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Factors That Will Impact Your Content Marketing Efforts in 2022

Content Marketing

If you want to welcome the New Year with a bang and stay ahead of your competitors, then you need to have a solid content marketing strategy in place.  

But, to create a competitive content strategy that will put you ahead of the curve, you should first reevaluate your existing strategies and try to analyze what worked and what didn’t work.  

Once you’ve gotten rid of ineffective tactics, factor in elements that will have a significant impact on increasing your visibility online, promoting your business, growing your audience engagement, developing your brand presence, and driving sales for your company in the incoming year.  

So, what are these crucial elements you need to consider before finalizing your content strategy for 2022?

As an internet marketing company in Miami, we are going to share with you the five things that will impact your content marketing strategy next year.  

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Factors to Consider for Your 2022 Content Marketing Strategy

1. Rise of Marketing Technology

group of marketers from an internet marketing company in Miami using technology to create more effective campaigns

There's no point in creating high-quality content if you can't effectively deliver and scale it for your audience.  

With the right technology, however, you can create, manage, and serve the right content to the right people through the right channel at the perfect moment. Otherwise, your blog posts, videos, and other marketing assets won’t seem relevant.  

Modern consumers have become more sophisticated than ever. Through the Internet, they have gained access to oceans of data from across the globe. And, with just a few clicks, they can gather meaningful insights about businesses and their products.  

They can compare prices, find similar products, read reviews, and even communicate with other people about product quality and buyer experience through forums. This greatly impacts the way companies promote and market their products and brand.  

This is why marketing technology deserves a central spot in your content strategy for 2022.

Essentially, marketing technology, or “martech”, is designed to make marketing easier. It helps businesses better achieve their marketing goals, strategy, and ultimately, their bottom line.  

Thanks to Martech, businesses will grow and thrive in extremely competitive environments, as it helps them boost customer relationships and strengthen their effectiveness. What’s more, consumers will get the chance to learn about new brands,  

As your go-to internet marketing company in Miami, we believe that through marketing technology, you and your team can efficiently create, execute, and measure the success of your marketing assets and efforts.  

You can provide your ideal customers high-quality content that is consistent with the rest of their digital experience - one that is designed to answer their questions and engage them as they travel the customer journey.

This does not only allow them to move smoothly across each stage until they reach their goal, but it also creates a one-of-a-kind experience they can associate only with your brand.  

As we’re about to start a new year, consider planning your content strategy based on new-age technology. After all, content is almost all digital. It’s imperative to get the appropriate tech to support your initiatives.  

2. Data Savvy Content

Data makes the marketing world go round. It is central to every marketing process, including content marketing.

To create data-informed content that adds value and grabs the attention of their audience, you have to focus more on data analysis instead of data gathering.  

Doing so helps you connect the dots and better understand what the data tells you, and, in turn, be able to tell a more compelling and complete story.  

This 2022, don’t over-invest in data collection and leave the analysis up to data technicians. If you want to have insights that could be a source of breakthrough for your marketing initiatives, then you should add human intelligence to the equation and get your marketing team to analyze data.  

Powerful insights let you identify any missed opportunities and turn them into your competitive advantage.  

3. New Search and SERPs Formats

illustration of a Google search box

Creating relevant content based on keywords and search strings still matters this 2022. However, the role and scope of search are growing beyond this.  

Google is redefining the relationship between technology, search, discovery, and shopping. So, when making content for your audience this 2022, always address the relationship between search, shopping, and discovery through personalized content.  

Also, see to it that you factor in the current trends, such as the increase in the use of voice assistants, visual search, social shopping, shift to long-form content, and, the fact that effective SEO now includes video.  

Improve the kind of experience you provide users this 2022 by optimizing your content for conversational keywords, Google lens, and multi-format content.  

Your goal next year is to make it incredibly easy for your target audience to discover and interact with your content, regardless of search format.  

4. Rise of Social Shopping

Social media continues to play a vital role in helping businesses spread brand content and build engaged communities.  

However, social media is changing. Relying solely on organic social media promotion is no longer a viable plan.  

Facebook is 100% a paid advertising channel now. Treat it as such and take advantage of its targeting and conversion tracking features. It’s key to getting leads and making more sales on social media this 2022.  

Don’t be afraid to invest in paid social ads. Use it to experiment on what headlines, CTAs, or ad copies work best for your ideal customers.  

Aside from this, you should also start making more content for shopping - one that will empower shoppers to find, browse, and engage with your products or services dynamically.

With social shopping predicted to be a major thing next year, focus on publishing more content on social media that will recommend, share, and suggest your products or services to your ideal customers.  

Since social media has become a platform for post-sales customer service, you must publish more post-purchase content on the platform. It's also necessary that you get your entire marketing and sales team trained on how to handle social media and use it in the pre-and post-sales stages of the buying journey.  

We suggest you create content in formats that are suitable for the growing scope of social media. It’s what you’ll need to create a winning customer experience and stay ahead of your competitors this 2022.  

5. More Interactive Content

illustration of interactive content getting much love from target audience

Due to pandemic-induced shifts in consumer behavior, people are looking to have interactive and immersive experiences with brands they support. Without a doubt, immersive tech - such as AR, VR, and Gamification - will be in demand this 2022.  

The term immersive or interactive covers a wide range of formats and content types, including quizzes, instant price quotes, AR filters, VR applications, and many more.  

Interactive content lets you engage your audiences in more personal ways. They tend to resonate on a deeper level, allowing your brand to feel more relevant and present in your customers' daily lives.  

However, it's easy to fall into a rabbit hole if you don't remind yourself of your true intentions as to why you want to invest in immersive experiences in the first place.  

But, what exactly is the intention of interactive content?  

You aim to create immersive experiences for your audience through content not just to engage them, but also to help them visualize themselves using your products or services. You want to help them make better and more informed decisions so they can effectively solve their problems.  

As you enter 2022, you should think through what your goals are and what you hope to inspire in your audience, specifically what you want them to do after interacting with your content.  

Once you know your objectives, it’ll be easier to determine what platforms, tech, or experiences you should use to support your initiatives.  

Make 2022 the Best Year for Your Business

Before finalizing your content marketing strategy for your organization this 2022, factor in the elements we shared with you above and how you can use them to develop innovative content and transform your small business.  

Digital Resource is an internet marketing company in Miami. If you need help putting together a custom content strategy for your business, we can help.  

Our team of digital marketing experts can create assets and marketing initiatives that will not only put you ahead of your competition but also achieve business goals. Contact us today to get started!

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