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The Growing Popularity of Podcasts: Why Start One in 2022

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Did you know that there are more Americans (80 million) who listen to podcasts every week than those who own a Netflix account (65 million) in the U.S.?

Without a doubt, podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. And, as your trusted Florida SEO company, we believe that the number of podcast listeners will only continue to grow over the following years. In fact, according to eMarketer, that number is expected to reach 125 million in 2022.  

If you’re a business owner who’s passionate about sharing your knowledge and expertise with others, you should definitely consider starting a podcast next year.  

Incorporating podcasting into your digital marketing strategy will not only position you as a thought leader in your industry, but also allows you to build a personal connection and cultivate a community of loyal listeners.  

As your go-to SEO company in Florida, we are going to discuss the top 10 reasons why starting a podcast is good for you and your business.  

Without any more delays, let’s get started!

Why Every Business Should Start a Podcast

Podcasts Are Free

rubber stamp that says "free"

What better way to attract an audience and grow your following on social media than to provide highly valuable content for free?  

Everyone loves free stuff!

This is one of the reasons why podcasts continue to gain popularity in America. You don’t have to pay just so you can get entertained, feel relaxed, stay updated, or learn something new.  

In our opinion, it’s like a breath of fresh air in a world full of subscription streaming platforms.  

Because your audios are free, anyone can tune in to your audios, including your target audience and people you’ve never tapped into before! Podcasting can definitely help put your message in front of a bigger crowd.  

According to Riverside FM, 74% of people listen to podcasts because they want to learn something new. Aside from reaching a wider audience, podcasting is also an effective way to educate your listeners, inspire them, and increase brand awareness without being pushy.  

Podcasts Cater to Different Kinds of People

Here's a fact: Not everyone has the time to read a long blog post or watch videos. Most of us are busy doing mundane but equally important activities, such as driving, walking, cooking, or exercising.  

Fortunately, podcasts don't demand the full attention of their listeners. They can act as the perfect filler when you want to have background noise while doing other activities.  

This means you don’t have to worry about your audience being too busy or distracted to see the value of your podcasts. People can simply play your audio file in the background while they’re busing doing day-to-day activities.  

Due to the organic nature of podcasts, none of the talks you're doing feels intrusive. They’re very much welcome.  

So, in case you’re going to plug your products or services, your listeners will be  open to it compared to showing a video ad to users while they’re in the middle of watching their favorite YouTubers.  

As a reliable Florida SEO company, we can say that podcasting is a great opportunity to put your brand in front of various audience types and market your products and services effectively.  

They’re Incredibly Convenient

Another wonderful thing about podcasts is that your listeners can tune in to your audio files anytime anywhere - even if there’s no internet!  

Yes, you read that right. People can simply download your podcasts on their phones, tablets, laptops, etc., and listen to them on the go.  

Your listeners can subscribe to your podcast feed, automatically download every time you release a new episode, and play or replay your audio files anytime they want.  

This is much quicker compared to searching for fresh content on the web and filtering through which blog posts or videos you like. Your listeners can consume a podcast with very little effort on their part.  

Establish a Deeper Connection

It’s easier to establish a more meaningful connection with your audience through audio than it is through written content. That’s because when your listeners hear your voice and you’re cracking jokes all the time, your podcasts feel more personal.  

Podcasting gives you the freedom to establish a more personal relationship with your listeners. You can open up to your viewers and share your personal experiences, including your struggles.  

This shows your audience a different side of you - a side they didn’t know about. It helps build trust among your listeners, attract leads, and in the long run, sell your products and services.  

Podcasts Are Easy to Make

SEO company in Florida starts a podcast with basic equipment

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a recording studio or any fancy equipment to make audio files. This makes it extremely accessible for any business owner out there, who wants to venture into podcasting, start.  

Although you will need a few recording pieces of equipment, such as a microphone, stand, headphones, shock mount, or computer, these are things you can quickly find online and at an affordable price.  

Other than those, all you need are time and some great ideas, and you can start recording in your bedroom or basement!  

