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8 Evening Routine of Successful Entrepreneurs

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While getting enough sleep is essential, it’s the things you do before bed that can set you up for success the next day.  

So, what do some of the most successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Oprah, and Daymond John's night routines look like?  

This SEO company in West Palm Beach will tell you what successful entrepreneurs do in common before bed.  

8 Common Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do Before Bed

1. They Read a Book

Successful entrepreneur reading book before bed.

One of the most common activities that almost every successful entrepreneur does before bed is read.  

According to the international business speaker and author, Michael Kerr, he knows numerous business leaders that go to the extent of making reading a “non-negotiable” part of their schedule.  

Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Oprah are known to end their day by reading for at least a half-hour before bed.  

Shay Berman, founder, and CEO of Digital Resource, an SEO company in West Palm Beach, also make sure he gets some reading before sleeping.  

If you’re wondering what they’re reading, Kerr says that many successful people find value in reading from a variety of sources and do not limit their readings to business or inspirational books only.  

This helps fuel their creativity and vigor for life.  

If you aren’t into reading, why don’t you listen to a podcast from people who inspire you to be a better version of yourself or become a successful entrepreneur?

2. They Set Their Phone to Airplane Mode and Stay Away from It

The blue light emitted by your cellphone screen tells your brain to stop producing melatonin, which is a crucial hormone that regulates your sleep-wake cycle.  

This is why staring at your phone before bed can make it difficult for you to fall asleep and lead to poor quality of sleep. Sleep disturbance can lead to vision problems, depression, and even cancer.  

Michael Woodward, PH.D., an organizational psychologist and author of the top-selling book "The YOU Plan", recommends staying away from checking your phone or opening your laptop.  

He says that the last thing you want to do is think about work-related issues and overthink the last email you read.  

If you have a habit of checking your email before bed, consider doing this in the morning instead. Or, if you really can't help it, give yourself at least a half-hour between the time you read your last email and the time you hit the sack to relax and unwind.  

3. They Write Down Their Goals and Make a To-Do List

If you can’t wait until morning to plan for your day and you keep thinking about unattended items to address while in bed, why don’t you write down your goals or create a to-do list for the following day instead?

Doing this helps clear your mind so you don’t have to keep thinking about taking action the next day and interrupt your sleep. It also allows you to start your day knowing what you’re going to be doing next, which is great for time management and tracking progress.  

Erno Tauriainen, founder and CEO of Spent, recommends setting your daily goals early because this makes it easier to execute them daily.  

Kenneth Chenault, the former CEO of American Express, also says that a part of his evening routine involves writing three things down that he wants to accomplish the next day.  

If you have any unfinished business at work that you’re itching to get done the next day, write them down. This helps structure your day and frees up your mental space for a good night’s rest.  

4. They Don’t Work Before Bed

Successful people don’t work before bed. They don’t check their emails or dwell on stuff that happened at work.  

Studies show that if you associate your bed with work, you’ll have a hard time relaxing and falling asleep. So, make sure you don’t bring work to your bedroom, especially if you work remotely.  

Have a separate home office and use your bedroom for sleep and intimacy only.  

By disconnecting from work once you get home, you let your mind relax, allowing you to recharge and feel ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow.  

If you continue to work even at home, it won't be long before you experience burnout and lose interest in running your business.  

Sarah Chrisp, the founder of Wholesale Ted, says she shuts her laptop down at 6 p.m. even if she didn't tick off all the to-dos on her list for the day.  

She leaves it in the office and avoids opening it for the rest of the night. She says this is how she can show up for her business the next day in her best self.  

As an SEO company in West Palm Beach with remote workers, we encourage our team members to have a home office where they can focus on working.  

5. They Spend Time with Family

Successful entrepreneurs spending time with family before bed.

If you have a family, take time off of your evening to chat with your partner, play with your kids, or snuggle with your dog.  

Talk about your dreams and aspirations, and how you’re going to make them come true someday.  

Conversations like this can fuel your passion for entrepreneurship and inspire your family to be on this journey with you.  

You should also take interest in their day and if there’s anything they’d like to share with you. It’s important to connect with your family and relax in the process.  

According to Laura Vanderkam, writer, author, and speaker, it’s important to go to bed at the same time with your partner, if you can, to connect and talk.  

6. They Write Down Ideas That Pop into Their Head

As you're laying down in bed, do ideas suddenly pop out of your mind and get you pumped? To make sure this doesn't interrupt your sleep, write them down or use a voice recorder to clear your mind.  

Jason Capital, the founder of High Status, best-selling author, White House top 100 entrepreneurs 30, and online marketing expert, says that he does the same things every night.  

He puts his phone on airplane mode an hour before bed, brain-dumps every idea that crosses his mind, and starts a movie. He says he never really gets to finish any movies he watches at night because he's asleep in 20 minutes.  

7. They Go for an Evening Walk

Contrary to popular belief, exercising before bed can help you sleep better. In fact, walking can help reduce stress and anxiety, which is good for better quality sleep.  

This is why Joel Gascoigne, co-founder and CEO of Buffer, takes a 20-minute stroll every night before bed. He says this is his wind-down period, giving him the opportunity to evaluate his day’s work, gradually disconnect from work, and reach a state of exhaustion.  

Marla Beck, co-founder, and CEO of Bluemercury, which was bought by Macy’s for $210 million, also walks two to four miles every night with her husband.

She says this helped her deal with a lot of stress, especially during the startup phase of Bluemercury. She says they've been doing this for 20 years and consider it a tradition.

8. They Practice Gratitude

CEO of an SEO company west palm beach praying and being grateful for everything.

Truly successful people take the time to reflect on what they’re grateful for before sleeping.  

Oprah shares that before she sleeps, she reflects on her day and writes down the five things she's most grateful for or things that brought her the most joy during the day.

Peter Hernandez, founder and president of Teles Properties, says that he ends his day by reviewing what he did well, what he could’ve done better, and whether he needs to make amends with anyone.  

He also reads, meditates, and prays before bed. Instead of replaying negative situations from your day and dwelling on regrets, write down stuff you’re grateful for.  

This is a great way to remind yourself of the progress you’ve made in your life and helps you stay motivated, especially during challenging times.  

As the leading SEO company in West Palm Beach, we know what it's like to be plagued with worries about work but overthinking work-related issues before bed won't get you anywhere.  

It will just rob you of good sleep. So, shake off any negativities and ease your mind by reminding yourself of all the good that has happened in your day and life.  

Is Your Evening Routine Putting You Ahead of The Competition?

A good night’s rest is the ultimate antidote to mental fatigue and the key to staying ahead of the competition.  

Digital Resource is an SEO company in West Palm Beach that focuses on helping small business owners and entrepreneurs put their business in front of the right audience and propel them to success.  

Our team of digital marketing experts and SEO specialists will work together with you to create a custom marketing plan that will help you get more customers and sales!

When you entrust your marketing to a proven and tested marketing & SEO agency in Miami, you'll surely sleep like a baby.  

Contact us today to get started sleeping through the night.

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