five types of ad formats?

  1. Interstitial Ads: These are full-screen, interactive advertisements that cover the interface of their host app or site. These advertisements appear between content. Thus, they are placed at natural transition points or gaps, such as between activities or game levels.
  1. Video Ads: These are promotions that appear before, during, or after streaming content.
  1. Expandable Ads: These are rich media ads that expand from their shown ad size outside the inline frame to other larger sizes when users interact with them.
  1. Native Ads: These are types of sponsored media tailored to the form and function of the user experience on the site or app where they are placed. An example of this ad format is the sponsored post you usually see on news websites.
  1. Banner Ads: These are rectangular graphic displays that span a website or online media domain's top, bottom, or sides.

When you experiment with these new ad formats, your business may be able to do the following:

  • Attract customers at all phases of the purchasing cycle from awareness through consideration.
  • Study how various ad formats, such as audio and video, affect conversion rates.
  • Stay on top of the competition by using conventional search advertising efforts.

So, if you're advertising and want to increase your profits, consider adopting this PPC trend.

2. PPC Automation and Machine Learning

Without a doubt, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in PPC will be a big trend this 2022. Using AI to optimize and power ads is nothing new.

But, due to its expanding capabilities, it is expected to make better strategic recommendations, identify new opportunities, and analyze data more accurately, which will generate better results for your campaigns. 

With PPC automation, our West Palm Beach SEO experts can execute jobs significantly and more effectively. AI may help with performance tracking, bidding strategy optimization, ad testing, keyword monitoring, and many more.

"types of bidding" infographic
Photo from Similar Web

In short, PPC ads that use automation will almost certainly provide better and quicker results.

By automating your ads and using AI-powered PPC tools, you can quickly identify any inefficiencies in your PPC campaigns. This means you can make changes right away, refine your strategy, and generate the best results!

When you automate your PPC ads, you can expect the following outcomes:

  • Stop spending money on low-performing advertising and focus more on those already producing results.
  • Create tailored ad content based on client behavior data and information from ad performance reports.
  • Locate and rectify data errors as soon as possible so that future ad performance is not jeopardized.
  • Automate bidding for short and long-tail phrases, and make sure you're just looking for ad bids that are likely to result in conversions.

What are the four types of PPC automation?

Using AI-powered PPC tools to automate your campaigns is a great way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns. Getting acquainted with these tools as soon as possible ensures that your company is on the right path to success this 2022. 

Here are four fundamental ways you can use PPC automation:

  1. Integrations and Reporting

Integration refers to the many applications and platforms you may wish to extract data while producing reports. These platforms might include Google Ads or Instagram Insights.

Using integrations to automate your reporting systems may help make this process more efficient.

Here are our top three choices of PPC reporting tools to assist you with your reports:

·        Most User-friendly: Swydo
·        Most Simple:DashThis
·        Most Comprehensive:Reporting Ninja
  1. Scripts

Scripts are bits of Javascript code that may instruct your ads to do specific actions depending on the performance data you provide. Scripts may help you automate particular elements of your campaign by allowing you to choose which data points to leverage and when.

You don't need to be a programmer to apply these scripts. If you're new to this strategy, here's a Google library you may use.

  1. Custom Builds

Custom builds are pre-programmed automation that enables you to change practically any aspect of your advertisements. These builds will allow you to concentrate on specific metrics and construct columns that will allow you to split account data down to its most fine points.

Custom builds are without a doubt the most challenging aspect of PPC automation. These builds need some knowledge. Therefore, you may want the help of an SEO professional to get started.

  1. Comprehensive Software

Comprehensive software platforms enable you to design, automate, and manage your ad campaigns in a more user-friendly way than custom builds.

Here are our top three picks of PPC automation software tools you can use:

·        Most Popular:Opteo
·        Most Affordable:Google Ads Editor (free)
·        Most Versatile:Optmyzr

Remember that the key to making the most of PPC automation will be to use it for even the most basic tasks across all of your ad channels.

With machine learning and artificial intelligence becoming more accessible, nothing stops you from knowing how they work and automating most of your PPC operations.

You may progressively develop your automated processes to match them with your target audience and the overall goals of your digital marketing.

3. Using YouTube Masthead in Television

sample YouTube masthead
Photo from Ad Week

We know what you're thinking. What's a masthead?

Well, there are two things you need to know:

  1. A YouTube Masthead is a digital billboard shown on YouTube's homepage for 24 hours, reaching about 60 million people out of YouTube's 1.8 billion monthly users.
  1. TV has become the fastest-growing screen for YouTube, with more than 250 million hours of viewing time each day.

So, basically, a YouTube Masthead is a native video-based advertising format where you can showcase your business on YouTube's Home feed across all devices, including Smart TVs. 

By advertising your business on YouTube's Home feed, you can put your brand on top of people's minds. In fact, YouTube commercials on television screens deliver a 10% larger increase in recall when compared to ads on linear TV. 

The rich auditory and visual experience of YouTube on TV screens means that the potential to achieve an upper-funnel impact is greater than ever.

Advertisers may now reach a bigger audience wherever they are by displaying the YouTube Masthead on TV displays.

The Masthead will autoplay after a few seconds on all supported devices, meaning marketers will be at the center of the YouTube app experience on TV displays, along with home feed placement.

How to promote your brand on YouTube Masthead?

YouTube Masthead is great for digital marketers and business owners who want to drive a massive reach or showcase their brand and service in a prominent space in the YouTube feed.

As of the moment, Masthead advertising is currently only accessible via reservation through a Google sales agent. But, you can use the YouTube Masthead Preview tool to create a preview of your ads or 'assets.'

The YouTube Masthead Preview tool displays how your Masthead will appear on YouTube on desktop, mobile, and television devices.

Have you already implemented these PPC trends?

PPC trends are constantly evolving. So, you must stay on top of them. Some of these trends are new, while others are well-known PPC best practices that continue to grow and develop.

The PPC trends from last year may still be relevant and beneficial in the coming year, but don't fall behind and make sure to apply the latest PPC trends of 2022 to stay competitive.

At Digital Resource, we can help you start a PPC ad campaign. We will ensure that your campaign will implement the PPC trends mentioned above.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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