Boost Traffic Generation

When you consistently provide valuable content to your audience through podcasting, it won’t be long before you build a large following of loyal listeners.  

They will subscribe to your podcast, follow you on social media, check out your website just to stay updated, and your listeners might even recommend you to others. And, over time, this can help you to generate a consistent flow of traffic and leads to your site.  

Increase Conversions

We all know that consumers don’t like the idea of being sold to.  

The truth is, people tend to get defensive and are immediately turned off every time someone tries to sell them something. However, when you show them testimonies and recommendations from other customers, they’re immediately drawn and are more likely to make a purchase.  

The thing about podcasts is that they’re in no way intrusive. You’re not trying to sell anyone anything. In fact, your audio files are there to help your audience solve a problem, entertain them, or give them new information - and people love this.  

Slowly but surely, podcasting enables you to establish yourself as an expert in your industry and build trust. This is why podcasting is one of the most effective ways you can spread your message, inspire others, promote your business, and increase conversions.  

Here are some statistics to prove our claim:

  • 63% of podcast listeners bought something a podcaster promoted on their show
  • 71% of participants said they visited a sponsor’s website
  • 63% of people are more likely to consider a new product or service after hearing it on a podcast they’re listening to.  

Increase Brand Authority

We’ve been mentioning nonstop that podcasts help establish you as an authority in your industry, and we can’t stress this enough. Podcasting is actually amont the most accessible ways to become a thought leader in your field of expertise.  

In the past, those who can afford to publish a book or those who had enough connections to get interviewed on TV are the only ones considered as true thought leaders. So, traditional media gatekeepers had all the authority.  

However, times have changed. The internet and new media paved the way for self-made thought leaders. Today, there are numerous thought leaders out there who use various platforms to inform and entertain.  

If you’re passionate about sharing what you know with others, then you should definitely try starting a podcast. But, just so you know, becoming a thought leader takes perseverance and patience. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s certainly worth it. Take it from this SEO company in Florida.

Just make sure you provide high-quality, valuable, and relevant content to your listeners consistently, and you’re off to a great start to becoming a thought leader in your industry.  

Can Be an Extra Source of Income

stacks of 100 dollar bills

According to Westwood One and Advertiser Perceptions, the number of advertisers using podcasts as part of their media strategy keeps growing. IAB Pricewaterhouse Coopers also predicts that podcast ad spending will double from $800 million to $1.7 billion by 2024.  

As the number of podcast listeners increases, ad dollars are following. Companies such as Capital One, Cash App, and Vivid Seats, continue to invest in the audio platform because they can see a healthy return.  

Forbes wrote an article about how podcasting might be one of the best channels that generate real marketing ROI.  

If you can build a community of loyal listeners, you may start attracting advertisers and this can be a potential source of additional income.  

Build a Fanbase

If your content is so good, you will attract a loyal fanbase of like-minded individuals. What's so powerful about this is that these people are willing to engage and interact with one another, which helps create a sense of belongingness.  

This is a very strong form of bond which your brand can definitely benefit from. You can sell merchandise, go on tours, create online courses - and these people will support you through and through.  

Podcast: The Perfect Tool to Share Your Message, Inspire Others, and Promote Your Business

You can’t fake genuine knowledge and expertise. If you really know what you’re talking about, it will shine through no matter what type of content you create. And, as a result, your audience will grow.  

If you’ve been thinking about starting a podcast for quite some time now or are thinking of new ways to attract leads and drive more sales to your business, then you should must give podcasting a try.  

We should warn you, though, that podcasting isn't a get-rich-quick scheme and success doesn’t happen overnight.  

Digital Resource is a Florida SEO company you can completely count on. We can help your business succeed online by creating a custom digital marketing strategy that’s designed to help you achieve your business goal. We can handle the marketing side of your business, and even promote your podcast to drive listeners to your show.  

As for you, you can focus on running your business and gathering ideas for your next podcast episode!

Ready to start getting more leads online? Allow us to do it for you! Contact us today to get started!

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