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Debunking the Most Common Dental Marketing Myths

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To say that dentistry has become highly competitive in recent years would be an understatement. With dental practices just buildings apart, the battle to win patients over has grown quite fierce.  

To attract more clients, some dentists may cut their standard dental expenses. Others resort to giveaways and promotions. On the other hand, most practices just raise their online dental marketing game to get a leg up on the competition. 

According to Google's latest research, 77% of prospective patients do their research through search engines online. This is why you should level up your dental marketing game, too.

The problem, however, is that there are so many dental marketing myths floating around nowadays, and it’s all too often that dentists are falling for them.

Nonetheless, these myths are neither harmless nor forgiving. It's all too easy to get caught in and run your marketing ship on the rocks. So keep an eye out for these critical misguided notions.

5 Most Common Dental Marketing Myths

Myth #1: You can expect immediate results with dental marketing.

dentist holding dental tools in her right hand and showing a finger heart on the other
Reality: There is a good chance of being scammed if a service promises you rapid results from an internet marketing effort.

In this case, we're not denying the possibility of speedy outcomes. Some dental clinics have been fortunate enough to achieve their marketing goals sooner than expected.

As a dental office, you should know that SEO and other online marketing strategies might take some time before you see evident and long-term effects. Keep in mind that no one can guarantee immediate results in marketing, whether it's for dentistry or not.

Current market conditions, your level of internet presence, how quickly you adapt to the constantly changing digital environment, and your location will all play a role in how successful you are.

Myth #2: Online dental marketing is expensive.

man showing his pant's empty pockets
Reality: Mistakes in marketing can have a significant financial impact. It's wonderful to be able to attract new patients and cases with effective marketing.

If there are only two or three dental clinics in your area, then the cost of dental marketing will surely be a no-brainer. But, in a highly competitive area, a larger budget is frequently required to help you gain market share.  

And you don't want your marketing investment to be put to waste with ineffective dental marketing.

The most costly marketing is when you throw something and wait to see if it sticks. Neglecting to take advantage of new prospects is far worse than doing nothing at all. Creating an effective marketing plan is the first step in solving these issues.

So make sure that you get your return on investment (ROI) with effective marketing strategies so that you don't get to spend more and it doesn't become expensive.

While less costly or even free dental marketing strategies might provide results, the benefits of investing in superior and well-targeted methods will be far more significant.

Myth #3: Everyone has to know about our latest dental equipment.

dental office
Reality: While falling in love with technology may drive you to the office, it isn't necessarily enough to motivate new patients. Clients will not visit your clinic merely because you have the most recent technology device unless they clearly understand its direct benefits.

You could proudly showcase your latest dental equipment on your website and mention each one by manufacturer, model number, and even its specs.

While this may amaze your professional colleagues, no mention of how or why this new equipment helps patients isn’t going to wow the people in your chairs.

If you intend to market your new dental gadget, make sure to include information about what it can do for your patients. Does it speed up a particular dental procedure? Is it more effective than other dental equipment in terms of long-term results? Does it aid with pain relief?

Remember that in marketing, the features of your latest technical devices are meaningless to patients. You must convert the qualities of your technology or name-brand gadgets into patient benefits.

That is not to suggest that you can never advertise a technology or a product. However, you need to answer these questions yourself first:

  • Is there a direct advantage to the patient from the technology? And if that's the case...
  • How can I effectively communicate those advantages?

Myth #4: Simplicity is key.

top view of dental marketing vector with a tablet and a notebook
Reality: While simplicity is necessary, this is not the case in the dentistry industry.

Prospective patients seeking a service want to be sure that they have chosen the right dentist. This choice is made based on the quality of your content. Are your videos up to date? 

Displaying current videos helps the customer to have a virtual tour of your workplace while understanding that your business is technologically advanced.

Do you have any patient testimonials?

Attention-grabbing content is essential. The attention span of a user is around five seconds. Your content should pique the user's interest within the first five seconds. Quality content takes precedence over quantity.

Remember that the purchasing cycle is substantially longer for major dental implant cases, so patients will rely on your bespoke assets to push them over the edge and urge them to take action.

Myth #5: High traffic equals success.

turning the web traffic knob to high
Reality: If a clinic receives a lot of traffic but isn't converting it, a possible contributor might be patient relationships.

The final step in the marketing plan is to connect with potential patients.  

How quickly do you follow up on leads? Is your manner of communication personal - do you address them by their first name, check-in on their family, remember their anniversary or birthday? These approaches aid in making a long-lasting impression.

Market Your Dental Practice with Digital Resource

We understand how important it is to select the best digital marketing partner for you.

At Digital Resource, we acknowledge that your dental practice is everything to you. You don't want to make any errors. We are confident in our capacity to generate remarkable outcomes by speeding your business growth, generating more leads, and increasing sales for you. You'll have peace of mind knowing that you're dealing with a highly competent and trustworthy staff.

We want to see your dental brand ascend to the top of Google's search results and produce a significant number of leads that outnumbers your capacity to manage. (wink)

Learn more about our digital marketing services at Digital Resource and contact us today for a free consultation!

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