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Retain B2B Customers and Achieve Sustainable Business Growth with Customer Marketing

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Bringing in new customers is, and will always be important - it’s the first step to growing your B2B business in Florida. But, if you don’t do anything to make sure they stick around, you’ll soon be out of business.

See, growing your customer base in Florida is key to achieving sustainable business growth. This is why focusing on your existing customers is just as crucial as acquiring new ones.

So, what exactly should you do to keep your B2B buyers loyal?

Aside from SEO marketing in Florida, customer marketing is a surefire way to keep your B2B buyers loyal. It’s how you can make sure that your existing customers are well taken care of throughout the entire post-purchase process of the customer journey.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about customer marketing - from its meaning to the different steps in the post-purchase process and strategies you can use to drive retention, advocacy, community participation, and customer loyalty from your existing customers.

Without any more delays, let’s get started!

What Is Customer Marketing?

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Customer marketing is a type of marketing that is laser-focused on a business’ current list of clients. Essentially, it is the practice of helping your customers get the most value out of your products or services, so that they’ll continue to do business with you for the long haul.

It involves marketing activities and campaigns designed to help you build quality relationships with your existing customers and keep them engaged to increase loyalty, advocacy, community participation, and retention.

Why Is It Important to Retain Your B2B Customers?

Focusing on your existing customers can impact your bottom line big time. In fact, improving your customer retention rate by as little as 5% can boost your profits between 25% and 95%.

The success rate of selling to an existing customer can be as high as 60-70%, but the likelihood of selling to a new customer is only 5-20%. This shows that it’s easier to cross-sell and upsell products and services to your existing customers.

Keeping your customers is also much cheaper than acquiring new ones. By focusing on providing a better post-sales experience to your B2B customers, you get to lower your marketing costs while maximizing your sales.

Post-Purchase Process of the Customer Journey


In this step, customers already bought your product and are starting to figure out how to use it. What you want to do is to help them easily and quickly get acquainted with your product and weave it into their routines. You can do this through product training, providing video tutorials, automatic onboarding, or in-app messaging for support.  


This next step is so vital because businesses lose as much as $1.6 trillion a year due to customer attrition. So, you want to go the extra mile to make your customers happy and satisfied with your company so they can stay.

One of the most effective tactics for retaining customers is an account-based approach to sales and marketing. Another is personalizing your product offerings and pricing and providing self-service support.


Once you’ve successfully retained your customers, it’s time to expand. In this stage, you want to invest in increasing the lifetime value of your customers. You can do this through upselling and cross-selling, such as introducing complementary products, upgrades, or services that will improve their experience with you.

According to Smart Survey, happy and satisfied customers are 87% more likely to purchase new products or upgrade to a premium service.  


In the final stage, your customers are completely committed and invested in your company, your products, and/or your services. They’re confident to tell others about you, refer you to potential customers, and they’re proud to be aligned with your company.

However, you should continue to create a positive customer experience even more so for your most loyal customers. Turning them into brand advocates is one of the most effective ways you can generate leads.

Customer Marketing Strategies

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There are different customer marketing strategies out there. However, we believe that the secret to having a successful customer marketing strategy is to categorize your clients first. Based on that, you can then personalize a plan that will work best for them.

With that said, we will discuss the types of customer marketing strategies you can use based on the category of client you’re dealing with.

1. Tech Touch Marketing

Tech touch marketing is a strategy that is self-serve in nature and involves digital engagement. There is no human interaction in this approach.

However, it does use data to provide your customers a personalized experience with your company to drive engagement and continue to stimulate value. It also uses SEO marketing in Florida to make sure your ads appear in front of your customers when they search for you online.

This strategy is suitable for customers who don’t spend much on your products or services but are still equally important to your business.

By automating tech touch strategies and using data to provide more personalized messaging, such as automated emails and chatbots, you’re able to create a more intentional engagement with your customers. Plus, you can quickly scale customer marketing campaigns with the help of data and automation.

Below are examples of tech touch marketing strategies:

  • Using triggered email automation to send reactivation campaigns, payment confirmations, or a link to track the shipment
  • Using in-app messaging or notifications to alert customers of new product upgrades, releases, or exclusive deals
  • Creating a community or Facebook group where you can share how-to guides, tutorials, and thought leadership types of valuable content to your audience
  • Running and optimizing online ads to target your existing customers and encouraging them to upgrade

 2. High-Touch Marketing

This type of customer marketing strategy is suitable for your high-value, VIP, or enterprise-level B2B buyers.

High-touch customer marketing is designed to make your top-tier clients feel valued and care for so that they will continue to buy from you in the long term.it requires constant, in-person communication with your most valued clients.

What does this look like? You call them to check in, you meet up regularly (not necessarily business-related), do follow-ups, and you put them on the fast lane if they ever have any special requests. Over time, it can develop into a long-term business relationship that will benefit both you and your most valued buyer.

Examples of high touch customer marketing strategies include:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Sending gifts
  • Provide a dedicated account manager as their touch point
  • Conduct special product installation or training
  • Host exclusive virtual conferences and events (61% of B2B marketers use events as a major part of their customer marketing strategy)
  • Develop personalized products or services
  • Put your customer in the spotlight by interviewing them in your podcast or for a video content

3. Low-Touch Marketing

Low-touch customer marketing is suitable for B2B buyers who have the potential to become top-tier clients. They require more nurturing than just providing them digital content. They need a combination of tech touch and high touch tactics to keep them engaged.

The following are good examples of touch marketing strategies:

  • Live chat customer support where customers can access you quickly in case they have any questions or problems about your product
  • Educational content, such as blog posts, newsletters, webinars, etc. that aim to educate your customers about your products or services
  • Regular communication through emails or phone calls to keep in touch with your customer
  • Triggered promotion or cross-selling based on user behavior to target your B2B buyers with the right offers
  • A self-service portal where your customers can troubleshoot and resolve their issues or find answers to concerns or problems without reaching out to a support team
  • Giving exclusive discount codes, or special promos
  • Florida SEO marketing to increase your online visibility and make sure that your brand remains at the top of the minds of your B2B buyers

Customer Marketing Is Here to Stay

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Every B2B company wants to achieve sustainable business growth. However, to obtain this, you need to strike a balance between acquiring new customers and retaining your old ones.

B2B buyers today crave a more personalized and meaningful engagement with the companies they do business with. Provide them the kind of experience they want through customer marketing!

At Digital Resource, we specialize in SEO marketing in Florida, reputation management, relationship building, and helping our clients succeed. If you want to learn more about how you can retain your customers and start growing your business, we can help!

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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