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Inspiring Business Lessons You Can Learn from Kidpreneurs


Do you know what’s amazing about kids? They perceive the world differently than us. They’re not limited by what they can and cannot do, nor are they afraid to try.  

Their optimism inspires us to see the best in ourselves and in others, and their unwavering belief in their abilities encourage us to do the same.  

We’re not saying that our SEO company West Palm Beach was founded by a kid. But our CEO, Shay Berman, showed a knack for building a business since he was young. When he was a high school student, he started a landscaping company called Landscape Solutions. It was so successful that the business employed 20 full-time employees!  

Today, he runs one of the most successful and fastest growing company in America, as ranked by Inc. magazine.

If you’ve ever had a business idea and doubted yourself, let these five business lessons from kid entrepreneurs inspire you to pursue your dreams and make them into reality.  

Inspiring Business Lessons You Can Learn from Kidpreneurs

1. Turn Negative Experience into Positive

bees walking around honeycomb cells

Mikaila Ulmer, founder of Me & the Bees Lemonade, got stung by a bee twice when she was four years old. However, instead of allowing bees to traumatize her, Mikaila grew fond of them.  

She started to learn more about bees and their role in the ecosystem, and later found out that they were dying at an alarming rate.  

While she was learning about bees, Mikaila also received an old cookbook from her grandmother. It contained a recipe for flaxseed lemonade. She used this recipe to make her own version of lemonade by adding honey to it, and then started selling at events.  

Out of her love for bees, she donates a portion of her profits to help save the bees. Mikaila’s motto is “Buy a bottle. Save a bee.”

Today, Mikaila and her company, Me & the Bees Lemonade, are going strong. You can find her lemonade on the shelves at Whole Foods, stores, and many restaurants nationwide. Mikaila also continues to advocate for the bees, speaking at events and in front of many people about their importance in the ecosystem.  

What Can We Learn from Mikaila?

Don’t let an unpleasant experience discourage you. Rather, turn it into a positive experience. Always find the silver lining, and start a business with a purpose.  

Do not start a business to earn money. It’s not a very good motivator. Instead, do what you love and pursue what you’re passionate about then the profit will follow.  

2. Find a Problem, Create a Solution, and Build a Business Around that Solution

Lily Born, founder of Imagiroo, saw her grandpa struggling with Parkinson’s disease. One of the major challenges for people with Parkinson’s is the uncontrollable tremors that make it difficult for them to do simple tasks, such as drinking water, eating, or writing.  

Lily’s grandfather really had a hard time holding his own cup and drinking because of his disease. He also kept spilling his coffee on his computer when he was working. That’s why she designed a cup that wouldn’t tip over.  

This was the humble beginning of Imagiroo. Today, her cups are available in durable plastic material and in a wide variety of colors.  

Lily also created the Invention Workbook, which is a six-step invention process you can download from her website for free.

What Can We Learn from Lily?  

The best products are born out of a person’s desire to solve a recurring problem. Find a pain point, develop a solution, and build a business out of that solution.  

However, you want to keep in mind that solving a problem doesn’t have to be complicated. As your go-to SEO company in West Palm Beach People, trust us when we say that people want to solve them their problems as quickly and as easily as possible.  

3. Turn Your Passion into a Business

the word find your passion written on a chalk board

Sebastian Martinez, founder of Are You Kidding, which he started at age five, loved collecting bright and bizarre socks. His mother suggested that he design his own socks, which they later turned into a full-time business.  

In 2014, Sebastian made $15,000 from selling his unique socks with the help of his big brother, Brandon.

Since then, Are You Kidding has continued to grow and expand. They’ve also teamed up with various organizations, like American Cancer Society, Live Like Bella Foundation, and Discovery Arts to raise money for cancer awareness and help children with serious conditions.  

The company has donated over $300,000 in charitable contributions. And their motto? It’s “Pick your style, pick your cause”.  

What Can We Lean from Sebastian?

Turn your passion or hobby into a business and you’ll never work a day in your life!  

4. Perfect Your Craft and Make a Business Out of It

Morziah Bridges, founder of Mo’s Bows, learned how to sew from his grandmother and mother. At the age of nine, he used his sewing skills to launch a bow-tie business, which catapulted into the spotlight right after he appeared on Shark Tank.  

His very first bow ties were made from vintage fabric he got from his grandmother’s closet. And, since people loved his bow tie designs, he sealed a licensing deal with the NBA.

According to Moziah, his next goal is to finish school in Memphis, and then attend Parsons School of Design in New York City, so he can build his own clothing line empire by the time he turns 20.  

What Can We Learn from Morziah?

Dream big, perfect your craft, produce quality products, and success will eventually follow.  

5. Passion for a Cause Can Drive Success

SEO company West Palm Beach volunteering at a local charity event

Neha Gupta, founder of Empower Orphans, celebrates her birthday by travelling back to their hometown in India to give gifts to orphans.  

In fact, this is a tradition observed by everyone in her family.  

Neha is really passionate about helping others. She wanted to do more than just provide gifts to orphans. She wanted to provide them resources they can use to make their lives better as they got older.

So, to fund this effort, she made wine charms and sold them door-to-door and at community events. Because her product was such a hit, she attracted the attention of sponsors who supported her initiatives.  

Neha soon started a nonprofit organization called Empower Orphans, and has raised more than a million dollars. She received many awards for her work, including the International Children’s Peace Prize and Youth Award.  

What Can We Learn from Neha?

Starting a business because you want to help others is a greater motivator than money. This genuine passion to help others will not only drive personal success, but for others as well.  

Looking for an SEO Company West Palm Beach?

If kids as young as five years old are capable of starting a business, there’s no reason you can’t. Remember, 99% of the time, it’s our own thoughts that are stopping us from achieving what we want.  

Start believing in your abilities today. If you’ve always dreamed of starting a business, we can help!  

At Digital Resource, we specialize in digital marketing. We can help you establish your brand and put you on top of the search results through effective SEO.  

Don’t believe us? Check out our client testimonials to see how we’ve helped other small businesses succeed online.  

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